iOS 9.3.5 downgrade tool for 32-bit devices coming soon

By , Mar 8, 2017

As some of you may have seen from my tweet yesterday, there is some exciting news afoot for owners of 32-bit devices on iOS 9.

A group of developers including alitek12, ee_csw and Trevor Schmitt have stated that they are working on a downgrade solution which will allow users of legacy devices to escape from iOS 9.3.5 and return to a jailbreakable iOS 9 firmware.

This is big news because many 32-bit devices do not support iOS 10, and so iOS 9.3.5 is the highest firmware they can currently be forced to restore to. It also happens to be the only recent unjailbreakable firmware for these devices, what with Home Depot and the like.

What does it do?

Allows 32-bit devices to downgrade from iOS 9.3.5 to any other iOS 9 firmware without a jailbreak, provided you have blobs for the destination firmware.

What does this mean for 32-bit devices?

  • Everyone stuck on iOS 9.3.5 could return to any other iOS 9 firmware, most notably jailbreakable ones such as iOS 9.0.2 or iOS 9.2-9.3.4.
  • Anyone on any lower firmware who wants to upgrade could move to 9.3.5 and then down to 9.3.4 and jailbreak. This would only apply to 32-bit devices whose most recent firmware is iOS 9.3.5, not those that got iOS 10.
  • Anyone whose jailbreak messes up and is forced to restore to 9.3.5 could just restore back to 9.3.4 again, with no harm done. This would only apply to 32-bit devices whose most recent firmware is iOS 9.3.5, not those that got iOS 10.
  • Anyone who uses this method to move to a jailbreakable iOS 9 firmware from an unjailbroken one could then use another tool like Odysseus or OdysseusOTA to move to any other firmware they wanted, provided they had blobs for it. In this way, the tool can be seen in a broader sense as a gateway to moving freely to any firmware you like, provided you have blobs for it.

What’s the catch?

  • This method requires blobs for the destination firmware. Hopefully you’ve been saving your blobs for a while even when it seemed they had no use, as we always counsel that they could come in handy in future. Prometheus was one example, this method is another.
  • 32-bit devices only. This method is not for the iPhone 5s or higher, please don’t ask about 64-bit.
  • This tool will not help you if your 32-bit device is already on iOS 10. Some devices are lucky and can’t upgrade to iOS 10 anyway, so they are always covered. Others, like the iPhone 5(c), can upgrade to iOS 10 and therefore they can only use this tool if they’ve already remained on some iOS 9 firmware to begin with.

Example uses

  • An iPad 2 on iOS 9.3.5 could restore to iOS 9.3.4 and jailbreak with Home Depot.
  • An iPhone 5 on iOS 9.3.5 could restore to iOS 9.0.2 and jailbreak untethered with Pangu9.
  • An iPhone 4s on iOS 9.2 could restore to iOS 9.3.5, and then downgrade to iOS 9.3.4 and jailbreak with Home Depot. This essentially allows upgrading between jailbreakable firmwares without getting stuck on iOS 9.3.5.
  • An iPad Mini stuck on unjailbreakable 8.4.1 could restore to iOS 9.3.5, downgrade to iOS 9.3.2, jailbreak with Home Depot, and then use Odysseus to downgrade with blobs to a preferred lower firmware, such as iOS 7.1.2, and jailbreak with Pangu7.

As you can see, provided you have your blobs and the right device, the possibilities here are almost limitless. I had the lucky chance to test out the tool personally, and successfully downgraded my old iPad 2 Wifi to iOS 9.3.4. It’s now jailbroken again after being stuck on iOS 9.3.5 for a while. Hopefully once this tool is released many others will be able to do likewise.

Details of the tool’s workings cannot be given out at the moment, until it has been finished and officially announced. However, I can say that the process is slightly more complex on cellular devices than on Wifi-only devices, but is pretty easy regardless. Once the tool is released, I’ll put together a guide on how to use it for anyone who wants to give it a go.

Do you have 32-bit devices that you’d love to downgrade to older firmwares for the performance? Are you stuck on iOS 9.3.5 at the moment? And did you, of all things, save your blobs for earlier firmwares?

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  • Dhruv Shah

    i forgot to save blobs……i have ipad 2,1 …… will be still possible to downgrade?

    • Zohar

      “What’s the catch?
      This method requires blobs for the destination firmware.”

      FFS, was don’t you understand in this sentence?

      • Gliktch

        More pertinent would be a “FFS, why isn’t this in the title or at least first line, instead of 4 paragraphs in”, directed towards the article’s author/editor.

        95%+ of the people reading this never would have saved a blob in their life.

      • Zohar

        No, more pertinent is to read the damn article before commenting and asking stupid questions. Not that hard really. On top of that, Joaquim Barbosa is the only author worth reading on this site. The rest is a pile of useless crap – how to update Spotify on your Mac, or why you should buy a software pack that no one wants to buy. It has become ridiculous.

        Oh and you should know that 87% of the statistics you read on the internet are wrong.

    • dkas2_oa1

      You are able to downgrade 6.1.3 or 8.4.1 using OdysseusOTA without blobs (Apple still signs ota blobs for them) once you are jailbroken. If you are on 9.3.5 (cannot jailbreak at this time), you will have to wait until Fried Apple team releases it.

  • dkas2_oa1

    Even without keys & ivs? Some 32bit devices still do not have public keys 🙁

    • Markus Le.

      Yes WITHOUT Key’s
      This process utilizes a ‘pwned’ Trusted recovery restore.

      • dkas2_oa1

        Thanks for replying! I can’t wait to downgrade slow iOS 9

  • 5723alex .

    Great new after the CIA hacking news.

    • Markus Le.

      No they won’t. The bug used to achieve this is just plain genius, its magic

  • Markus Le.

    I’m one of the dev’s involved in the project and no this does not require keys, the devices onboard crypto engine handles the decryption just like with any regular restore in iTunes, feel free to DM me on Twitter @Djsn0wfall

    • GUY

      Hello I’m sorry but I don’t use Twitter so I’ll just copy my question here:
      I have an iPad 3 jail broken on iOS 8.1.2 , can I go to 9.3.5 then downgrade to 9.3.4?

      • Markus Le.

        you cant go to that firmware anymore unless you have blobs for it, same for 9.3.4, so it would be a waste to do it this way anyway, besides I cant confirm this to be working on an iPad 3 just yet, stay tuned

      • GUY

        The last firmware for the iPad 3 is ios 9.3.5 … I can go there.
        And the the iPad 3 is a 32 bit device .
        So what you’re saying is that Once I’m on iOS 9.3.5 I can’t downgrade to 9.3.4 because I don’t have the blobs for it , right?

    • Thịnh Nguyễn

      I have an iPad 2 GSM on 9.3.5, with blobs only ios 4 to ios 6 🙁 Is there a chance for me to downgrade? Im so frustrated!

      • Markus Le.

        Wait for FriedApple Team’s Solution, meanwhile I think we might see 9.3.6 drop due to the nature of the bug thats used in our upcoming utility

      • Mastix

        no we wont as there isnt a 9.3.6

    • Rio

      oh god, im so lucky, found the 9.3 blobs i had before upgrading, good job guys, seeing forward to this

    • Amethyst

      Yo, Markus, I have an iPad 4 on iOS 10… As you know its one of only 2 32 bit devices to get ios10. As a result people like Luca”NoHelp”Todesco are leaving us in the dust. Obviously we will never have a jailbreak. Is there anyone working on a downgrade tool from iOS 10 below on 32 Bit devices? (iPhone 5, iPad 4)

    • William B.

      I have an iPhone 4S on 9.3.5 with no blobs saved, can i downgrade to an IOS that is jailbreakable?

  • GUY

    I have an iPad 3 jail broken on iOS 8.1.2 , can I go to 9.3.5 then downgrade to 9.3.4?
    If yes how do I save these blobs or whatever should I save ?

    • Timothy

      No… You can only save the blobs for 9.3.4 while it’s being signed. That’s basically the entire point of Apple having iOS .ipa signing in the first place.

      • iH8Ra1n ✪


      • Timothy

        Whoops! Thanks. 🙂

  • Rob

    Got excited when I read the title. Slammed back down to earth when I read further and realised I’m one of the poor fools with my iPad stuck on 9.3.5 that didn’t think to save their blobs

  • gookpussywrecker –

    im on an ipad 2 32 bit on 9.3.2, i used the home depot semi untether a couple of weeks ago. now my ipad just keeps boot looping (restarting). Not sure what do to? i cant upgrade to 9.3.5… any suggestions?

    • Markus Le.

      The tool will save you too, if you have the shsh saved on your computer you can re-restore to 9.3.2 when we release the tool

      • gookpussywrecker –

        I dont have the shsh blob saved. when my ipad restarts, it sometimes will allow me to use the ipad for like 15 mins before it will restart randomly. when i try to use itunes, it doesnt recognize the ipad is plugged in. is there a way i can save the shsh?

      • Markus Le.

        use iFile or Filza and copy /System/Library/Caches/apticket.der to your computer

      • gookpussywrecker –

        so, i need to sideload the home depot jailbreak first, then use fileza. thanks bro

      • Gastiz

        Won’t he need the LLB blob too?

  • iH8Ra1n ✪

    I have 8.4 blobs! Can’t wait for that!

  • Alan Otelo M. Etó

    I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 9.3.1 and I want to jailbreak.
    Anyone know if is possible?

  • robonxt

    Nice! Does that mean that my iPhone 4S (which I have no blobs for) can be jailbreaked on a older version?

  • Omkar Nagnur

    So I have iPod 5g on 9.3.5 and no blobs. Can this tool work for me? Cause my concern is about not having blobs.

    • dkas2_oa1

      You can only downgrade to iOS 8.4.1 (Unfortunately no public jb) since Apple is still signing OTA blobs for it.

      • Omkar Nagnur

        good enough. less lag for my iPod then 🙂

  • Teerapat Tanthanasiwagul

    I have iOS 8.1.3 blobs. Will it work with this tool?

  • cros107

    iPhone 4S, no blobs saved, what can I do?

    • Danskedanske

      🙁 just like me. unfortunately…nothing. blob is the only answer to downgrade firmware

      • cros107

        My friend told me that blobs automatically save if you have ever upgraded to another firmware, like 6 months ago I went from ios 6 to ios 9.2 or whatever, is it true that my blobs saved?

      • Danskedanske

        Definitely not true. You need tools to save shsh blobs and you need to do it manually while the firmware is still being signed

  • Even can be any old ios , so not really news 🙂

    • Mastix

      it is for 9.3.5 users