The new MacBook Pro has ditched the iconic boot chime that’s been a signature part of the Mac startup process over the last 17 years. Pingie discovered that the sound is not gone entirely. Apple’s just disabled it and it’s possible to bring it back should you want. In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to re-enable the boot chime on your late-2016 MacBook Pro with a simple Terminal command.

As noted by Pingie, owners of the new MacBook Pro can bring back the Mac startup chime with a simple Terminal command. To re-enable the boot tone, open Terminal from your /Applications/Utilities folder and execute the following command in macOS by pasting the line below into the Terminal window, then press Enter:

sudo nvram BootAudio=%01

You may be asked to enter your administrative password.

If you prefer silent boot mode, execute the following command to kill the startup chime:

sudo nvram BootAudio=%00

The Mac startup chime as we know it made its debut on the 1993 iMac G3, but different versions of it have been present on Macs since the Macintosh II. If you want to disable the startup chime permanently on older Macs, check out this tutorial from Anthony.

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To disable the startup tone temporarily, just mute the sound on your Mac with the mute key on the keyboard. When you do this, its volume will be silenced and this means the startup tone will also be silenced until you un-mute your Mac’s volume.

Source: Pingie

  • Hammid

    I’m the happiest guy on Earth right now.
    Thank you so much for re-enabling my hope in Apple.

  • Nagy Konstantin

    1993 iMac G3? Wut?

  • Volerikan

    Can I disable the sound on my iMac with that command?

  • Icisz

    Thank god! Something so trivial it’s hard to believe anyone cares at all. Considering this issue is rather high on the millenial’ whine-o-meter, we best notify Tim and Jony this feature is a must have and should be a toggle in settings. My god what’s next. Smh.

  • :D

    Does this work on older Macs? I want to disable the sound.

    • catholicchristian

      Try it and let us know.

  • worldsapart_jga

    Worst sound in the world. I work late at night at home and with that damm sound, I cannot start or reboot my Mac concerned about waking the family. To me it has zero use, unless there is an actual error. Over time, I have used several apps to disable this sound. Currently, I am using Cocktail to disable this and it does a great job. It also has many other utility type of uses.

    • Hehe, right….”working” while your family is asleep. Don’t worry, marriages need a little “outside inspiration”, from time to time, that’s nothing to be ashamed about.

      • worldsapart_jga

        Well, due to my working from home, I have the luxury and freedom of optimizing my family time during the day and early evenings – then at night I can work without interruption while they sleep. That way we get quality time together as a family and I get quality work done on my time. So, why don’t you find someone else to insult and disrespect.

  • Jonah Christian

    Enabling the startup chime on the 2016 MBP does not work.