Apple today released a third beta of watchOS 4 (build number 15R5321h) for all Apple Watch models. The update is available to Apple’s registered developers and members of the Apple Developer Program.

The software update can be deployed on your Apple Watch used for development via the Software Update mechanism in the companion Watch app. The paired iPhone running the Watch app must be on iOS 11 beta 3 or the update won’t show up.

Your Apple Watch must be connected to your iPhone, have at least 50 percent power and be placed on its magnetic charging disk in order for the update to download and install.

The full watchOS 4 beta 3 installer can be downloaded from Apple’s Dev Center portal. Once installed, subsequent watchOS 4 betas will be available through the Software Update mechanism in the Watch app.

Apple currently does not provide watchOS 4 betas via its Public Beta Software Program. A developer-only preview of watchOS 4 was released at WWDC on June 5. watchOS 4 beta 2 was seeded to developers on June 21.

Here’s Andrew’s hands-on walkthrough of the changes in the previous watchOS beta.

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watchOS 4 brings more intelligence and fitness features to Apple Watch.

The software update includes three new watch faces, including a new Toy Story face, a dedicated Siri face that displays dynamic information based on your habits and other data and the Now Playing and Apple News complications.

The Workout app now has built-in music playback controls and supports High Intensity Interval Training. Thanks to Apple’s partnership with leading gym equipment makers, Apple Watch will interface with dedicated gym equipment to share data like your heart rate while using equipment data like steps taken to more accurately calculate calories burned and more.

In the Activity app, users will be able to access new monthly challenges and take advantage of intelligent coaching and tailored workout encouragement.

watchOS 4 will release for public consumption this fall for all Apple Watch models.

If you find new features and important changes in watchOS 4 beta 3, be sure to reach out to us via Twitter or drop us a message at and we’ll update the article.

  • For some reason, the configuration profile had disappeared from my Watch app, so I had to redownload it from the dev center. If the update is not showing up for you, make sure the profile is in there.

    Now crossing my fingers it fixes the horrendous battery life.

    • askep3

      And the lag

    • burge

      Do you have any apps/companion apps on the watch if so they just might not be fully compatible yet. I’ve installed none and my battery is still good. I.e. I charge it every other day. I just use it for notifications at present.

  • 玉不琢不成器,人不学不知道,拜读了!

  • Kurt

    Does anyone else have green showing up on the watch when its an iMessage?

    • Kurt

      Never mind, a reboot of the watch fixed that!

  • pablo

    Well, still can only play music stored from the iwatch, can not see the music in the iphone and select what to play…like the watchOS 3… also there is no album art if the music is playing from the iphone..

    • sisk75

      This sucks too. I can’t understand why they’d get rid of that.

      • pablo

        … Hello Android Wear…or Hello Gear S3….I am thinking.

  • Mark

    What is the software code e.g. 4.0 (???????)

  • DrD83

    This update fixed a lot for me, including the battery life.