Super Mario Run Gameplay

As we noted earlier today, you can now test out Super Mario Run at your local Apple Store. They have preinstalled the game on their demo devices ahead of the games launch on December 15th. I was lucky enough to head over earlier today and put together a video and some first impressions on the upcoming platformer.

The big difference between Super Mario Run and legacy Mario games is that Mario will now run automatically. No need to control his direction or speed. That means he also doesn’t stop. Luckily, the levels themselves aren’t too long, so it is perfect for little bursts of play.

I thought I was going to hate the constant running aspect, but after spending some time with it, I don’t mind at all. It makes it much easier to play on mobile, and is super easy to play one handedly. I know this was an aspect that Nintendo focused on, and it really paid off. The only thing you have to handle is jumping. You jump by tapping on the screen, and jumping higher is accomplished by simply holding on the screen a little longer.

The demo version in the Apple Stores wasn’t the full version of the game. Being limited to only the first 3 levels, and 20 seconds of the first boss level. They also leave out the other game modes offered in the full game. Aside from World Tour, there is also Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder. Toad Rally allows you to compete against your friends and challenge people around the world. Kingdom Builder allows you to collect coins and use them create your own kingdom.

super mario run screenshots

The game will be available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch December, 15th. It will follow on Android later next year. You can download it for free to try out, then unlock the full game for $9.99. Do you think $9.99 is a fair amount to ask for the full game? Are you as excited for Super Mario Run? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Denver Morgan

    I don’t like him running all the time.

    • Mike M. Powell

      /s <(o.\)

      Here u forgot this lol

  • fiiiiine

    I like him running all the time.

  • David Gow

    I have no intention of finding out

  • DD™

    Too much and I won’t be purchasing.

    • John

      Hahahah. Welcome to the first world problems of entitlement.

    • websyndicate

      Most 3DS games run at 25-40 dollars. Well worth the money.

    • Mike M. Powell

      Ight I’ll take ur download then, did u expect it to be free? As there’s no iAP, lots of games go by this path.

  • triggerhappypunk

    take my money now!

    • Sailor_V90

      yeah might as well give it to Mario since Christina is not releasing a new album anytime soon

  • Zack Morris

    I have no problem paying $9.99 for the game as long as there aren’t any iap.

    • At that price there shouldn’t be.

      • Mike M. Powell

        There isn’t

    • No IAP but requires a constantly internet connection. You cannot play offline.

  • websyndicate

    I’m a big Nintendo fan. I love my New 3DS XL and Wii U and am excited for this game. It’s a low price for a Mario game that is NEW and not just a port or a rehash of something old.

    Luckily it’s not something like subway surfer or minion dash.

    I will be getting this right away I can’t wait. YOLO

    • Its will feel like mix of Flappy Bird and Swing Copters. Even the backgrounds are similar, albeit more detailed and to be fair Mario had them first. Most importantly it has the Nintendo logo and the most famous character of all. It’ll sell pretty well thanks to folks (fans) like you.

  • Rowan09

    Servers will be down and Nintendo will take months just to get it working right. They still can’t produce enough NES so people are selling them for the price of PS4s and Xbox Ones.

    • websyndicate

      Same Thing happens every time a new iphone comes out. Back orders and weeks before you can get one.

      I’m not sure what reference you are making to a server. This is a downloadable app that will go through apple servers as well as the In App purchase.

      • Rowan09

        It states you’ll be able to play against friends in the full version. Maybe it’s just one at a time instead of both playing at the same time. Apple wouldnt host Nintendo’s game server.

  • Mike M. Powell

    I’ll pay dbl for release now….think I’m joking?

  • James G

    9.99 is absolutely worth it.

  • Straightshoota

    It’s like a watered down rip off of rayman run

  • :D


  • Ulices Diaz

    Nope. Half the fun is hanging out on the board fining the secret portals . Still kind of looking forward to it. Clearly, there are no portals simply due to the design of his urge to run since apparently he MUST have to go to the bathroom reeeealy bad. Nonetheless, I will buying it.

  • Won’t be purchasing this.. requires a constant online connection. Nintendo when will you learn?

  • Scott Curry

    This is going to raise the prices of games across the board when Nintendo makes a lot of money off of such a high-priced game…