Saurik has released an update for the Substrate Safe Mode package in Cydia on Wednesday that is said to arguably increase the safety of the feature on jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

The new update, which comes with the build number 0.9.6000, is available right now from Cydia’s Changes tab after refreshing your sources, so long as you haven’t already updated it yet.

According to the man behind Cydia himself, when you’re kicked into safe mode as of this update, you will now see the expected dialog that lets you know what happened. This means you can use the “restart” function as expected to restart springboard after a crash.

On the other hand, this only works on the latest iterations of the Yalu jailbreak, such as the beta 6 or beta 7, both of which are considered ‘as stable as it gets’ according to the creator Luca Todesco.

If you attempt to use the “restart” function on an earlier version of the jailbreak, such as beta 3 and earlier for iOS 10.0-10.1.1, you will experience a ‘lock-up,’ as Saurik describes it.

This will require you to force restart your jailbroken device to get things up and running again, and of course since this is a semi-untethered jailbreak, you’ll need to boot semi-untethered again too.

Also, unless you’re a developer and have a year-long certificate, if you went 7 days since your last reboot, then you would also need to re-sideload the jailbreak app via your computer with Cydia Impactor again. This is a process you should be well familiar with if you ever used the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak from Pangu.

This is reportedly a known issue with certain versions of this particular jailbreak. There’s no word at this point in time on whether or not a fix will be coming soon that remedies this issue.

For now, the Substrate Safe Mode upgrade is recommended for all users, especially those who are running the Yalu iOS 10.0-10.2 jailbreak. If you don’t already have it, we suggest hopping onto your jailbroken device as soon as possible and upgrading.

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  • Erick Reyes

    Anyone noticed that “sub” Saurik threw at CP Digital Darkroom

    • MrE23

      Whatchoo talkin bout, Willis?

      • Erick Reyes

        Before today, everytime you are sent to Safe Mode, Safe Mode would ceash twice and boot to No-Substrate mode. (Double crash).

        CP noticed this since December and tokd Saurik via email and PM. He offered a solution with no code (Carlos just told him what is actually the problem).

        Saurik didn’t do anything until recently so Carlos posted a .deb with the fix.

        Saurik flipped out, and told him to f off

        Saurik claims he didn’t get any notifications, Carlos showed (with proof) him otherwise, but Carlos stopped the fight with an apology

      • MrE23

        Thank you! I missed all that. Appreciate the synopsis 🙂

      • Bugs Bunnay

        WATCHU talkin bout?

    • Yes, the whole internet saw it. Saurik is losing patience for third parties who are patching his software before he can. That’s really all there is to it.

  • Connor

    So just to clarify there’s not a stable release for iPhone 7 on any version of iOS? I’m currently on 10.1 and just a little confused by his website.

    • Beta 6 and Beta 7 are both “as stable as it gets.” So you should be able to use that jailbreak if you so please. iOS 10.2 is not supported on the iPhone 7. Jailbreak at your own risk, of course.

      • Connor

        Oh, ok. From what I understood it was only for 10.2, thanks for clearing that up.

      • Yalu isn’t supported on the 7 or 7+ beyond beta 3. And that’s unstable AF

      • I can’t say I would blame anyone who wanted to stay away from it.

      • Tj Graves

        Wait I’m confused then, so I’m currently on Mach_Portal beta 3, which from what I’m aware is the farthest a jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1 has gone this far. Are you saying I can use the new Yalu Beta 7 tool to jailbreak? And get the better stability?

  • exintrovert

    In my experience, any version of yalu/mach_portal on my 7+ 10.1.1 has had the “lock up” behavior on respring.

    Being the cautious person I am when using any jailbreak, I let my device sit and wait. Consistently, it takes 5 minutes to respring, but it does indeed respring without a hard reboot.

    I work around this by using a strange method to respring that I happened upon on YouTube.

    I’ll do my best to describe it in words, and once you get it, it becomes clear.

    – Pull down the Notification Center.
    – Touch the search bar.
    – Hit cancel. You should now have an empty search box with a dictate button.

    Here’s where it is hard to describe:
    – swipe up as though you were trying to dismiss the Notification Center, but only raise the shade enough so that the dictate button is halfway off the screen.
    – keep your finger right were it is, and with another finger tap the dictate button.
    – while it is listening, tap the middle of the screen between the search box and the bottom dictate section. Your notifications should appear (or “no notifications”) but the dictation should still be listening.
    – hit done, then swipe the Notification Center from left to right and your widgets will appear.
    – if you have done this correctly, the cancel button should still be next to the search box.
    – press the cancel button and you will get a faster respring, complete with spinning wheel.

  • Wicrowe

    Have I installed the Substrate safe mode? Yes, I have. I JB my IP6 last night after “patiently” waiting for stability. By far the smoothest JB experience in a long time. Great tutorials on IDLB. Anthony and Joaquim you guys are killing it!

  • MrE23

    Sounds like Carlos took the high road. Sucks but appropriate given how much time and energy Saurik has poured into the JB scene over the years.

    • Erick Reyes

      Oops, sorry about that, posted the same message twice (one was held off for mod review).

      I told him the same in Twitter. I believe in Saurik actually, but the way he handled the situation was not okay, IMO. Carlos also handled it in a bad way and let him know too.

  • G.C.

    I jailbreaked my iPhone6. Ios10.2. But tweaks are not working. Even i cant see tweaks in settings. My iPhone is showing “exit safe mode” in status bar. Please help..!!!

    • Alex Best

      tap on the status bar and exit safe mode

    • ML

      Same here! Any fix that u have find to get it work!?!

    • G.C.

      There is no way out…..I am looking for solution.

      • Alex Best

        try to uninstall last tweaks then reboot

      • G.C.

        But Tweaks I installed are also not working. Even I can’t find installed tweaks in Settings…!!!! What to do ???

      • Alex Best

        ok. uninstall yalu & jailbreak again with yalu beta 7.
        good luck .

      • G.C.

        Tried thrice… but not working…

    • embet

      Try Yalu102 beta 6.My friend also had the same problem before.Since he jailbroke his iphone later than me,he used beta 7 while I am using beta 6.My iphone is stable, but his not.I asked him to try beta 6, and boom!!Stable.

      Don’t forget to delete Yalu app on your phone before start to install beta 6 (Device Management>Tap Profile Installed>Delete App

      • G.C.

        Okay. I will try again….and let people know if successfully installed. Thnks

  • diggitydang

    I have been jail breaking every iPhone I’ve had for the last 4-5 years. This is the worst jailbreak yet! Errors, bugs, in Yalu, in Cydia… I finally gave up. Nothing working, including Cydia Eraser. Activator would just crash. I’m on an iPhone 7 Plus. Anyway, I’ve just updated now. Not worth the headaches. Hope everyone else’s experience was better than mine!

  • Andres David

    Im currently on 10.1.1 with an Iphone 7 Plus my questions when would it be safe to jailbreak so much shit is updating that i don’t even know if my iPhone egible to jailbreak this is probably the longest time I have ever waited for the jailbreak

  • Diego Mejia Gonzalez

    Should I stay wait on 10.1.1 i6s ??