Some great USB-C hubs for your new MacBook Pro

By , Nov 30, 2016

MacBook Pro Touch Bar 007

If you recently picked up one of Apple’s new MacBook Pros, you’re probably suffering from port shock. The laptop only includes 4 USB-C connections—the non-Touch Bar model only has 2—and chances are your current accessories and peripherals don’t support them.

An easy way to remedy this is to buy a hub. This will connect to a single USB-C port on your MacBook Pro, and provide you with various useful connections like USB 3.0, HDMI, and even an SD card reader. Below we’ve listed some great hub options for your new Mac.

Choetech USB-C Hub with 4K HDMI Support


I’m not familiar with this Choetech hub, but it has a 4-star customer rating on Amazon. It’s a 3-in-1 hub that features a USB 3.0 Type A port, an HDMI port with support for 4K, and a USB-C port. The Type A port can of course accommodate your various standard USB peripherals, the HDMI port will allow you to connect to an external monitor or TV, and the Type-C port is capable of both data syncing and charging.

You can buy this Choetech USB-C hub for $30.

HooToo Shuttle USB-C Hub with Card Reader

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 5.18.39 PM

Now if you’d prefer a more recognizable brand with a few extra USB ports, you’re going to want to check out the Shuttle hub from HooToo. It features an HDMI port (with 4K support), 3 USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader and a USB-C charging port. All of this sits inside a sleek-looking, Mac-style aluminum case with LED indicator.

You can buy the HooToo Shuttle hub for $70.

Satechi Slim Aluminum USB-C Hub with 4K HDMI


Here’s another sharp-looking aluminum hub from a well-known accessory-maker: Satechi. I actually own this one myself, and haven’t had any issues with it in my limited usage. The ports on this one include two USB 3.0, one HDMI with 4K support (30hz), and a USB-C port with pass-through charging.

You can buy this Satechi Slim USB-C hub for $60.

Aukey USB-C Hub with 4 Type-A USB 3.0 Ports


If you really only need standard USB (Type-A) USB ports, I’d recommend checking out this hub from Aukey. It has 4 USB Type A ports capable of 3.0 transfer rates of up to 5Gbps. They are encased in a solid aluminum body and there’s no need for a power adapter. Supports plug-and-play and includes over-current protection.

You can buy this Aukey 4-port USB hub for $20

Beegod USB-C Hub with USB 2.0 and Card Reader

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 5.54.59 PM

This Beegod is a cheaper hub option for those that don’t need things like HDMI outputs and 3.0 transfer speed. It features an SD card reader, a microSD reader, a USB-A 2.0 port, and a micro USB port. I’m not at all familiar with this brand, but this hub has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon and at least if it doesn’t work like you expect it to, you won’t be out much.

You can buy this Beegod USB-C hub for $9.

StarTech USB-C Hub with Ethernet and VGA

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 6.04.03 PM

Turn your laptop into a compact workstation with this USB-C from StarTech. In addition to a 4K-enabled HDMI port, you also get a USB 3.0 port, an ethernet port, and a VGA port. So with ethernet you can literally connect your computer to a wired gigabit network and of course VGA allows you to output video to a computer monitor.

You can buy this StarTech USB-C hub for $65.

Plugable USB-C Docking Station with Power

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 6.10.18 PM

If none of the above hubs will work for you, check out this massive docking station from Plugable. Chances are it has everything you’re looking for. This highly-praised accessory features 2 USB 3.0 ports, both audio in and outputs, 2 USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port with 4K support, an ethernet port, and a USB-C port with 60w of power to charge your MacBook.

You can buy this Plugable USB-C docking station for $130.

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Know of a good USB-C hub not mentioned above? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  • Gethro

    This is the result of a big f**k you from apple to their customers.

    • Jibbley Gravey

      NAH BRO!!!! They are just forcing beeches into the future. Without companies doing it… we’d still have flip phones… No one wanted a phone without a keyboard right?

      • Exactly!!!! :)))

      • ^^This right here!! Agree 100%

      • captaindash

        You clearly don’t have to plug much into your laptop. Lucky you. I want to grab Cook by the scruff of his neck, take him into the electronics stores where I live and say “Find me something I can plug into this computer or I’m going to smack you”. Then 20 minutes later, I smack him with a chair.

      • Dilir Daiyan Aranna

        Like everyone who loved their Blackberry.

      • Gethro

        So dongles are the future for apple products! Is that what you’re saying?

      • Jibbley Gravey

        USB C you fuxk turd… everything will be usb c… are you stupid? don’t you see everything usb c now? monitors… phones… laptops… apple isn’t the only one idiot… future time.

      • Gethro

        You seemed angry did I hurt your feelings or something?

      • Jibbley Gravey

        Yes because you deny The future. 🙂 … USB C is the future. MONITORS, TVS, PHONES, LAPTOPS… everywhere… why the fuxk you’re so upset for Apple forcing the standard to come faster (just like they did with HTML5 by having no flash on iPhone) is beyond me. We both know 2 years from now there will be NO usb thanks to APPLE! fkn stuck in the old days…

      • Gethro

        i’m not getting paid to defend any companies but I am entitled to my opinion and plus I didn’t force you to read my comment

    • muledoggie

      Same thing said about Apple when floppy was removed. Same thing said about Apple when optical drive removed. It’s called moving forward.

      • captaindash

        The optical drive was removed because it wasn’t necessary anymore. Go find me a USB-C hard drive, keyboard, or monitor at my local store. I’ll wait.

      • muledoggie

        Same thing when floppy was removed. “Go find me an installer for …. that has a CD. Go on I’ll wait”

        Same thing when optical drive was removed. “Go find me an installer for …. that has a download. Go find me a movie that is decent that is streaming. Go on I’ll wait”

        Same thing as now. There will be a time to adjust then will be long forgotten.

      • captaindash

        I’ll totally agree with you for the floppy. By the time the optical came out, almost all drivers were online, and I guess I just didn’t personally use the CD drive so that’s strictly from my personal perspective. Still, that’s a far cry from not being able to connect ANYTHING I owned to my new computer. That’s unacceptable. I own the new MBP and I regret it. The new Windows laptops have no USB-C ports so adoption will be slow and painful and won’t fully be there until around the time the next update comes out. 2 mm of space savings doesn’t justify no sd and no usb-a at all. Even one wouldn’t been nice.
        I have to hardwire my internet at work, as well as my external keyboard. Now I have 2 locations I need dongle’s-a-plenty. Just 4 usb-c ports was taking it too far.

      • Gethro

        So moving forward with having to buy a bunch of dongle adapters eh!

  • Nekki

    The big question is… do they support 4k60fps? The answer is not. You need a dedicated USB-C 4k60fps/60hz device.

    • Jibbley Gravey

      4k 60hz… too SLOW… BRUH… I get nothing under 120hz. Step your GAME up.

    • remember that these docking solutions will take up 1 port of the 2 or 4 USB-C ports (depending on which model you buy).. if you want to plug that 4K monitor, use the other free port or ports.

      • malhal

        Then you are wasting money on a dongle with hdmi. Alternatively you have to plug 3 things in, power, usb3 adaptor and display port adaptor (Which can’t be done on the 2 port MBP). in which case the only solution is a thunderbolt dock which is very expensive and sounds like none work correctly yet.

      • you can plug any other type of monitor on the dongle’s HDMI monitor.. for the times where you would need to plug that specific 4K monitor, just use the free USB-C port…

        I see one of the dongle’s that provide USB-C power on the dongle itself so that 2 port mac would still have a free port left.

  • Cones1r

    Placed my order today for the MBP, 5 year old MPB getting donated to eldest child!!!

  • Ninja Ass

    Why waste money on dongle . Just buy USB type c pen drive ,cable etc

    • Adrayven

      yeah, where you can.. you spend almost, if not more, on dongles compared to just getting the direct replacement..

      A few exceptions might be expensive portable SSD drives that are USB A..

      I did want an ethernet port though, since I do a lot of wired stuff.. but I preferred the Kanex with 3 USB 3 ports and 1 ethernet; because it’s completely foldable and very very compact.

    • This is actually my plan. I’d rather go all in on USB-C knowing that this is the future rather than try to use dongles and adapters. Replacing several cables might cost more than buying a hub, but it’s definitely a more elegant solution.

  • Draugminaion Formenghobel

    Thanks Apple for not putting all that legacy crap in my MacBook. Let the cave men that want to plug in their antiques buy dongles.

    • Scott Lewis

      That’s true. I mean… if they instead had three USB-C ports and a single “old school” USB 3 port to let a few hundred million people easily use hubs, mice, keyboards, thumb drives, external hard drives, etc, that would really have just killed the product for you. I for one am ready to throw out my six week old antiques.

      • captaindash

        The new Surface Book doesn’t have any USB-C ports and that really sucks. It means adoption will be far slower. Thanks, Apple. Once again putting “we’re so rebel” over “we’re so all-encompasingly useable for pro’s”

      • Dilir Daiyan Aranna

        40GBPS is not enough for you?

  • Clark Cox

    The same thing was said about the removal of the Floppy drive, all of the legacy non-USB ports, optical drives, etc. Peripheral manufacturers will adapt and become more compatible for it.