Security research team KeenLab has demoed working jailbreaks for both iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11 beta on some of Apple’s latest handsets to date while presenting at MOSEC 2017.

The photographs from the jailbreak demo were originally shared Friday morning on Twitter by security engineer Min Zheng.

The demo showed off three different handsets, with the left being an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 10.3.2, the middle being an iPhone 7 running iOS 11 beta, and the right being an iPhone 7 running iOS 10.3.2.

Here, we see Cydia running on each of the different devices:

Since Luca Todesco’s departure from the jailbreak community after creating the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10-10.2, there have been no new recent jailbreaks released to the public.

This just might be the first-known demo of an iOS 11 jailbreak to date. While it isn’t an indicator that we’re in for a public iOS 11 jailbreak release any time soon, it does highlight how there’s light at the end of the dark tunnel despite the heightened security of iOS 11, and it materializes the notion that jailbreaking still appears to be possible.

Like with many recent jailbreaks, KeenLab’s seems to run off of a side-loaded app installed with Cydia Impactor. It may be of the semi-untethered nature, which means it would rely on certificates that expire and would need to be re-signed after reboots every so often, but so far this hasn’t been confirmed.

While iOS 11 certainly comes packed with a host of features that jailbreakers have known and loved in the form of jailbreak tweaks for quite a while, it’s an understatement to say the jailbreak is still a useful tool to have and that many people aren’t willing to give it up.

Although we must reiterate that KeenLab is unlikely to release their jailbreak, that’s not to say that someone else won’t come through in the future after iOS 11 comes out of beta. It should be interesting to see what happens following the public iOS 11 release this Fall.

If a jailbreak is ever released for iOS 11, will you be using it? Share in the comments section below!

  • I am

    can’t live without jailbreak now. I mean you can but it is too ugly !!

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      iOS is a little boring without a jailbreak. No real file manager makes it suck. iFile is great.

      • I am

        Completely agree. Biggest WTF in stock iOS is lack of location services toggle among others. How dumb u have to be to know ppl toggle that more than Bluetooth? So much for Geniuses at Apple eh?

      • Greg S.

        You should try Filza if you think iFile is great. I preferred iFile for a while but once I got used to Filza I never looked back. It’s a lot easier to use and has better options.

      • Orbital Drop


      • pawel pis


      • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

        I couldn’t agree more. I’m on i7 + iOS 10.1.1 but not jailbroken. Since I replaced my jailbroken 6s for this one, over the time I simply stoped to use some “hidden” functions that tweaks let us to do more easily. I hope Apple, at least, let developers to add new functions as extensions to iOS, just like we can do with web-browsers nowadays.

  • Mark S

    You can keep your B.S. semi tether / tether jailbreaks. Shove it. We don’t want it. I’ll stay on 9.0.2 where I don’t have to sign a stupid certificate.

    • Ruck

      Your phone isn’t useless in a semi-tethered jailbreak state. Just works like a normal stock iphone until you get to a computer. Little bit of an exaggeration there.

      • I’ll even go a step further, and say that I haven’t had to “sign a stupid certificate” for over 6 months because there are typically two solutions: 1) they release a year-long certificate that doesn’t need to be re-signed as often, and 2) you simply don’t reboot or let the phone die. Easy peasy.

      • :D

        3) use cydia extender and it’s auto-resign feature

      • Blip dude

        Doesn’t always work, at least not with the current iOS 10 jailbreak that is buggy as hell. Currently in stock mode but will resign via PC cause Bioprotect will come in handy.

      • Blacklight: Retribution

        iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak is life.

      • Blip dude

        Umm, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak executed the same way as iOS 10 jailbreak except for those lucky enough to downloaded the Jailbreak app via a certificate that only needs to be “renewed” once a year?? If so, that time IS coming up.

      • SwiftNinja99

        iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak is life. Just use Phœnix.

      • mickey

        ^This. No one needs to be resigning or worrying about an expired cert.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Going for months on end without rebooting an iPhone, even the most modern and powerful iPhones, can make said iPhones sluggish (even if they’re on stock iOS).

      • Orbital Drop

        right, and your phone starts breaking down because you never reboot it

    • M P


    • Jon20

      I kind of agree. These recent JB’s have been a little too hacky for my taste but that’s just my opinion. I do like the days of one and done.

    • Sebastian Rasch

      Yes we do want it. You don’t speak for me and many others.

    • Blip dude

      We?? No, YOU don’t. I’m glad it’s semi-tethered, so a simple reboot can turn the device back in stock while still having the privilege of going back to Jailbreak mode.

      • I sort of like that capability too.

      • Blacklight: Retribution

        too bad the Directv app still won’t work even after the jailbreak gets taken off due to reboot. You have to fully take off the jailbreak.

      • Blip dude

        That’s fine, haven’t personally had directv in YEARS.

      • Blacklight: Retribution

        The Live TV feature on Directv app works great.

    • M_Hawke

      Seems a bit silly to me that anyone who goes through a bit of trouble to jb in the first place complains about having to go through a bit of trouble to jb.

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      My iPhone SE on 9.3.3 and I can rejailbreak it easily after it reboots without needing a computer.

    • Abhinav Chaudhary

      Lucky guy.

  • David Terminal Illness Loro

    i want a jailbreak only to enhance my Carplay experience. default apps suck! i want to be able to run any app!

  • Boaz van Veen

    if they release to public then freaking wait till its released fuly, not in beta. (new iphone will ship wiht ios11 no-beta)

  • Cerberus The Wise

    I’m sick of the sem-tether too. Pangu’s jailbreak for 9.0.X was the last real jailbreak we ever got if you ask me. If your phone dies or if you have to hard reboot because your phone freezes because of a tweak, you’re straight out of luck. Some people don’t have convenient 24/7 access to be constantly bothering with this every time something could go wrong. Jailbreaking has lost its independent nature it had that made it great in the first place. As for the jailbreak that was demoed, that’s nice and all but again it’s very unlikely to ever see the light of day.

    • Sebastian Rasch

      What access are you talking about? You don’t need a computer to re-jailbreak if that’s what you meant. You can do it on your device and it’s as fast as a respring.

  • ravinigga

    The real tweak I miss is localiapstore.
    I don’t support pay2win games like asphalt. In the past it was good now it getting worse.

    Btw I payed 10€ for MARIO and it’s worth the money.

    • Rigs101

      Seriously, I was playing sniper 3D then I found out that in order to advance I had to pay, I deleted the app so quick. I couldn’t even try the mission with the rifle I had I literally had to spend money on diamonds or coins.

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      too bad most pay2win games block Localiapstore from working. Some games I don’t mind paying for in-game features but some games you need to pay to advance which is BS.

    • :D

      Localiapstore actually works. I’ve had it installed since the iOS 10 jb first came out.

      • Orbital Drop

        localiapstore doesn’t work on gameloft games.

  • Fingers crossed it works on the 8 and full release of iOS11. I missed jailbreaking my 7+ because it took forever to be able to JB that model, I just gave up waiting.

    • I don’t think they’ve ever released a jailbreak when a new version of iOS is released on day one.

    • Abhinav Chaudhary

      Patience is virtue.

  • Casey H.

    Another jailbreak revealed, another jailbreak that will likely be unreleased.

  • iKhalil

    Jailbreak in iPhone 5s comes super handy because I can set an i7+ resolution on it and plus add the ipad capabilities of splitview and p-in-p and have up to 3 screens running at the same time.

    All this without mentioning iCleanner, iFile, make my iPhone a usb hostpot to share its wifi to my hackintosh Lenovo with theterme, etc

    • Cabotin

      Yeah that makes sense on a 4″ screen

  • Jason

    I’m onto 10.3.1 so it’s safe to upgrade to 10.3.2? I wouldn’t know if it’s a rumor or a Scam? Or should I stay on 10.3.1 for now? Than not knowing apple will stop signing 10.3.2 so we wouldn’t be stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      I updated my iPhone 7 Plus to 10.3.1 from 10.2.1. I’ll keep it there till a JB dev says to update to 10.3.2 to jailbreak before the signing window closes.

      • Jason

        Thanks! I’ll do the same as well.

  • Jaleon

    I’m on 10.1.1 iPhone SE, what are my options right now for jailbreaking?

    • Rob


    • Abhinav Chaudhary


      • Jonson Jay

        I’m running iOS 10.2.1 any options for jailbreaking?

  • Larry

    Definitely! Apple is sucks adding useful features especially for 10th anniversary so only way is jailbreak.

  • Eliijah Moss

    All the people complaining about how Apple is boring without a jailbreak are the ones after the Redsnow, Blackrain, and green poison era. Those were the days.

  • Tiago Duarte

    My Iphone6 is still running iOS 8.1.1 What did I miss? nothing…All Apple has improved so far is about 40% of what I already have since then. When a solid JB comes I’ll update. If it doesn’t there is no real problem…

  • Strykker

    Another tease for the masses. Do this, do that, certificate renew, semi whatever. A jailbreak that doesn’t require the fuss is what regular folks want. C’Mon really.

  • Bryan Thomas

    I took my unstable 10.2 jb for granted. Lost in the dull lull of 10.3.1 I miss it soo much :/