Want to get rid of ads on CBS All Access? That’ll be an extra $4 per month

CBS All Access tiers web screenshot 001

CBS’s over-the-top streaming services, All Access, is available on wide variety of platforms including the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and more. Subscriptions are priced at $5.99 per month, but now you can pay an extra $4 per month for a commercial-free experience, the broadcaster announced Wednesday.

Catch 22: even if you subscribe to the new tier, you’re still going to see ads during live TV streaming because your supposedly ad-free experience is actually limited to on-demand content streamed from the CBS library.

CBS All Access includes a one-week free trial and can also be viewed on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch right from the official CBS for iOS app. The service includes on-demand episodes (available the day after they air) from CBS’s library of over 7,500 episodes and access to live streaming of the channel.

I hate that subscribers have to put up with commercials and that CBS is squeezing more money out of the people who just want an ad-free experience, but CBS is the largest broadcast network in the United States so I guess they can get away with it.

The new tier is available starting today via iTunes and through the CBS website for those who use the service on non-Apple platforms.

You look at CBS’s new tier and you tell me if paying $9.99 for a single channel that still shoves ads down your throat during live TV streaming makes any sense to you. For $9.99, I can get Netflix and enjoy deep selection of content, 100 percent ad-free.

Source: CBS