Taptic Engine Home button

The iPhone 7 packs in a bigger, more sophisticated Taptic Engine that one in the iPhone 6s. Taptic Engine, of course, is Apple’s fancy marketing moniker for zig-zag springs that shake a weight to produce vibration. The iPhone 7’s enhanced Taptic Engine is capable of reproducing a range of subtle vibrations.

In fact, it’s so good that Apple has decided to provide a new API to developers to add custom vibratory feedback to their apps. If you dislike this feature, you can turn off iPhone 7 haptics for things like system controls and other interactions.

Again, you can only disable vibratory feedback for interactions with system toggles, like spinning the timer dial in the Clock app, or the date timer in Calendar and so forth. Even if you disable system haptics, you’ll still get vibratory feedback when you use 3D Touch.

How to disable haptic feedback on iPhone 7

1) Open Settings on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and tap Sounds & Haptics.

2) Slide the System Haptics button at the bottom of the interface to the OFF position if you wish to disable haptic feedback across most system functions.


Sliding the switch to the ON position tells you iPhone 7 to play haptics for system controls and interactions. BTW, if you haven’t noticed yet the “Sounds” section inside Settings has been rechristened on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to “Sounds & Haptics”.

Keep in mind that disabling haptics won’t turn off vibrations for things like 3D Touch and incoming phone calls. Vibratory feedback for phone calls can be managed independently of system haptics under Settings → Sounds & Haptics on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and in Settings → Sounds → Ringtone on prior iPhone models.

  • nova voter

    My 7 just arrived. The haptic home button click is so trippy. Really does feel like a physical click button.

    And the jet black is hot.

    • I’m very curious to learn more about the “trippy” Home button. I won’t be getting my iPhone 7 for at least a month and have read too many rants on the Internet saying it’s awful, weird and what not. People saying that haptic feedback when pressing is nothing like e believable clicking sensation on MacBook trackpads and that it’s a step down from the mechanical Home button. Any of this true?

      • 9C1

        It’s really not that bad. The first couple times you use it, it feels a little strange, but after using it for a solid day now, I don’t miss a physical button at all anymore. The haptic feedback actually does a nice job of simulating a physical button. You’ll definitely notice a difference, but you’ll most certainly know when you’ve “clicked” it.

        If you’ve got an Apple Store by you, walk in and check it out.

      • That’s great news to hear!

      • eXoguti097

        I went to check out the iPhone a little bit ago, and I instantly liked the button. Don’t expect to feel the click right on the button, or feel any sort of movement, but the feedback is still nice. In my opinion, I instantly liked it because it feels more accurate and clean, and doesn’t need as much travel (or finger movement) for single or double clicking, but needs enough pressure that you won’t press it by accident.

        A little off topic, there’s more haptic feedback around iOS. For example, when scrolling through the 3D Touch app shortcuts you get the tiniest vibration. It’s a nice touch.

      • nova voter

        I also like when you pull down the Notification Center, you actually feel it bounce when it hits the bottom.

      • nomel

        I greatly prefer the haptic button. I always thought he normal button had too much travel. Since we have to click it so often, I think the “faster” feel from the button being so shallow, in comparison, makes the phone much nicer to use. It’s not a physical button, but after this, I no longer want a physical button.

      • disqus_YPf5KTQ2om

        Your regret it, awful phone feature.

      • disqus_YPf5KTQ2om

        It’s bloody awful, you can disable it, worst iPhone feature yet. I think this is the worst iPhone ever, will be finding a alternative phone manufacturer that thinks of its customers rather than the expensive crap being sold with cheap and nasty unwanted extras added.

      • nova voter

        I can’t answer about a trackpad on a MacBook — I haven’t used one. But to me, it’s a totally believable click. It’s so cool. I keep clicking it.

        Not weird at all. The “button” feels just like the actual physical button (it’s recessed and round) and the “click” is right on time and very focused.

      • I’m glad you cleared up that bit for me, happy to hear that clicking sensation is actually believable. And the home button being non-moving has no bearing on Touch ID performance?

      • 9C1

        No, not at all. If anything, Touch ID is improved by the fact the home button doesn’t move.

        Mine works even better than the one in my 6s Plus, at least thus far.

      • Incarnato

        Have you seen a setting that lets you pick a intensity for the hepatic? I have not, but there was a set up video going around that showed 3 different intensities.

      • nova voter

        It was during the initial setup. You could choose 1 (light), 2 (medium/default) or 3 (mega)

      • nova voter

        Go to settings/general/home button

      • hogprint

        Thanks nova. That helped!

      • Angela Taylor
      • jOn Garrett

        I don’t like it at all, I thought my phone was broken.

      • adobepro

        ditto. if fact, it may break with use, which is while apple built in a solution for that, which would be a touch screen home button.

      • Ramon

        I have it on the third level and it feels like a real button. Took a little while for me to remember that it’s not an actual button anymore.

      • Wobby

        Yes it’s true. I’m typing this from my iPhone 7.

        Trying it in a store once is much different than owning it.

        I’ve had Apple Watch for almost a year and I have to have those haptics as low as possible but the iPhone 7 home button haptic that annoyingly enough is NOT disabled by this system setting is so freaking annoying!!!

        (the scrolling through menu items is welcome though)

      • hogprint

        Very true in my case. In fact I thought something was wrong w the phone. Had to Bing the problem wh brought me to this site where I learned all about ” Haptics!”

        It feels like the glass front is shaking inside the aluminum frame. Very annoying to me, especially in light of getting an iPad Pro a few weeks earlier and it has a “normal” feel home key.

        I’ll give it a couple of days to see if I adjust, if not gotta turn it off.

      • Angela Taylor

        I got my 7+ just last night & the “trippy” home button sucks. I hate it!! You have 3 choices to pick the intensity but for the HOME button, you can’t turn it off completely…

    • George

      Enjoy your scratches

      • nova voter

        I will!

      • disqus_YPf5KTQ2om

        It’s bloody awful design and feel, I’ve disabled it, a very negative inclusion, why do Apple add such cheap rubbish?

      • Yoman

        Ignore George, he’s envious. You can use the case. 🙂

      • Yoman

        You are envious! The case can solve it 🙂

    • adobepro

      I just got it…and after a day, I’m not liking it. It feels like I’m squeezing the phone…need to apply pressure on it from above, as well as behind it while holding it…feels like I’m eventually going to break it and doesn’t feel natural at all. I’m sure you can get use to it, like akin to eating dog food leftovers, but it doesn’t mean it’s good choice to implement. I prefer the mechanical button. I would go to the 6, but T-Mobile charges a restocking fee, so I’m stuck with it.

      • disqus_YPf5KTQ2om

        It is awful but you can turn it off for most functions. I have, worst iPhone to date.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    Why would I turn off the haptic feedback

    • Lame answer: to save battery?

      • racerhomie2

        Haptic Engine does not use much energy

      • Nathan

        Haptic engine uses barely any energy.

  • Phil Randle

    Its amazing, why would you want to disable it. Tripview (app I use for train timetables) has it enabled on scrolling, each time you hit the next letter in alphabetical order it vibrates, its such a satisfying way to use apps and a big enhancement on user experience, shocked it hasn’t been done yet.

  • jOn Garrett

    That’s the first thing I noticed when my i7 arrived today. I thought the phone was defective because I wasn’t aware that it had this feature. It’s not very good and very annoying.

    • nova voter

      you’re on iDB and you didn’t know the new iPhones ditched the physical home button??

      • jOn Garrett

        I’m a Galaxy S7 Edge user and Galaxy fan for life. I purchased the iPhone 7 for my child after his iPhone 6 died of touch disease.

        So no, I wasn’t aware of this.

      • nova voter

        huh. my BS meter is pegged at 11. maybe just here to start sh!t?

        you read and commented on an article about it, but didn’t know about it?

      • Picapollo


      • Crim Nino

        And yet to follow up on that screen shot. Samsung is also removing the 3.5 head phone jack. So again companies are copying Apple.

      • jOn Garrett

        5 other phones have no headphone jack including the Oppo R5 from 2014.

        How does one copy apple when one has things years before apple?

        Apple just added water/dust resistance and capacitive home button so guess what that makes them?

      • George


      • jOn Garrett

        Very, I had no idea I was being stalked.

      • nova voter

        cuz tapping on your public disqus name is stalking. ha.

        if you don’t wanna be called out for BS trolling, just don’t BS troll. it’s that easy.

      • jOn Garrett

        You can shove that meter up your @ss. I thought it would have capacitive buttons like Android.

      • nova voter

        aw, you’re mad now. 🙁

  • Joe Ismail

    Been using iPhone 7 plus for about 2 week. And today the haptic feedback together with the rest of vibrations no longer working anymore