Apple Music randomly skipping songs? You are not alone

By , Feb 2, 2017

A weird little bug has made its way into Apple Music over the last day or so that makes the service randomly skip songs during playback. I first noticed this last night while playing music on my Apple TV, and earlier today on both my iPhone and Mac.

A quick Twitter search showed that was indeed not the only one in this boat, and after contacting Apple, I have learned that the company is aware of the issue and should fix the problem in the next 72 hours.

The symptoms are pretty obvious. While you’re listening to songs that are being streamed from Apple Music, certain tracks will just stop playing at random times and skip to the next song. If you’re lucky, the next song will play in its entirety. If you aren’t, it will just skip at random as well.

From what I could gather, this seems to be a caching issue that prevents the whole track from being cached and stalls the streaming past a certain point. If that is indeed correct, a server side update will likely remedy this.

The Apple representative I talked to seemed to indicate this was a widespread problem, and since the company is already aware of it and working on a fix, it should take no more than 72 hours to get fixed.

In the meantime, how about giving Tidal a try? jk

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  • Scotow

    I play a lot of radios on Apple Music, and even if I dislike a song, it keeps coming back again and again. Any idea on how to prevent this ?

  • Jerry

    I was thinking it was my airpods

  • codylem

    Been dealing with this on iTunes Match for last couple months

    • Connecting Mac User 

      Yeah, about that.. I don’t know why no one actually talk bout the iTunes Match. I just renewed my subscription a day ago as, at first I kinda hesitate and to actually close down iTunes Match as it doesn’t worth it anymore. Several problems from not able to download songs I uploaded on the iCloud or I can’t play them just like play and it skips itself. I have tried several times to get and upload the same song but it keep doing same thing. Apple already messed up my music library with all my original songs not been able to play or download. Apple under Tim is dead, just don’t understand why that man still around as he’s totally incompetent to lead apple. Nothing works as it use to 🙁

      • nova12


        I get so irritated — a ton of songs will not stream or download and just get skipped over in playback. Awful service.

      • codylem

        Yeah and when you can’t listen to a song that you OWN, then you REALLY want to hear it… so you go to YouTube, but in order to lock the phone while listening to a video you must either pay 10$ a month or jailbreak (in a security shit-show era.)

  • Connor

    Good to know, I was trying to figure out why this was happening.

  • Blip dude

    Umm, been dealing with this since iOS 7. For example, if I decided to skip at song at 02:46, the next time I play that same again, it will automatically skip to the next song at 02:46 as well.

    In my experience this has actually been an iOS issue, Apple Music has made no difference.

  • Guy Vandram

    I think this happens when I play my own music, IOS 9.3.3

  • Dario Langella

    Apple Music became a really shit service since iOS 10, the app is so useless. I cannot discover new songs, no new playlists, no suggestions at all. In “For you” tab you can actually find your playlist and your songs, they should change the name into “Yours”. Also favourite mix is update weekly. I’m really disappointed, I used it from day one but know I’m thinking to switch to Spotify

  • appletimemac

    This has been going on for at least the last couple months with tracks downloaded from Apple Music. Sometimes it’s like they expire? And I have to remove the cached version and redownload it after a reboot. Super weird.

  • Yes, skipping on Windows and Android for me too 🙁

  • Stuart Lombard

    I didn’t realise this was such a common problem; I thought it was just me!

  • Dheer Patel

    same thing is happening to me. I have a imac computer at home and itunes keeps randomly skipping songs. Hopefully apple fixes this mess.

  • 4tuneTeller

    72 hours? It’s 22 March and the issue is still there!