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Just as U.S. carrier AT&T announced more affordable data plans with no overage charges, Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile USA today launched One, its brand new $70 per month plan with unlimited 4G LTE data, calling and text, plus no data caps. However, if you plan on streaming high-definition video on One, that’ll be an extra $25 unless you’re content with video streaming in standard (DVD-like) quality in 480p.

The new plan is available for new postpaid customers beginning Tuesday, September 6 at T-Mobile stores nationwide and t-mobile.com.

Prepaid customers will be allowed to sign up for One in the future.

Existing customers can either keep their Simple Choice plan or switch over to One for $5 per month extra per line without AutoPay enabled. New customers can add a second line to One for an additional $50 per month, with additional lines after the second costing $20 per month (up to six lines can be added).

For example:

A family of four can get T-Mobile One for just $40 per line—the best price for Unlimited LTE nationwide. The first line is $70 a month, the second is $50 a month, and additional lines are only $20 a month up to 8 lines with auto pay. And it’s just $5 more a month per line without Auto Pay.

Here’s CEO John Legere talking about One after today’s Un-Carrier 12 presser.

“We’re going all in on unlimited with T-Mobile One,” he said. “100 percent unlimited. All the time.”

Here’s the fine print:

  • Video is streamed at standard definition (480p) for all services
  • Higher definition video is available at an extra $25 per line
  • Mobile Hotspot is unlimited, but throttled to 2G speed
  • 5GB of high-speed tethering is a $15 add-on
  • Data-hungry customers using more than 26GB of 4G LTE data per month may see their data traffic prioritized to 3G or 2G speeds (after the 26GB threshold) at specific times and places that the network sees high congestion

The One plan comes with T-Mobile’s standard extras, including Simple Global, Mobile Without Borders, Wi-Fi Unleashed, Stock Up, T-Mobile Tuesdays and Carrier Freedom.

By comparison, existing Simple Choice plan include 2GB/6GB/10GB data tiers for $50/$65/$80, including a $95 per mont plan with unlimited talk, text, 14GB of LTE tethering and unlimited HD video.

You can learn more about One in T-Mobile’s PDF document.

“I hope AT&T and Verizon try to follow us,” said Legere. “In fact, I challenge them to try.”

The magenta carrier also said its free Binge On streaming limited video quality to standard definition because they wanted to test the network before launching the new One plan. 99 percent of customers have retained Binge On streaming, said the firm.

What do you think of One so far?

Source: T-Mobile

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I am a traveling teacher. I teach all over the world. I switched to T-noble for the international aspect. They suck where I live in the U.S, but it’s great everywhere else. I live in Spain most of the year and it’s great there too. Much better than the US

    • Eliijah Moss

      Not sure if the T-noble was supposed to be a pun or what

  • pnh

    If only they spent as much time putting up new towers as they do thinking up new data plans.

    • Steve R.

      T-Mobile has been rapidly expanding and is definitely becoming a threat to AT&T and Verizon

  • Wow, that’s very expensive.
    Here in France we have unlimited texts
    and calls with 50Gb of 3G/4G with the Free carrier, for 19.99€/month, or
    15.99€/month if you already have Free as your Internet provider. With this
    same carrier, you also have 3Gb of 3G (only) per year per country if you
    travel (still with unlimited texts and calls to French numbers).
    Other carriers like Bouygues or Sosh (Orange MVNO) have the same price but with 3-5Gb of data “only”.

    • DT

      All carriers here are expensive and they just keep going up. It’d ridiculous.

      • Yeah. Even more carrier can handle unlimited texts and calling by providing free sim cards to everyone, and by only charging $2 or even less.
        That’s what Free did, we have a 2€ with 50mb of data + 2 hours of calls and unlimited calls. 0€/month if you already at Free for your ISP.

      • Liam J. Kowalski

        Yeah, every time I read something about American carriers, I raise my eyebrows to the prices.

        In Austria, I pay 35€/month for unlimited LTE, calls and text; plus 300 minutes and 300 SMS within the EU to any other number within the EU. I can even watch TV on the phone for free (because unlimited data, it wouldn’t touch your data on the smaller plans).

        And every two years, when I decide to stay with Drei (3 Austria), I get a phone for free or heavily reduced in price (got the iPhone 6s for 350 €).

        Why is it so expensive in the US? I mean, yes, the county is considerably larger but it’s not even 100% covered. We’ve got difficult topography with 80% of the country being the Alps and have a coverage of 98% with 3G, 85% with LTE and almost 100% with 2G.