AirPods will be available in Apple Stores Monday

Apple Store Front logo San Francisco

Apple will start selling AirPods in its retail stores on Monday, reports MacRumors. Citing a retail source familiar with the matter, the outlet says the company has begun informing its stores about the imminent launch and has even started shipping inventory.

The news follows the launch of AirPods online sales earlier this week, where shipping estimates quickly slipped beyond 4 weeks due to short supply. So for those hoping to score a pair of the wireless earbuds before Christmas, in-store is really your best bet.

Apple announced the AirPods during its September iPhone 7 event, where it unveiled its first handset without a headphone jack and proclaimed that wireless was the future. The earbuds were expected to launch in late October, but were delayed several weeks.

So are the AirPods destined to join the NES Classic, Hatchimals and other hot items this holiday season? We’ll see. Shipping times online still show 6 weeks out, but Apple says its stores will begin receiving regular shipments, as will authorized resellers.

Source: MacRumors