iPhone 7 Plus High Resolution

Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have an all-new A10 Fusion SoC and will run the upcoming iOS 10 firmware; together, this spells incredible gas mileage in terms of battery life.

Apple says the iPhone 7 is the most power efficient iPhone to date, and in today’s keynote, they claimed you should expect to get about 2 more hours of battery life out of the new handset over previous generation iPhones.

Given all the new tech that comes in the iPhone 7, that’s a pretty big deal.

The A10 Fusion chip is a quad-core processor, but its cores are separated into two groups: low power and high power. The high power cores handle all your app processing, while the low power cores handle backgrounded processes and help reduce power usage.

The new low core technology uses just 1/5 the power of the high-power cores and makes the A10 Fusion chip a power-sipping power plant.

Not only is processing more efficient, but so is gaming. The GPU in the A10 Fusion chip is up to three times faster than the previous generation A9 chip, and also uses half of the energy.

Obviously, the iPhone 7 Plus has a larger surface area, and this means it has more room for a larger battery. As a result, you can expect better battery life from the larger 5.5-inch handset than the smaller 4.7-inch handset.

Right from Apple’s keynote, we learn that the average battery life expectancies for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are as follows:

iPhone 7:

  • Wireless audio: 40 hours
  • Wireless video: 13 hours
  • Wi-Fi browsing: 14 hours
  • LTE browsing: 12 hours
  • 3G browsing: 12 hours
  • 3G talk (wireless): 14 hours

iPhone 7 Plus:

  • Wireless audio: 60 hours
  • Wireless video: 14 hours
  • Wi-Fi browsing: 15 hours
  • LTE browsing: 13 hours
  • 3G browsing: 13 hours
  • 3G talk (wireless): 21 hours

The additional battery life is sure to help keep you away from the power outlet and reduce your dependency on external battery packs for juicing your devices up on the go.

What are your thoughts on the battery gains? Share in the comments.

  • Not too impressed with battery timings. It should be atleast 4-5 more hours.

    • It should be 500 hours more. Until then, I’ll be happy with 2 more

      • tariq

        ill take 500! as long as it dont blow on me 😛

      • Lol I was waiting that in last point of performance he would mention about how much battery has been improved.

      • mahe

        This will happen with the anniversary iPhone, it will have it’s own mini nuclear power plant built in, so you never need to charge it again ;P

    • Rowan09

      That’s not that easily achieved without making the phone all battery.

      • tariq

        they could make a 4000mAh battery. Or 3,600 at least.

      • Rowan09

        I have the S7 Edge and it lasts the same time as my iPhone 6s plus. My friends iphone 6 lasts the same as my other friends S6 Edge Plus. Throwing in a bigger battery is not the whole battle.

      • mickey

        True, but it’d be nice if the iPhone had extra capacity. More battery life is always welcome.

      • tariq

        Both phones lasted the same. Now imagine if iPhone had a bigger battery. It would have out performed the edge

      • Rowan09

        Sorry I take that back. I left my iPhone yesterday at home and brought my S7 Edge to work instead and the iPhone 6S Plus does last a lot longer. When I’m at work I watch videos, movies and play games on my iPhone for about 2-3 hours total. Yesterday I didn’t play any games or do any of the above and my S7 Edge went to 40% by 12AM (work overnight). From 9PM (when I left my car with it charging at 97%) it went to 77% by 10PM. If you don’t have some battery management app this phone battery life sucks. Throwing in a bigger battery isn’t as easy as you make it seem. There’s no that much room in these phones to just put a 4000mAH battery and keep a nice sleek form. Checkout how the phones with 4000mAH or above batteries look, they’re not trying to win any fashion contest.

      • tariq

        Idk about your situation. My phone lasts a good 10-12 hours. After that I can use the last 10% on U.Saving mode which goes like 8hrs. Sorry to hear that Android isn’t working out for you. Enjoy the 6S tho. Or iPhone 7, if u getting that.

      • Rowan09

        Ultra Save mode makes the phone useless except for calls.

      • tariq

        I mean, if I’m stuck with a phone and I’m in a theater, can’t u change it.. Ultra save mode is better than no option at all

      • Rowan09

        I agree, but there should have been a better solution is all I’m saying. I might as well when I saw the phone dying just stop using it.

    • therealjjohnson

      “at least” 4-5 more hours? How exactly does one do that? If it was possible I think it would be done. I cant think of another product that does so much and last as long as these smart phones do. Many people literally use them all day.

      Off topic, but what needs to improve is the battery life on Drones. Those things are ridiculous.

  • Luambo Mali-Ghana Munzhedzi

    Please don’t bring White Apple in Dusty Africa, we can do with Space Grey and as For Battery life you can do better than that,More apps,Wi-Fi,LTE will surely drain a lot from Battery…2-4 Hours Extra still not enough