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Apple has finally acknowledged existence of so-called “Touch Disease” following a class action lawsuit regarding the issue. The problem has been plaguing a subset of iPhone 6 Plus owners for quite some time now, manifesting itself in the form of a flickering bar at the top of the display and general multi-touch unresponsiveness.

The firm denied responsibility because under the terms of a new worldwide program it’s agreed to fix any affected iPhone 6 Plus devices, but for a $149 service fee.

The initiative, officially called “Multi-Touch Repair Program for iPhone 6 Plus,” promises to reimburse customers who had paid more than $149 either through Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider before the program was implemented.

“The reimbursement amount will equal the difference between the price you paid for the original service to your iPhone 6 Plus and the $149 service price,” said Apple.

Apple determined that some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit display flickering or multi-touch issues “after being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device,” reads the support document.

Your iPhone 6 Plus must be in working order and the display shouldn’t be cracked for Apple to repair the multi-touch screen disease—again, for a service price fee of $149.

The repair program covers affected iPhone 6 Plus devices for five years after the first retail sale of the unit. Carrier partners are not participating in this program and Apple may restrict or limit repair to the original country of purchase.

For further details on the service process, check out Apple’s support document.

Source: Apple

  • Dilir Daiyan Aranna


  • Diego Milano

    So they take responsibility for accidental drops on hard surfaces? Interesting.

    • burge

      Where did you get that from ? Apple said it might happen after being dropped on hard surfaces multiple times and then putting the device under further stress. That’s not taking responsibility that’s saying what could cause it.

      • Diego Milano

        I was being sarcastic, FYI. 🙂
        Also, dropping the device and stressing it physically is a form of misuse so if they are covering the entire repair cost, then they are taking care of it indirectly or not.
        Makes no difference to me though, since iPhones aren’t sold here so I always need to be careful with my iDevices, regardless of this.

      • burge

        In case you didn’t know sarcasm doesn’t work in text format.

      • Diego Milano

        You need to train a bit more on it, bud. 😉

      • burge

        I don’t but you need to learn that it doesn’t come across in text format. Most misunderstandings on blog sites or any site that has people making comments on it are because people misinterpret what’s being said or how it’s meant to come across. My case in point your first reply on this thread.

      • Diego Milano

        If you say so. 🙂

  • lysingur

    Never buy first generation Apple products. Another case in point.

    • Technically the 6 plus isn’t a first gen as they’ve been making phones for years before that.. sure its a bit bigger but that just makes it the first big phone, they also had experience with bigger ipads so I don’t think your point applies here..

      • lysingur

        It’s more to my point if iPhone 6 plus isn’t considered a first generation product and still has a disastrous flaw like this.

      • So you’re saying its a first gen just because it has a flaw.. right… every iPhone had a flaw.. so they must have all been first gens according to you..

      • lysingur

        I’m saying first gen Apple products tend to have more flaws than second gen so a worse investment. Good try though. If you’re just trying to win an argument by distorting what I say, I can do this with you all day.

      • It wouldn’t work because only you believe that the 6 plus is a “first gen product”..

      • lysingur

        More like you don’t know what “first gen” means. YFI.

      • The same can be said about your brain..

      • lysingur

        lol You have a good day repairing those broken iPhones. If Apple products are ever without a problem you could be out of a job. Funny indeed.

      • Everything will always have a problem to fix, I’ll be fine, I don’t just work on iPhones. That was funny

    • gary

      Such a dramatization lol first off, how is the iPhone 6 Plus a first generation when they’d been making phones for years before and it’s just a bigger model of the same thing? Second, the first generation Apple Watch was not bad, the first generation iPad Mini was not bad, the First generation iPad Air was amazing, the list goes on and on…

      • lysingur

        Define “not bad” then we can talk.

      • lysingur

        I doubt you own a first generation iPad mini. It’s fraught with problems. The same Apps that wouldn’t crash on other iPads would crash on the first gen iPad mini. This was 2013 we’re talking about. It’s also widely known that it has a Wi-Fi reception problem, having a shorter than normal range than other models.

        First gen Apple Watch “not bad”? This says more about your low standard for a $400 gadget than anything else. The app spread was so confusing and cumbersome that they nearly abandoned it in watchOS 3. We’re not even talking about the short battery life and how fast it drains the battery of the iPhone if you use anything GPS related. Its audio quality was also a main source of complaint. Apple only corrected all these in the next generation.

        You’re making all these baseless claims about how great first gen Apple products are without so much as searching online first. Either you don’t own these products or you only buy them to show off. But you be a good fanboy now.

      • Docservlet

        I owned a first gen iPad mini. I have no problems with it. It’s a fantastic device.

        I also have a first gen Apple watch that I’m wearing right now and I usually get over 24 hours of use and didn’t have exceptional issues with iPhone draining. Maybe shorter by 15 or 20 minutes if that.

        You’re making all these baseless claims about how bad the first gen Apple products are without so much as owning any or knowing what you’re talking about. But you sure do sound like an angry guy. Mental hospitals need people like you.

      • lysingur

        lol You got no problem. More power to ya. That doesn’t thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of others don’t have problems with their first gen devices.

        No first gen Apple Watch can last 24 hours on one charge if you use it regularly for business calls and take it on a one-hour run after work (which isn’t heavy use by any measure). I call you on your bs. Did you buy your Apple Watch just to tell time?

        Baseless? I lived through it. There are more than a dozen Apple devices in my house. And I’m not angry. You know why? Because I learned my lesson and now only get second gen products. Good for you to chime in though. Get that MacBook Pro 2016 while they’re hot. 😉

      • Docservlet

        LOL…you seem pretty delusional. Yesterday I worked out for 45 minutes, used my watch like I always do and with checking email, reading texts etc etc and still had 28% battery this morning after not charging it all night. I call bs on your daffy duck paranoia and ignorance. Do you even own an Apple watch?

        Absolutely baseless….I still own every “first gen” Apple device and rarely have had issues. “First gen” Apple MacBook Air 11….still no issues after 6 years. Almost every iPhone I’ve ever owned has been rock solid regardless of whether some idiot considers it “first gen”. iPhone 5 still running like a champ. iPhone 6/6 plus still being used as hand me downs without issue by family. I already have an MBP 2016 and so far have had NO issues. I also get Apple Care with every device so I’m covered and have only had a chance to use it because of accidental damage.

        You’re not smart in any way. You’re just very paranoid and a bit sociopathic. 😉

      • lysingur

        “worked out”? Does it even involve GPS tracking? So now you’re backtracking on your 24 hour claim? You do know what “24 hours” mean, right?

        “every” first gen Apple devices. Every? And you call me delusional? Are you a collector or you use your Apple devices for real work? LMFAO

        And ad hominem attack already…lol You people are unbelievable.

      • Docservlet

        Who said I’m backtracking? Can you read or are you just losing your mind? Go back and read what I wrote.

        Your claim is idiotic and baseless. Whether I collect them, buy them, bury them in the desert and dig them back up after 10 years is immaterial. They’ve worked fine and your position is indefensible. What’s also hilarious is that you think that you’re the only doing “real work”. LMFAO! Your responses are quite psychotic.

        If you deserve an ad hominem attack, you get one. You psychos are unbelievable. LOL!

      • burge

        My ipad mini and the Mrs iPad mini work just fine. One was cellular/wifi and the other was just wifi and both have no signal issues at all. And the same goes for my first iPhone you know Apples first Phone and the more I think about it the first iPad Apple made that I had also had no issues, well mine didn’t. The Apple TV first gen had no issue that I’m aware off and when apple did a totally new Apple TV, the little Atv2 that has no issues and mine still works to this day.

      • lysingur

        “Work(ing) just fine” doesn’t preclude a badly designed product. Apple Watch is a case in point.

        Surprised you even brought up Apple TV, which is the joke of the industry. It’s universally panned by critics, especially Siri and ease of use. Just because a machine turns on doesn’t mean it has “no issues”. If its headline functions don’t work as well as advertised, e.g. Siri in tvOS, consumers have the right to consider it a “flawed” product.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      1st gen iphone new going for insane prices

  • Innes

    I had this and apple replaced my handset a total of 3 times. One was out of warranty but they still did it 🙂

  • Shlomy Malka

    I had to pay Apple 450$ to replace my iPhone 6 plus because of the touch problem, so if ill call ill get back the different? That not sound like apple.
    Is there anything about that on apple site? (I couldn’t find anything there)

    • Shlomy Malka

      Called Apple to ask for refund the different and they dont really know what i was talking about but they opened a case and escalate it so I hope for a good news.
      If that will work ill get back 300$!!!! And that my pay back for visiting this site every day.

  • AndreG

    How about the iPhone 6 not plus. I have an iPhone 6 that I got day one the phone was released and within the last two months flickering and screen unresponsive. I contacted Apple Support via Twitter and was told the program was just for the iPhone 6 Plus, but visit the Apple Store to see how they can assist me. Sounds like I’m going to get the same raw deal, wanting me to pay $450 for a repair. Phone has a few small nicks on the edges but overall no real issues but now screen unresponsive-I went to the Apple Store twice prior to the new repair program only to be told pay $450 for repairs

  • rockdude094

    These repairs should be free of charge …

  • jOn Garrett

    Once again Apple released a defective iPhone and blames the users.

    Won’t be much negative press about this like with those 35 Galaxy Note 7’s.