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CBS’s over-the-top streaming services, All Access, is available on wide variety of platforms including the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and more. Subscriptions are priced at $5.99 per month, but now you can pay an extra $4 per month for a commercial-free experience, the broadcaster announced Wednesday.

Catch 22: even if you subscribe to the new tier, you’re still going to see ads during live TV streaming because your supposedly ad-free experience is actually limited to on-demand content streamed from the CBS library.

CBS All Access includes a one-week free trial and can also be viewed on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch right from the official CBS for iOS app. The service includes on-demand episodes (available the day after they air) from CBS’s library of over 7,500 episodes and access to live streaming of the channel.

I hate that subscribers have to put up with commercials and that CBS is squeezing more money out of the people who just want an ad-free experience, but CBS is the largest broadcast network in the United States so I guess they can get away with it.

The new tier is available starting today via iTunes and through the CBS website for those who use the service on non-Apple platforms.

You look at CBS’s new tier and you tell me if paying $9.99 for a single channel that still shoves ads down your throat during live TV streaming makes any sense to you. For $9.99, I can get Netflix and enjoy deep selection of content, 100 percent ad-free.

Source: CBS

  • Bill

    Ad-free until they decide “well, we aren’t making enough from your $10, so here’s some ads…but keep paying us anyways.”

  • webbut

    Part of me is mad but then i remember Hulu charges $8 a month with ads and $12 a month ad free.

  • ticky13

    “CBS is the largest broadcast network in the US” in what way exactly?

    • OneOfOne

      the largest viewing audience moron

  • The concept of having to pay 5.99 a month and still watch ads; is deplorable. Cutting out the drug ads for 10 bux a month is just not worth it. The content is just not that good.

  • Eh, I’d pay for it. But I’m starting to condense my TV into PlayStation Vue, so meh. Maybe I’ll use All Access for the new Star Trek series next year, but maybe not.

    • Shinonuke

      Can’t wait for the new Star Trek series

  • DD™

    No thank you. The majority of their content stinks. I’ll stick with Netflix and for a few dollars less per month.

  • janus999

    I don’t care if companies like CBS want to charge people money for access, but I START caring when they participate in blocking or buying up other services who were doing it for free or cheap so they can FORCE people into paying. Hulu, JustinTV – it even starting to happen to Youtube (red) – services like those were free to users until the Corporate Army arrived and either shut them down or purchased them- either to silence them or monetize them. And then they follow up with Intellectual Property rights, DMCA, bullshit patents to keep any new ideas from ever surfacing; limiting options, opportunity and competition. THAT is when it pisses me off!

    • OneOfOne

      thats capitalism and thats business. now go back to your safe space snowflake

  • caruso81

    This is all well and good, except there’s no way to upgrade if you bought through AppleTV. Can’t do it on the site…it refers you to your original device. There is no option in the CBS app on ATV, nor in the general accounts/subscription settings. There is nothing in iTunes on a Mac, and there is no option on the Android app.

    So, I’m a sucker who wants to hand CBS an extra $4 a month and in spite of the incessant ads encouraging me to upgrade, I cannot do so. Not exactly a shiny path to no cable streaming models.

    • OneOfOne

      youre a typical apple customer. stupid

    • Kara Soltez

      I am dealing with the same issue, granted it’s a year later. I had no idea if I subscribed to All Access using my iPhone that it was automatically done through iTunes. When I called their Customer Service department with an issue, I got told “I cannot help you or view your account since you did not pay through us directly”. And the only way to subscribe through them directly is on a desktop/laptop with Windows. Did you ever figure out how to change your subscription details? I am currently trying to sign up for their offer of 12 months for the price of 10 (Commercial Free) but the offer is only if you subscribe using a desktop. So frustrating!

  • OneOfOne

    they get away with it only with braindead ‘consumers’. aside from some live sports theres absolutely nothing on broadcast tv that anyone needs to watch

  • Kara Soltez

    I know very little about streaming services and am just starting to look into them. But, and please correct me (kindly) if I am wrong, but Netflix doesn’t post their shows until the end of a season. In fact, wouldn’t I have to wait until months after the season is over for Netflix to post a show? I like the CBS All Access for the fact that, for example, Tuesdays episode of NCIS is ready to watch just a few hours after it originally aired. If I had Netflix, I wouldn’t be watching the 2017-2018 season of NCIS almost until the 2018-2019 season was about to begin. I am not sure about Hulu, going to look into that one next.