Apple will charge you $69 to replace a lost AirPod

Apple AirPods

Apple will charge you $69 to replace a lost or broken AirPod, according to the company’s iPhone Service Pricing support page. The wireless earbuds went on sale online earlier this week, and will be available in Apple Stores starting Monday.

It doesn’t look like Apple will be offering its extended AppleCare warranty on the AirPods, so it has laid out a simple pricing table for what repairs and replacements will cost. Battery service, for example is $49 in the 1-year warranty, $69 out.

Here’s the full breakdown:


Apple introduced the AirPods during its September iPhone event to much fanfare, thanks to their totally wireless design, W1 Bluetooth tech, and charging case. They cost $160 and are available online (with 6 week shipping) and soon in stores.

Source: Apple