Apple on Wednesday released iOS 11 public beta 2, which has the same features as a third developer-only beta that was seeded to developers two days ago.

Before it can be installed on your device, you must sign in with your Apple ID at in order to enroll your iOS device to access the latest public beta of iOS 11.

Next, from your iOS device visit to download the configuration profile.

Follow the onscreen instructions to allow installation of the profile, which will permit your iOS device to automatically receive over-the-air public beta software updates.

Lastly, go to Settings → General → Software Update to install the public beta.

Screenshot via Joey Antonini

You’re wholeheartedly recommended to perform a full iCloud or iTunes backup of the device before installing any beta software. Do not install the iOS 11 public beta on your daily driver.

Here’s our overview of the changes in the iOS 11 public beta 2.

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For the complete list of all the changes in iOS 11 public beta 2 and developer-only iOS 11 beta 3 (which, again, have the same features), check out our previous article.

iOS betas are typically riddled with bugs and various issues until a Gold Master candidate is released ahead of public launch. You’ve been warned—performance issues, crashes, battery drain and various other problems and hiccups are a commonplace with iOS betas.

Apple typically optimizes iOS for speed and power consumption close to launch.

To report any issues and bugs to Apple, use the included Feedback Assistant app. The iOS 11 software update will release to everyone this fall.

  • zebonaut

    Any bug fixes in public beta 2 that are not in the dev 3 release?

  • Mads Teland

    macOS 10.13 High Sierra Public Beta 2 is also out. I think Apple TV (4. gen) tvOS 11 is out too.

  • Ds

    Is anyone else’s App Store stuck on a certain date and won’t seem to update? Mine has been stuck on June 26th since I updated to the public beta.

    • TwinSon

      I just noticed that too. That’s annoying as hell.

      • Ds

        Only thing I have yet to do is try and do a factory reset and restore. but nothing up to this point has fixed it. I have to force close the App Store from time to time if I want to check for new app updates as well.

  • This one’s kinda of a mess in terms of localization. I’m running my devices in German and this version has it all mixed up between German and English now. Previous version didn’t have that problem.

    • Me too haha, my settings app is in german & english

      • Yeah, I’m always surprised when they manage to mess up something that’s been working fine in the previous version. But that’s the risk of playing around with betas.

  • Justin Linnell

    I noticed I can no longer copy/paste from notes into other apps (like safari). Anyone else noticed this? Seems to just be the notes app that doesn’t let you copy (for me at least)

  • Mike

    Everytime I go from portrait to landscape my device freezes. has to be restarted everytime.

    • Mine takes the 4th line of apps and merge with the 3rd. Lol

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    Where’s the Apple Watch update. Shit makes it halfway through the day and dies. Beta 1 was better than beta 2 trash

  • Martynet

    Reading the comments below, I think I’ll stick with iOS 10 for a bit longer 😀

  • Mateus Cardoso

    Sticking with iOS 10 for a big longer. Can’t wait to read the comments about the third public beta.

  • Blip dude

    Heh!! Guess I’ll wait until Beta 3 then. iPad hasn’t been used much lately, but doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s best for it, and iOS 11 beta 2 doesn’t appear to be it.

  • Photos app crashes when trying to 3d touch or saving shared photos on 7.

  • Sadiq Ali

    WTF: when i go back ios 11 beta 3 to ios 10.3.2 after update again my iphone 7 plus goes to itunes how to solve plz help