Apple’s free app for controlling Apple TVs from anywhere in your home via your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch was just updated on App Store following a barrage of software updates that the company released for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS earlier this morning. Bumped to version 1.1, the official Apple TV Remote app finally supports iPad natively and now lets you see music lyrics, browse playlists, navigate chapters and more.

Enhanced Now Playing experience available within the app supports:

  • Lyrics and playlists for music
  • Chapters, audio tracks and captions selection for movies and TV shows

This update includes general performance and stability improvements, too.

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Apple’s “What’s New” page (accessible through your fourth-generation Apple TV in Settings → System → What’s New) mentions remote control from iPad.

Grab Apple TV Remote at no charge from App Store.

If you’d like to control iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC from anywhere in your home via your iOS devices, you may want to download Apple’s old remote app. Now called iTunes Remote, it was last updated in February 2016 with support for Apple’s Two-Factor Authentication system when signing in for Home Sharing.

Do you use Apple’s Remote apps?

  • Connecting Mac User 

    Dear iDB, I have been trying not to write this message but I have to right now as this is getting VERY ANNOYING.. Why do I have to receive push notifications of the same headlines non-stop both on my iPhone and Mac safari. The whole thing was nice when I used to receive a notification once about a topic but now, you have gone from a single notification to tripple and it so annoying. Please control/fix this or I disable all notifications and that will make me go read other blog site. Please fix this sh!t, no one like multiply notification of the same news.

  • triggerhappypunk

    Could somebody please convince me on why I should download the Apple TV Remote app when I can already control my Apple TVs (and iTunes on my Macs) with the Apple “Remote” app? Am I missing out on something?

    • ravinigga

      Well I have remote too but I only can control my music can’t navigate my Apple TV more

      • triggerhappypunk

        Thanks. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind so just confirmed that I can still control my Apple TVs (gen4 and gen2) with the old “Remote” app. Results may vary I guess, that is strange.

      • ravinigga
      • triggerhappypunk

        On the old “Remote” app, under “Settings” in upper right corner, I have “Home Sharing” selected and under it says “iTunes Remote will automatically find the iTunes libraries and Apple TVs that have Home Sharing turned on using the Apple ID…”. Do you have “Home Sharing” turned on?

      • ravinigga

        Yes I have that turned on but I only use that for music stuff wireless. No real control for the tv anymore

      • triggerhappypunk

        Is Home Sharing also enabled on the Apple TV?

      • ravinigga


  • Anyone know where, in the name of Mary Jane, have Apple put the select a playlists option in the remote app? Not in the old remote app or the new remote app can I now select a playlist, I can by connecting to iTunes and browsing my open iTunes on my Mac but that’s not an option, I don’t want to AirPlay or push either, I want to select a playlist to play on my Apple TV so it play without me having to switch displays – THIS WAS THE WHOLE POINT IN HAVING THE REMOTE.