Thom Holwerda, managing editor of OSnews, heard from “people and sources who know their stuff” that Apple’s been working on additional MacBook Pro models without TouchBar. Sources claim the decision to develop new MacBook Pros sans Touch Bar was made because Apple was taken aback by harsh criticism that professional users leveled at the latest MacBook Pro models.

After the new MacBook Pros were unveiled, orders for refurbished previous-generation notebooks supposedly “went through the roof,” Thom writes. The orders shot up even higher after the initial batch of reviews came out, he continues.

“This response to the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar took Apple completely by surprise,” reads the article. Due to user backlash, Apple is said to be “exploring additional MacBook Pro models without Touch Bar”.

It’s unclear if the new Touch Bar-free machines might launch silently or as part of a major refresh of the whole lineup. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted a while ago that Apple might slash prices of the new MacBook Pro lineup in 2017 while introducing internal upgrades with support for up to 32GB of RAM.

Given the new 13-incher with its lower-than-expected specifications costs $500 more than its predecessor, we’re not surprised that Apple wants to widen the addressable market for these notebooks by potentially adding cheaper entry-level models to the mix.

As we reported yesterday, Thom also suspects we won’t see Apple’s high-powered modular Mac Pro before late 2018 or early 2019 given how long it takes to develop a new desktop like a Mac Pro.

Source: OSNews

  • Javier Gore

    I’d love to see a 13″ MacBook Pro non-touch bar with i7 and 16gb of ram go for $1500. that’s my ideal specs and price point. Currently can be build to order for $2000 thought 🙁

  • triggerhappypunk

    This is a smart decision by Apple. Most of the time, my MBP lid is closed while in operation, so the touch bar would be of no real use to me.

  • Anonymouse

    They may rehash their old macbook air bodies with new internals. It seems to be a successful idea based on the latest ipad

  • ..more room, for more power! We don’t need a touchbar!


    • ravinigga

      Well I kinda like it the touchbar and useful. But the problem is the price


    I love touch bar, keys are old and stupid,
    you have to change your abits with every software,
    with touch bar instead the software changes its abits to meet your needs

    • NoDiscussion

      Sure, believe it…

  • Haydn Rowlands

    The problem is that the 2016 Macbook ‘Pro’ more closely resembles the 2015/6 Macbook than the 2015 Macbook Pro… In all the wrong ways for its target base. Call it the Macbook (Plus), if you must, but to call it a Macbook ‘Pro’ shames the entire ‘Pro’ moniker and its history.

  • malhal

    This is great news because many people I know that were waiting for years on the new case design and did not buy it because of the touch bar.

  • ehutchins

    The touch bar has nothing to do with the lack luster response. These comments are ridiculous. The fact is that anyone who has seen and priced a Razer Blade is wondering why the hell a new MacBook “Pro” isn’t anywhere near similar specs for the same or more cost. Come on. Apple needs to stop selling 6 year old technology as ‘innovation.’

  • Bacillus

    Sorry touch port of anybody so it was a joke but it was serious Noppe used to be a joke

  • Srv Rungta

    Apple has lost its way and this comes from an Apple fan. I am not saying that during Steve Jobs they didn’t make mistakes. They absolutely did. But now, it’s looking more and more like they are making mistakes at every step and are only getting things right on the second or third trial (that’s what happened with watchOS too).

    I hope they can get their s#!t together because they have the potential to truly revolutionise many more industries in the future. Only a visionary like Steve is required at the top.

  • Woz A Nater

    Apple is killing the brand by not making pro models with the iconic glowing Apple logo.

  • GeneMaster

    Will not buy the 2016 TB models not because of the TB but because of the impossibility to upgrade/replace RAM and storage after purchase, no magsafe and only 16GB RAM.

  • Vedmond

    i’ve been waiting 3 years to replace my MacBook Air with the next best thing, and pathetically, after 3 years, they haven’t come up with any reasons for me to replace my aging Air… the iPhone seems to be suffering from the same lack of innovation… i wait months for every Apple conference, and since Jobs passed away, i’ve been hoping that whatever next big thing Cook has been working on will show up… i bought the Apple Watch and garbage can Mac Pro, only to be massively disappointed… i still have my first generation Apple TV, just waiting for some big improvement… my Time Capsule has been discontinued when I was hoping for them to make some sort of mesh network… and they seemed to have stopped all efforts in developing Apple Macs into a proper server environment… the only other “innovations” they’ve come up with are rainbow coloured watch bands, a camel hump iPhone case, and removing headphone slots… i bought the AirPods, but i can’t adjust the volume, and their tap feature doesn’t work well; I bought the Beats X, and the buttons are flimsy… so, so disappointing… Cook should just beg Elon Musk or some other visionary to take over… Cook is very good at some things I’m sure… supply chain, or management, or whatever, but a visionary he isn’t…