Apple has been stepping up its mapping and navigation development efforts to bring users more powerful functionality. Starting with iOS 10, you can now streamline your navigation experience by avoiding toll roads or highways.

Since nothing’s worse than being stranded on a toll road without any cash, it’s now a breath of fresh air to know you don’t need to download a third-party navigation app like Google Maps to avoid them.

There are two ways you can avoid toll roads in Apple Maps app: 1) from the Maps app itself, or 2) from the Settings app. We’ll show you both methods in this post.

Avoid toll roads from the Maps app

If you’ll be doing this from the Maps app itself, follow these steps:

1) Launch the Maps app on your iPhone and begin a navigation route to any start point and end point you want.

2) Once you see the overview of your road trip, drag up on the grabber on the the slide at the bottom of the screen.


3) Tap on the blue Driving Options button to reveal more advanced settings for this trip.

4) Now you’ll see the options to avoid tolls and highways. To avoid toll roads, simply turn on the Tolls switch.


5) Tap on the blue Done button to save your choice.

6) Apple Maps will now re-route your destination with your choice to avoid toll roads in mind.

Note: Because toll roads are typically designed to help save time during lengthy road trips, the ETA to get to your destination may increase with toll roads turned off.

7) Once satisfied, tap on the green Go button to begin navigating.


Enabling toll avoidance in the Settings app

Another way to avoid tolls while navigating in the Maps app will be found in the Settings app. You can follow these steps to do that:

1) Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and open the Maps preferences pane.

2) Next, open the Driving & Navigation preferences pane.

Maps Settings Driving & Navigation

3) Once you’re in, turn on the Tolls toggle switch.

Maps Driving and Navigation Tolls

Now that you’ve disabled toll roads, you can be off to your destination and won’t have to frequently stop to spend your money at toll booths.

Have you tried the toll avoidance feature in Apple’s Maps app yet? How did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Mike M. Powell

    I actually like that they added this little feature although not to huge since google had it but glad stock has it now with the maps revamp 🙂

  • Highlander

    They should make an option for the easiest route, not only the shortest. Apple maps has such weird routes and it usually avoids highways which is moronic. Its the sole reason I don’t use it and use GMaps instead.

    • Steve__S

      That must be a local thing… I’m not seeing that. Of course, Google Maps tries to send me down a road that doesn’t exist when I try to use it locally… YMMV

    • Rowan09

      I never have that issue. Fastest and shortest is the only thing I’ve seen in any maps app.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Nice to see that they finally added option to avoid tollways and highways. directions have definitely improved. I may switch back from Google maps.

  • vbtwo31984

    Every time I try using Apple Maps in NYC, it gives horrible directions with illegal turns where they are prohibited (and it’s not just newly prohibited turns, some of them have been prohibited for years and Apple Maps still tells you to turn there), and plain weird routing.

    Just recently I tried plotting a path to Randall’s Island from Brooklyn, and Apple Maps told me to go on the RFK bridge to Manhattan, turn right around and take the Bridge back and get off in Roosevelt Island, instead of just getting off on the first pass. That’s just stupid, made even worse by the fact that the bridge has a toll, so somebody doing this would have to pay twice!

    • Rowan09

      I was training at Randall’s Island and I never had any issue. If you’re having an issue you should let Apple know because they address them quickly.

      • vbtwo31984

        I had way too many issues with Apple Maps to ever trust it now.

        You can see this issue easily: do a route from LGA to Icahn Stadium – it will make you go over the bridge just to turn around right after and go over the bridge back again. In any case, I submitted this exact issue with this route to Apple just now, let’s see how long it takes them to fix it.

      • Rowan09

        Oh ok got you.

    • iByron

      Heh. You actually drive in NYC?

      • vbtwo31984

        Believe it or not, there are lots of places in NYC without good transit – no subway and crappy bus service. NYC is not just Manhattan.

  • Mallouk Malek

    It is really lame that until now apple didn’t extend directions to all countries… yeah world most advanced phone ans software indeed !

  • iByron

    This is great, but Apple needs to give us an “ask every time” option for this (and for the “avoid highways” setting). If I have time or I’ve for some reason removed my EZPass, I might want to avoid tolls. But if I need to get somewhere quickly and the toll route is normally fastest, avoiding tolls isn’t my priority. Either situation could be the case for the same destination depending on the time.

    Now, how do I create a route with intermediate stops before my destination?