Images have surfaced on Chinese blogging site Weibo which appear to show a working jailbreak for Apple’s current firmware, iOS 10.3.1. Whilst details are extremely thin on the ground at present, they appear to be genuine and are an encouraging sight for jailbreakers everywhere.

Remember: Demonstrating a jailbreak is not the same as committing to release a jailbreak. Many tools use exploits the teams wish to keep for research purposes. Jailbreaks are sometimes demonstrated with no intention of release.

The first thing to say is that these images are not fully verified, nor were they posted by Pangu themselves. For that reason, maintain a healthy scepticism for the time being. Having said that, the three images appear to have been posted to the Weibo account of one Min Zheng, who is known to be heavily involved in iOS security, and with jailbreaking.

If the Weibo account is his, which it appears to be, then I would consider him a trustworthy source of information, and the sort of person who would be present at conferences of this kind in which mobile security tools and jailbreaks are demoed.

The conference, which is taking place in the Mercedes Benz Arena, on Expo Avenue in Shanghai, appears to be called Janus. The image below shows the attendee’s ticket, in front of the venue:

The event seems however to be private and not publicly ticketed, as the Mercedes Benz Arena website and ticketing site Damai do not seem to list any such event, held in The Mixing Room, on this date.

Further details about the jailbreak are scarce; we know however that it does support the iPhone 7, which is nice news for flagship device owners who were only partially supported by Yalu1011.

It has been rumoured that the jailbreak supports only 10.3-10.3.1, not lower firmwares such as iOS 10.2.1 and 10.2, but this is not confirmed. Similarly, whilst it reportedly supports all 64-bit devices (implying not 32-bit) this is also unknown for sure at present. No facts were given by Zheng, only the three images. All the other alleged details were reported by an unknown Twitter user, not Zheng or Pangu. Certainly, the only thing Zheng’s image shows for certain is that it runs on the iPhone 7 on iOS 10.3.1.

The most tenuous, but most exciting piece of news is the following, which was posted by the unknown Twitter user mentioned above. It appeared that they were also attending the event, but this may not actually be the case, so be careful about trusting their pronouncements:

正在和pp助手公司谈合作。如果谈妥,一周之内发布10.3-10.3.1 jailbreak

The translation is roughly as follows:

We are working with PP Assistant company. If agreed, within a week released 10.3-10.3.1 jailbreak.

Please remember, this could be a lie or a mistake, I include it only in the interest of full information.

Remember too that just because the team have shown off a jailbreak does not mean that they plan to release it. Mobile security experts often demo these tools as part of talks on iOS security, for teaching purposes, without intending to publicly release anything.We’ll keep you up to date with any further developments as they occur; the conference is ongoing at the time of publication so more details may become available in due course.

In the meantime, remain calm! Do not update any jailbroken device. Save your .shsh2 blobs with TSS Saver for iOS 10.3.1, and you will be able to update later with Prometheus. If you are not on a jailbroken firmware, you have a tougher choice, update, or not update? I would not update any 32-bit devices, as they are likely not supported. 64-bit devices on iOS 10.2.1, and iPhone 7(+) on iOS 10.2 have the choice in their own hands. I would still not update these devices, and instead wait a few more days to see if this rumour is substantiated or debunked. It will then be possible to make the final decision a day or two before the closing of the iOS 10.3.1 signing. This is of course for you to decide for yourself however.

Are you in dire need of a jailbreak for your iPhone 7(+)? Do you have a device jailbroken on iOS 10.2, and are you thinking of updating blindly? Pray tell.

  • Jay

    Ill just go ahead an update now…(not jailbreak atm)

    • Michael

      If you are jailbroken this would be the stupidest idea you can make.

      You can wait while iOS 10.3.1 is being signed

      • SpideyRules

        Did you miss the part where he said ‘not jailbreak (sic) atm’?

      • Michael

        it wasn’t there when (sic) I replied

      • Jay

        Well of course, which is why I mentioned that I am not jail broken…

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      I’d wait at least until 10.3.2 is released, and then if we have not heard, update. At the moment, we might hear it is fake, or it might be released, before 10.3.1 stops being signed, and then you won’t have to choose.

      • Jay

        Well im having Bluetooth connectivity issues now so Im not really losing anything by upgrading.

  • Ramon

    I’ll wait until they release it, until then I’m sticking to 10.2
    If they do manage to release this, it will be really good for me. Get to do a clean install of iOS, and I’ll be able to reinstall all of my apps!

  • Im already on 10.3, so will be doing a fresh restore anyway

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Most important news of the day

  • SpideyRules

    iDB – Please edit your site to open links in new tabs or new browser windows. I hate having to go back to the article I was reading just because I also wanted to read another article you referenced in said article…

    • Right click → open link in new tab.

      • Ds

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      • Michael

        target=”_blank” would be the better strategical option because you as a website author/owner don’t want to lose you readers to other websites … just saying

      • SpideyRules

        So the logic here is not customer service, but instead force an extra click on your users? I remember so many reviews of apps that forced extra tapsclicks on users being heralded as a negative thing…

      • Carter

        exactly. don’t force me into a new tab, let us decide. thank you.

      • Uber human tip: cmd/ctrl+tap/click to do the same.

      • Mark S

        It’s not a good webmaster idea to have a potential revenue generating reader leave your site, and more importantly your ads. If you want to lose that reader to another site (if the link was going externally) that’s certainly your business. It’s very easy to get sidetracked at another site and completely forget the site you started on.

    • It used to be this way and a very large amount of people revolted. Opening in the same window is the most user friendly thing to do. Check out every website and see how they handle links (i.e.,, etc). They open links in the same window for a reason: it’s the least annoying thing to do.

      Now I understand this might not be your preferred way, but it is the best one for the majority of users.

      There is always the option of right clicking or tap&hold to open in a new window.

      • SpideyRules

        I understand your logic and thank you for taking the time to write a detailed explanation.

      • No problem.

      • Jon20

        Hey Sebastien, I noticed I can’t zoom in or click on pictures anymore to get a closer look. Is this new?

      • I don’t really understand. Can you please clarify what device your referring to?

        I tried on MacBook and iPhone and I am still able to zoom in on content in Safari.

      • Martynet

        Safari maybe? Just tried the double tap and nothing happened. It actually works, but not in the comment section. Interesting. Is that on purpose?

      • No this is not on purpose. I can zoom in with trackpad, and I can zoom in on iPhone as well.

      • Steve Harold

        12.9 inch iPad Pro here and I can’t zoom in on anything. I tried pinching to zoom and nothing happened.

      • Jay Dee

        Galaxy S8 here, unable to zoom as well.

      • Mark S

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        From a business standpoint (you need money like every other website does) it doesn’t make sense. You just lost my eyeballs on your webpage (and your ads) and now I’m on another site looking at their ads and I’ve forgotten about you.

    • pegger1

      Hold CTRL when you click the link, or right-click and open in new tab.

  • Ds

    I do really like Jailbreaking because of tweaks like Phantom and SendDelay, and as much as I would love to jailbreak my 7+. Those 2 tweaks alone don’t really muster enough for me to want to jailbreak again. It is nice to see that Pangu is still around though.

    • Saintsfan


  • Epikad

    I think this means what will fix the apple in the next iOS version.., no jb 🙁

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      They can’t fix it until it’s released, because they won’t know what bug it uses.

  • pnh

    I’m waiting for the part with the asterisk where it says *only works with iPhone 4 or earlier.

    • pegger1

      Pretty sure iPhone 4 only supports up to iOS 7

      • pnh

        It was a joke.

  • DopamineAddicted

    This gives me hope. I had to update my 9.3 6s+ just yesterday due to technical reasons and I already miss my jailbreak. Keep up the great job idb

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Thanks for reading!

      • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

        Hi @joaquimbarbosadiscuss:disqus. I just found on Google that the iOS 10.3 exploit was possibly sold to Apple. Maybe you want to check this and update the post.

  • Cerberus The Wise

    If this is untethered, or at the very least doesn’t have a limited expiring certificate, then I guess I’ll actually be coming back to the jailbreak scene after all this time.

    • Nero

      I doubt, if there is a release, i will be tethered.

      • spockers™

        Why, are you special? xD

      • Nero

        it’s tethered since 10.X firmwares, maybe semi-tethered but most likely tethered.

      • Saintsfan

        I hope not,because the one year certificate from the 9.3.3 semi-tethered jb

      • Saintsfan

        expires in 2 days. I hope this is not a “false hope”—if not,hoping for untethered,but will take semi-untethered.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Certificate is no longer needed for 9.3.3 jailbreak. You can use this site forever:

      • Saintsfan

        Thank You for the link,but when I woke up this morning,my Cydia was already crashing,and the certificate was gone in settings. I tried the link a few times,and it said that “I was all set” and “to close”,but Cydia was still crashing. Do I keep trying,or do I hope this new jb comes out? Thank You!

      • Saintsfan

        Never mind,YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        You just run the web page once after each reboot, the same as the pangu app used to. You can even add the web page to your home screen to make things easier…

      • Saintsfan

        Ok,thank you–that’s what I thought.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        No worries! Thanks for reading!

      • Rahimo

        I’m really happy for you!! haha

      • Richard Carlton

        Too Late! I couldn’t get the assistant to rejaibreak after a reboot. Didn’t realize certificate expired. Now hoping for 10.3.1 JB.

      • Nino 0raham

        Not working anymore for me at all I have Cydia and it will not let me go into safe mode or jaimbreak but I still have Cydia installed . And it’s frustrating me

      • Nino 0raham

        Mine expired what do I do now

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        It won’t be tethered; that is useless. It will most likely be semi-(un)tethered, but if we’re VERY lucky could be untethered. Jailbreaks have not been tethered since 10.x, they have been semi-(un)tethered.

    • Matt Ostrom

      You’re coming back?! Oh man! Thank goodness! Been suffering without you in the scene!

      I assure you…nobody cares if you return or not.

      No need to acknowledge. Have a blessed day.

  • Bishop

    What if I’m on the 10.3.1 beta? Should I restore to latest firmware (10.2)?

    • pegger1

      You can’t get to 10.2, it isn’t the latest firmware. 10.3.1 is.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Return to iOS 10.3.1 (non-beta).

  • Just saying what you’re thinki

    If this realeses on my birthday next week it would be amazing

  • malhal

    TSS Saver aka tsschecker is offline though

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      It’s working for me. Perhaps try again?

      • malhal

        Yep back online now, thanks for letting me know, will give it a try.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Hmm, I saved all mine fine yesterday…

  • ic0dex

    get ready ios 10.3.2 is coming out.

  • Andrieux Querido

    So… People should stay on 10.1.1 or update do 10.3.1 ??

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Stay for now, save blobs for 10.3.1 with TSS Saver.

  • Diego Milano

    I heard there are baseband issues when updating with futurerestore (Prometheus)— do we know if these have been fixed?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      I have not heard anything more about that. I know there were issues recently however, hopefully they can be resolved quickly in the light of this news.

      • Diego Milano

        Next week will definitely be something to look forward to.

  • taja

    Confused: I’m on a 9.3.3 JB iPhone 6. Is all I need to do to be ready for a potential 10.3.1 JB to save .shsh2 blobs for 10.3.1?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Yes. Save shsh2 blobs with the method linked in the article. You can use them with Prometheus to move to 10.3.1 later if necessary. Then wait for more news about this possible jailbreak. You might not even need the blobs if the tool is released before 10.3.1 signing closes, but if it’s released late, you’ll need the blobs.

      • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

        Thanks, I’ll do it asap!

      • Roger Caron

        Good luck with Prometheus! My understanding is that it’s broken. None of the links work and you can’t find anything on the net. It’s a dead horse!

      • taja

        thank you!

  • dedegarrido

    There should be a night mode for IDB! just saying….

    • 电天堂

      Lmao +1

    • Okada San

      You might already know this, but if you’re reading iDB on one of your iOS devices, scroll up to the address bar and press the reader mode icon (the 4 lines on the left side of the address bar). Tada! Night mode!

    • Rahimo

      and if you are using google chrome or firefox (desktop) then find the add-on “nightmode”

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    About two months ago I bought an iPhone 7 which came, unfortunate, in iOS 10.2, therefore non jailbreakable. Then yesterday I broke its rear camera lens, went to the Apple Store and they said the replacement would cost USD 59. After 1 hour they said their technicians couldn’t replace the camera, so that Apple would replace the device at the same cost. My first though was that it would be in iOS 10.3, but for my surprise it is in 10.1.1! And today I read this post… I think I’m getting lucky!

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      That’s lucky! Stay on 10.1.1 for now and save your blobs. You can decide whether to move to 10.3.1 once the tool is released/when 10.3.2 is released/when we know more…

      • DaniZ

        theres a problem with blobs with mach portal on 10.1.1 from what I heard

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        I haven’t heard about that. Do you have any links/sources?

  • Gwen Barne

    You wish!

  • Antzboogie

    I want this Jailbreak

    • Sonny

      I was glad to see Pangu is still at it. Here’s to a release.

  • robert

    The Ipad 2017 is not on the list yet it is 64 bit and it says all 64 bit. Did they just forget to put it on the list of devices that can be JB when this comes out?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      What list? There is no supported list for this jailbreak. It hasn’t been officially announced and may not even be released…

  • Arjan Vlek

    “I would not update any 32-bit devices, as they are likely not supported”… Well, I’m running 10.3.1 already… Once Apple stops supporting legacy devices, I think there will be one final JB which pwns them 4 life 🙂

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      No iOS 9.x blobs? If you have them you can use the re-restore bug to go back to iOS 9.

      • Arjan Vlek

        Nope, only 7.0 and 10.1.1+

  • Todd Tate

    If i’m on iPhone 7 Plus 10.3.1 currently I just need to save my blobs with the instructions in the article? Correct?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Yup, that’s about it.

  • Rahimo

    awesome news! but I have a few questions: Why do they make jailbreak for research? and what does Mercedes Benz has to do with Apple? and especially with the Jailbreak???

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Jailbreaks allow you to gain control over the device, and from there you can investigate many parts of iOS which would not otherwise be possible. Mercedes Benz is just the name of the arena where their conference was held, nothing else to do with it.

      • Rahimo

        Thank you so much for the explanation! I really appreciate it ! 🙂

  • Nero

    it has not been officialized since the information … probably fake I guess …

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Pangu never confirm or deny, they either release, or don’t release. I personally believe the jailbreak is very real, I just don’t necessarily believe they have any intention of releasing it…

  • Vitaly

    Cant save shsh for iPad 2017((( “Device Identifier not recognized! iPad6,11”

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      I need more information than that. Where are you saving the blobs, and with what?

  • Dao Sasone

    I need 10.3.1. Jb. Bring it.

  • Wehooeeer

    I see on google/youtube JB 10.3.1 is it true ?