iwork real time collaboration

Apple on Wednesday announced an update for its iWork suite with the addition of real-time collaboration. This works for Numbers, Pages and Keynote, and Apple demonstrated the feature live on stage by live-editing their own Keynote deck.

work edit real time collaboration

There’s not much else to unpack here. The real-time collaboration feature works across Mac, iPad, iPhone and web, and is clearly a play against the productivity offerings from Microsoft and Google.

Stay tuned to iDB for my coverage of today’s iPhone 7 event.

  • Didn’t they demo this exact feature years ago in a keynote? I’ve used it before too. Or was this a web only feature and the big announcement is that it’s now for all platforms?

    Either way, I think this was probably the only real moment of disappointment for me. I was hoping for another big update but it seems they only just now got around to finishing a feature that they showed off years ago in a previous keynote.