Luca Todesco iOS 10-1 jailbreak

At the end of last week, a demo video surfaced on Reddit revealing what appeared to be an iPhone 7 running iOS 10.1 that was jailbroken.

There was a lot of skepticism surrounding its legitimacy, but now the established iOS hacker Luca Todesco is sharing photographic evidence of his own iPhone 7 jailbroken on iOS 10.1.1 via Twitter.

iOS 10.1.1 is currently Apple’s latest public firmware for iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads, and it has closed a ton of security holes that could have been used for jailbreaking.

Todesco’s personal jailbreak isn’t linked to the one from last week. Each were made by two different individuals who would more than likely be using different exploits to get to the jailbroken state.

Creating a jailbreak for Apple’s latest iOS firmware requires getting around new security measures to thwart jailbreaking, like KPP (kernel patch protection). Todesco says he’s managed backwards compatibility with iOS 10.1, in addition to iOS 10.1.1:

Qwertyoruiop iOS 10-1-1 jailbreak

For what it’s worth, Saurik already shared his opinion about these jailbreak teases in the Reddit thread of the demo video from last week, particularly pointing out the sketchiness of having to use a custom-built library instead of Cydia Substrate to run tweaks.

According to Saurik, a custom library should be unnecessary and Cydia Substrate should run fine on iOS 10, so something is certainly fishy and these demos should be taken with a grain of salt whenever you see them.

On the other hand, Todesco has a long track record of releasing teaser videos and pictures on Twitter and he’s pretty well-known in the community.

The rapid releases of new iOS firmware from Apple is putting a lot of pressure on jailbreak teams who are undoubtedly researching the feasibility of a public jailbreak. The cat and mouse game between Apple and hackers is swaying heavily in Apple’s favor.

Releasing a jailbreak to the public requires a lot of resources, including tons of beta testing across the broad range of iOS 10 devices, programming a stable tool for both macOS and Windows, and then keeping up with bug fixes and improvements even beyond the initial public release.

These tasks are a lot for a single person to take on, which has played a huge role in why these teases have never been released to the public. Teams like Pangu and TaiG have the greatest likelihood of releasing a jailbreak for iOS 10; according to Pangu, the team has already been working on trying to get something together.

Are you waiting to jailbreak iOS 10? Share in the comments below.

  • Charley Gravelle

    Hey just a warning to everyone out there. If you Google, search on YouTube, or search in any other search engine for an iOS 10 Jailbreak, THEY ARE FAKE. I almost fell for one. iOS 9.3.3 is not being signed anymore so downgrading is not possible. I looked everywhere including on the Deep Web but it is all fakes. They are trying to get you to upgrade and possibly pay them for nothing. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Wait for Pangu or TaiG to release a stable and real jailbreak. Hope this helps someone!

    • White Michael Jackson

      Im still on ios 9.0.2 and no plans on upgrading in the mext few years. I remember keeping ios 5.1.1 on my 4s for like 2.5 years. If it aint broke dont fix it.

      • askep3

        Just curious, What are the essential tweaks you have been using?

      • smtp25

        iTransmission and Filza

      • askep3

        Oh tru, I’ve used infuse and seedr (website) on non jailbreak a couple times

      • smtp25

        Infuse .. I’ve just switched to Infuse from AVPlayer, I missed the X times speed option but its cool that it has cover art.

        I figure my iPad Air is irreplaceable at the moment because of the JB, if I lost/it broke, sure I could buy Air2 or the soon to come 3 but it wouldn’t be as useful to me without the JB

      • Leguro

        I see your jailbroken iPad Air and show you my iPad air 2 9.3.3.

      • Rowan09

        I have Kodi, Moviebox and Cartoon HD on my 7 Plus, since you can now side load apps on Xcode.

      • Leguro

        Do you have to sideload Kodi every single time a week goes by? Also, please tell me you have installed Exodus onto Kodi. If not, Google that immediately. It makes movie box and cartoon HD look silly. I had movie box for a while, Netflix, Hulu, you name it. Just Google install Exodus onto Kodi, and watch the YouTube tutorial if necessary. It’s not at all hard. Please reply and let me know what you think.

      • Rowan09

        Oh I have Kodi with Exodus, you should also install Evolve, it’s great and of course Phoenix. No I have a paid developer account and I used Cydia Impactor to install them with ease. There’s also an app on the AppStore right now along with the Apple TV AppStore that allows you to watch live tv. It’s free but cost $3.99 I believe to get rid of ads. I don’t believer in pirating apps so I don’t use those things. I even pay for all my jailbreak tweaks. It’s better to just hack a fire stick over the Raspberry PI which I own 1-3 as well.

      • Leguro

        I forgot about Phoenix! I’ve been dying for some live television In my bedroom. I don’t even care if it’s boring as hell, because it’s just to go to sleep too.

      • Rowan09

        Yes for live sports use Pro Sport

      • Leguro

        I will give that one a download. Hopefully that’s worthwhile. Have you tried sportsdevil? That’s what I’m currently using.

      • Rowan09

        Definitely and Castaway is just like Sportsdevil. Pro sport is only for the 4 major US sports but it’s setup is better than sportsdevil because you won’t need to search for anything.

      • Cuauhtémoc R.

        I’m having issues trying to install Kodi on 9.3.3
        1. Cydia package isn’t working (Kodi v15)
        2. Downloaded .deb file (Kodi v17) and installed with iFile but gives me an error.
        Any suggestions?

      • Leguro

        In case my comment doesn’t get approved, because I see it’s pending. I will rephrase my statement. Instead of installing it through a file. Install Kodi through a Repo through Cydia.

      • smtp25

        Ok you lost me a bit, but as long as I don’t need to have a home server/computer on all the time, I’ll definitely do it. Have Movie Box now. Could go the Pi route but I really like having everything contained on my iPad where I watch most stuff or out to the Apple TV.

      • Leguro

        You don’t need to have a home server. Just Google “Kodi Exodus” and watch the YouTube videos. Basically like Netflix for free on steroids on your iPad. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the theaters, and it’s usually media that is uploaded within an hour of it being on television. Bar none there are no other media sources that offer more content, paid or otherwise period.

        You don’t just have to have it on your iPad though. But I have it on everything. I have it on my phone, I have it on my television through a computer. I have it on my television in my bedroom for through a Raspberry pi.

        End it doesn’t have to just be exitus it could also be “Specto Fork”. As well as numerous other repositories. I’m just naming you the best ones.

      • Leguro

        So… Piracy. Not that I’m judging. I have Appcake myself, as well as free fight pass/paper views through the UFC app.

      • smtp25

        Don’t forget Local IAPStore for in app purchases. Appcake is pretty awesome with the one touch download and install unless the older ones where you had to pick a file locker and mess with capatchas

      • White Michael Jackson

        Flex. That is basically it. Everything else I could take off and not miss it.

      • Jayy

        Same here, won’t be updating to iOS 10 anytime soon! Unless a unthethered jailbreak releases, not any of that semi bs.

      • Lordrootman

        On the same bolt 9.0.2
        Though I have new iPhone also

      • Edgar Barrios

        everyone told the same thing to Abraham Lincoln but he had to mess things for everyone else.

      • Leguro

        You are absolutely insane or ill informed for not upgrading to 9.3.3., then jailbreaking that.The stability advancements alone are tremendous. Not to mention the security. A good rule of thumb is to always jailbreak when the OS is almost done with its stability upgrades. You never want to jailbreak something like 10.0 or 10.01 because it takes a long time to work all the kinks out. So, for me, the only time I plan on jailbreaking next is iOS 10.x, as soon as I can that is right before iOS 11.

      • White Michael Jackson

        By having a jailbroken phone I am therefore susceptible to security threats. I am ok with that. My phone is still stable. Running strong on 9.0.2. Plus I can’t stand when developers don’t update old apps. I got the phone working the way I want it on iOS 9.0.2, and I certainly don’t want to update, lose jailbreak, jailbreak again then tweak all my tweaks until to were just like that older iOS. Next time I jailbreak is when it is available for the iPhone 7″s”.

      • Leguro

        I know right? There are just so many times that my iPad is riddled with viruses. It’s just ridiculous. I routinely have to scan my Windows computer for viruses. I have never once encountered a virus or even talk to someone who has encountered a virus on the forums (Reddit jailbreak). Just tried to Google and find someone talking about how they had the virus. There is a difference between a possibility and a likelihood, and you my friend are confused between the two.

        And if you are truly worried about viruses, I would highly suggest you updating past 9.0.2. Because the security has been drastically improved.

      • White Michael Jackson

        Did I say viruses or security threats? I said security threats. I don’t know what you are rambling about.

      • Leguro

        No dummy I’m saying you’re dumb for not updating to 9.3.3 and then jailbreaking that one. There’s no excuse. Unless you got an old as shit device, always update to the newest jailbreak. Wait for the kinks to be worked out for the next couple weeks and make sure that it is stable, then make the jump. But when you wait forever the signing window closes, so now you have to stay at her more unstable and insecure version of the jailbreak.

      • White Michael Jackson

        Uhh, these are simple things that every jailbreaker knows. What made you think typing this response was going inspire me to update my phone? Its called an iPhone for a reason. I use it the way I want too.

      • rockdude094

        I was on 8.4 until a few months ago. iOS 10 is pretty smoot

    • 3.14159265359

      Lol everyone knows this already, your warning about old news. No one falls for those anymore.

      • John

        I don’t think anyone has fallen for them since 2008 lol

  • As always with jailbreak, don’t expect a public release until iOS 11.

    • askep3

      You may be right about that, if Apple updates often as they have been lately, the consequence for having a stable jailbroken device may be being one iOS
      Version behind

    • Jayy

      The iOS 9 jailbreak was actually pretty fast! I was only the on stock iOS for about a month

  • Over a year without a jailbreak. Please let me out of my cage.

  • 7000rpm

    if iOS 10 jailbreak arrives, wait for English tool lol!

  • Waldemar Sinicki

    Tedesco is a foolish man, which always shows only a little part of the jailbreak !!!

    • Because it’s really easy to do what he’s doing. These are not actual breaks at all. They are easy to accomplish with a developer account and some super basic programming knowledge. The reason why sites even post his stuff these days… because long ago he was able to make real proofs of concept that came true.. Now it’s just so easy to “fake” and I’m not saying fake as in it’s not actually a real proof of concept.. but again a dev account and some super basic coding.. boom I can make the exact same video. Would be nice if sites like this would just ignore him all together because they are being taken advantage of.

      • JaeM1llz

        “but again a dev account and some super basic coding.. boom I can make the exact same video”

        Hahahah, prove it.

      • Why? It’s a waste of time. That’s why I don’t understand websites giving this guy the time of day. He’s obviously scamming people into believing something is real. But again anyone with super basic knowledge of how programming works can easily accomplish this. Why aren’t there many other videos? Cause most don’t care and it’s a waste of time.. so again why on earth would I bother? To prove what? that I to can make a fake jailbreak? I’ll pass… but people will keep drinking the koolade!

  • Rolf Bause

    qwertyoruiop can suck my dfghjkbnm!

  • YaBoyLilMayo

    Lol this dude must not have any friends he begs for attention so often it’s hilarious. No one cares about his teaser videos if he’s not releasing them and he knows that. Typical lonely virgin behavior begging to be needed cause no one cares bout him in real life

  • Jerry

    I really dislike this guy

  • nvog

    Another publicity hit from this irritating show-off… Saurik is right, not using Cydia Substrate smells really fishy.

    Still having jb on 9.0.2 UNTETHERED, and loving it (also waiting good jb news from China).

    • 2016 laramie

      Smart man!!

    • John

      I agree. Another publicity stunt and yet, iDB goes running for the printers every time this happens.

  • Rondog

    NO jailbreak for the public yet? I’m pulling my hair out man!

    • Vista


  • Jerry

    You can thank the governments obsession with getting into the iPhone for them releasing so many updates

  • JH_Radio

    I’m waiting for a jailbreak for ioS 10 before I u upgrade on my phone. One good thing is that at least the apps are still being updated for iOS 9.0.2 that I have installed. I fell for one of the jailbreak scams. I paid for it for my iPod, so it wasn’t my main device. when I found out it wasn’t real, I was able to get my money back from PayPal, but yet this company still exists. (Yes, they actually gave me my money back.)

    • Leguro

      Wait for at least 10.3 and above. 9.01 and 9.02 were horrendous when it came to stability. As far as I can tell, there’s not much on 10.0 that makes me want to switch. I will keep my 9.3.3 and it’s stability as long as possible. When iOS 10 can compete with its functionality and stability, I will then make the switch over when a jailbreak is possible.

  • f96lrs

    iPhone 7 really need a JB

    • Rowan09

      What’s are you missing?

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        Just some pirated apps and tweaks 🙂

      • Rowan09

        Which apps?

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        I said he’s missing them and not me. I’m on 10.2 beta and happy and enjoying it. Honestly after iOS 10, I don’t miss jailbrrak anymore save for theming.

      • Rowan09
      • Abhijeet Gupta

        I mean like yeah, all of us who have bought new models should enjoy stock iOS as it is, a jb is just a cherry on top of the cake, if you get it, you’re lucky else not

      • JuzzY-G

        Cercube, Activator, Appcake, Kodi, SubtleLock, Springtomize the list goes on. Not too fussed about the wait, I get by just fine without I guess. I am just hoping there is actually something to wait for!

  • Mike M. Powell

    Is it bad that I just don’t care bout jailbreaks anymore? I’ve been enjoying these latest “betas” and iOS 10 pretty much good for me. All I kinda want is quick compose and that’s it in all honesty…. :/

    • Leguro

      All depends on what you’re using it for of course. For a basic media consumption? It’s absolutely perfect.

  • Saulo Chonay

    I regret so much of updating my iPhone 5S to 9.3.3

    I should stay on 8.4

  • rockdude094

    I think if jailbreaking was paid there would be more of an incentive too develop and release a jailbreak as soon as possible

  • Rahimo

    I am waiting for the Jailbreak on FIRE !!! My 6+ is on 9.3.3, and I have jailbroken it the temporary jailbreak hahaha, but it has been failed to work after a reboot! 🙁 .. I asked some pros, they told me that I should restore my device and re-jailbreak! but the signing window for 9.3.3 was closed!! I didn’t know what to do! so I have cydia installed but not working 🙁 , what do you think guys about doing a Reset?? help me please!! I can’t use an iPhone without a Jailbreak!! it is disgusting!

  • Sohail Wahab

    I hope someone releases the JB for iOS 10 after 10.2 release because If they do not, I might sell my iPhone and get an Android. iPhone is a beast with JB but without it, it is useless. I have planned so many things to do with iOS 10 JB.
    Please don’t tease us. Release it so everyone could enjoy it.

  • Just saying what you’re thinki

    There’s supposedly going to be a jailbreak released by the end of this week that works on ios 10.0-10.1.1 from yalu i think is the name they’ve released a jailbreak before but im still not completely certain how real it is since there’s no demo but pangu never really releases a demo beforehand either