iOS 10.3.1

Saïgon jailbreak released for some iOS 10.2.1 64-bit devices, iOS 10.3.1 a possibility

There's a new release in the jailbreak line-up: an iOS 10.2.1 tool called Saïgon. Although it still doesn't cater for the latest firmware versions, it comes closer than we've seen in a while and what's more, is for 64-bit devices. We've waited a few days to see any early reports of success, before collecting up the currently available info on this most recent development in the jailbreaking world.

Researcher publishes kernel exploit for 64-bit devices on iOS 10.3.1 and below

You may recall hearing of the slew of kernel bugs that were patched in iOS 10.3.2, all of which were reported by Adam Donenfeld, an iOS and Android security researcher. At the time, he stated that an exploit using the bugs was already written and would be released at the HITBGSEC conference in the summer.

Well, summer is here, and with it both the conference and the promised exploit.

Last chance to save blobs for, or restore to, iOS 10.3.1

The signing window for iOS 10.3.1 could close any moment now, with iOS 10.3.2 released and iOS 10.3.3 in beta already, so this is your last chance to save your blobs for iOS 10.3.1, to upgrade to it from a lower firmware, or to downgrade to it from iOS 10.3.2+.

iOS 10.3.1 isn't currently jailbroken, and being on that firmware is in no way a guarantee of a jailbreak. However, you never know what'll happen, and there have been some stirrings, so act now! Take necessary precautions before signing ends.

Pangu allegedly demo iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak

Images have surfaced on Chinese blogging site Weibo which appear to show a working jailbreak for Apple's current firmware, iOS 10.3.1. Whilst details are extremely thin on the ground at present, they appear to be genuine and are an encouraging sight for jailbreakers everywhere.

Remember: Demonstrating a jailbreak is not the same as committing to release a jailbreak. Many tools use exploits the teams wish to keep for research purposes. Jailbreaks are sometimes demonstrated with no intention of release.

Apple releases iOS 10.3.1 with Wi-Fi vulnerability fix, brings back support for iPhone 5/5c

Apple on Monday issued a minor update to iOS 10.3, which released on March 27, 2017. The new iOS 10.3.1 software update comes with a build number of 14E304 and is recommended for all users. According to release notes accompanying the download, iOS 10.3.1 includes bug fixes and improves the security of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The software update can be downloaded over-the-air via Settings → General → Software Update on your iOS device.