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iOS 10 has introduced a new way of unlocking Touch ID-capable devices, now requiring you to press the Home button to unlock the device and get to the Home screen. This, coupled with the new Raise to Wake feature can make for a nicer experience, but like every new interaction, it can be confusing, annoying, or just hard to break the habit.

Users who don’t like this new ‘Press Home to Unlock’ feature will be happy to learn that there is a way to turn this off and take things back to the way they were before iOS 10. 

For context, before iOS 10, you could just lay any of your fingertips registered with Touch ID to unlock the device, assuming it was awake (ie. Lock screen on). Placing your fingertip on the Touch ID sensor was enough to unlock the device, no press of the Home button needed.

No press to unlock!

To be completely honest, I’m not too keen on this new method of unlocking the device, and I do prefer the good old way. If you’re like me, then follow these simple directions to disable ‘Press Home to Unlock.’

1) Launch the Settings app.

2) Go to General > Accessibility > Home Button.

3) Turn on the Rest Finger to Open toggle.

Going forward, you won’t have to press the Home button anymore in order to unlock your device. All you will have to do is to make sure the Lock screen is awake, then rest your finger on the Touch ID sensor (no need to press).

To revert back, simply follow these instructions again and turn off the toggle.

Now that I’ve shared with you my preference to unlock my iPhone with iOS 10, please make sure to share yours with us. Which one do you like better? Press to unlock, or rest to unlock?

  • nova voter

    This update sucks. iTunes and ios10 broke access to iCloud music. Apple has really gone to sh*t.

    • racerhomie2

      give it some time

      • nova voter

        Isn’t “time” what the 380 betas were for?

        Just glad I tried it out on an iPad we use rarely first, and not the phones. Update is apparently borking phones.

      • Jose Rivera

        LOL Borking

      • racerhomie2

        Its been fixed

      • grouchosez


      • grouchosez

        Totally hate my phone after stupidly accepting this ios10. Will try to revert this weekend. Apple, stop over-engineering your stuff and adding emoticons for 12 year olds. Adults use your phones, too.

      • Sheila

        Me too! Why do they keep making such drastic changes!

    • Gabriel Anaya

      That’s most likely a server related issue than it is with the update itself.

    • Joaquim N.

      It’s working really great here on my iPhone 6s.

    • Rowan09

      Don’t have that issue at all. I had to restore my phone from iTunes, but besides that everything else is fine. My daughter however update OTA so they already fixed the issue.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Took a little getting used to but I like how it is now by default in iOS 10.

  • Joaquim N.

    Funny that I just disabled this feature on my device 2 minutes ago. I’m also not keen of the feature and not willing to take another step to unlock my phone.

  • PghMike4

    I have no clue why they put in the new behavior, but thanks for posting how to turn it off.

    Is there *any* benefit to requiring an extra step to unlock your phone?

    • Rowan09

      You can actually use a widget straight from the home screen without offfically unlocking your device. It’s more like a shortcut.

  • I don’t have touch id on my iPad. How can I get rid of this “press the button two times to unlock”?

    • I assume the steps are the same as described in this post

      • Nope. No such “rest finger to unlock” option when you don’t have touch id.

      • I just checked on an older device, and there doesn’t seem to be an option to disable that.

      • YavuzC

        5 months later sill hating this new behavior and still looking for a solution. Is there a way to,roll back to iOS 9?

  • Ugur Civak


    • Zeyad Kambouris

      me too … wanna get it

      • Wireman62

        Me too , cmon we need better wallpapers

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    How can you access the passcode screen quickly without pressing the home button like we used to when swiping?

  • kayo hinazuki

    im stuck with a white screen saying press home to upgrade but my home button aint even working -.-‘ anyone how to help?

    • Wireman62

      Have you checked your home button in your settings, that’s only a maybe, just trying to help

    • Shannon Summerfield

      Having the same problem phone won’t do anything now bcuz home button not working. How do I get off the white screen?

  • markmarkmrk

    does the new iphone allow us to unlock the phone while the lock screen is asleep? (black)

    • Jason Holland


  • I don’t use Touch ID to unlock my phone so I guess Im stuck with having to press the button twice to unlock my phone with a pass code.. Sucks.. Some things just don’t need to be changed Apple…

    • Fedux

      To be honest you just need to press it once, like before. With iOS 10, when you raise your iPhone and look at it, the screens activate by himself, then, if you want to enter, you press the home button… One time.

      • Only works on the 6S and up, I had a 6 at the time of posting that but even now raise to wake is turned off too. These phones are too fast, has anyone tried to use apple pay from the lock screen just to have the phone unlock on them..

  • Thank you!! Have gotten so frustrated with this new feature. Am so glad to know how to TURN IT OFF.

  • disqus_S1ql48Vi9i

    Please don’t say “revert back”

    • grouchosez


  • Jane Bassett

    This worked on my iPhone but on my iPad I don’t have the option “turn on the rest finger to open”

  • BMisky

    Thank you. That extra step was annoying,

  • Pixolut

    Was going to throw phone out the window until I found this trick. Thank you. Yowzers that was annoying.

  • js4strings

    The new ios10 is god awful. I hate it, is there a way to go back to the. Last update.

  • Sheila

    I downloaded the update and now my phone dies really fast. Any way to fix that?

  • Loren Skyywalker

    Is there a way to get the old shortcut menu (swipe up from the bottom) back?

    Almost everything about iOS 10 sucks. -_-

  • tony

    What about slide to open users? Yes a lot of us still do that and have for years. Everything about this update sucks and I will be going back to iOS 9.

  • Molly

    There’s no “rest finger to open” option. Is there some sort of registry I can edit?

  • lilian walker

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  • Ronald

    Why can’t these idiots leave well enough alone for more than six weeks. This update has ruined our two 6’s and both our iPads. Crash, freeze, piss ya off glitchy crap. It’s their plan. Apple is turning to sh*t right in front of our eyes.

  • Badral Otgonbolor

    os 10.2 Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button >rest finger unlock unnown?

  • Doug Liser

    Apple stuff is going downhill really fast. Each new update gets worse. Siri is a joke compared to Alexa. The cloud services are a complicated mess. Why can’t they just stop changing s**t and just make the stuff they already did work properly.

    The only reason I use iphones is because everyone else in California seems to have them and text messaging sucks compared to imessage. There is supposed to be a more standard version of messages coming so maybe my next phone won’t run IOS.

  • nerys

    anyway to turn off the lockscreen all together. not an iphone user got one to run payver only and hate having to hit the home button to get it to unlock so I can then hit record in payvery. would like it to simply wake up on input of power.

  • Peter Freeman

    I am unable to understand why I would want anything at all that keeps me out of my own phone… Why do I want a code or a scanner or ANYTHING that I have to do every single time I want to use my own property…? What is wrong with just pressing the button to turn the device on?

    I am not stupid enough to understand…