Apple AirPods

Apple will charge you $69 to replace a lost or broken AirPod, according to the company’s iPhone Service Pricing support page. The wireless earbuds went on sale online earlier this week, and will be available in Apple Stores starting Monday.

It doesn’t look like Apple will be offering its extended AppleCare warranty on the AirPods, so it has laid out a simple pricing table for what repairs and replacements will cost. Battery service, for example is $49 in the 1-year warranty, $69 out.

Here’s the full breakdown:


Apple introduced the AirPods during its September iPhone event to much fanfare, thanks to their totally wireless design, W1 Bluetooth tech, and charging case. They cost $160 and are available online (with 6 week shipping) and soon in stores.

Source: Apple

  • M_Hawke

    Gee, aren’t you glad they did away with the mic jack?

    • therealjjohnson

      Yes. Still.

      • M_Hawke

        Well, I’m not. Having this 7 is a joy to use, except for the unexpected different hassles of not having that headphone jack and having it separate from the charging jack.

  • Tommy

    Is anyone else’s App Store down?

    • avardar

      same here

    • Diego Milano

      Yep, same here, kind of. I checked the status page and apparently it hasn’t been updated.

  • Diego Milano

    $160 is too much in my opinion; I think they should be between $99 and $129 or the like. Also, I am currently using some Jaybird for running and they don’t fall, so I wonder if these could be used for that type of activity. They look nice though (we already know Apple is proficient in terms of aesthetics).

    • Docservlet

      Compared to Sennheiser, Jaybird, LG Tone etc, they are appropriately priced.

    • John

      Yeah, cuz you’re only paying for the product and not the R&D or marketing or anything else that goes in to making these products.

      • Diego Milano

        Well yeah, that’s a good point, that does raise the price for these little toys, no doubt. I think that -as usual- and just like many other brands, you’re just paying for that: branding. What to do…

      • John

        But let’s be honest, if you were to ask me if I think Apple slaps a premium surcharge on to their devices just because they were Apple, I would absolutely agree but this is their first W1 device.

        Expect them to drop in price with technology improvements and with experience.

      • Diego Milano

        I’ve never seen Apple dropping prices lately, in fact they’ve increased it (such as the latest iPhone series). What they do is when a newer iteration of the same device is released, they may (most likely won’t though) continue to sell both but the legacy one cheaper, but I do not believe this will happen anyway.
        Also, it would be nice if we could optionally somehow tie both pods together and be able to place a cord on the back of our necks as that would prevent accident drops (that is for those who run or do outdoor activities).

  • Sleetui

    Can anyone confirm if they work on any other devices? Like laptops and androids etc? It “requires” iOS 10 I think for seamless connection.

    • JohannASSburg

      It will also work with any bluetooth device as well

      • Sleetui

        Thanks. Does Apple have anything on their site in regards for usage for other devices? Can’t seem to find any.

      • Michael Bemelmans

        Doesn’t the touch play, pause and tapping mechanisme only work with iOS because of the W1 chip? Or am I wrong?

      • John

        All the W1 chip does is asset with seamless changing better devices and quick pairing. There’s no play, pause, or other tapping controls besides Siri.

  • JohannASSburg

    God I wish they were just tethered together, like the BeatsX sort of. They’d 10 hour battery life maybe inductive charging and a real remote ( but not in ear like the BeatsX) and still have the motion and sensor features! I’d pay more money for that!! Lol

    • Amid Abdul

      The main point of this device is that theres no cable connecting the 2 earpice..:)

    • Docservlet

      I’d prefer them to be wireless. LOL!

  • Bugs Bunnay

    whelp. playing some knock out games with the people who have them on is certainly another way of getting a couple free replacements.

  • nova12