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Industry sources told Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes that the iPhone 7/7 Plus (no, there won’t be a third ‘Pro’ tier) will feature up to 256 gigabytes of storage, effectively doubling the current top-of-the-line 128GB storage tier. The 256GB iPhone 7 tier was previously reported by Chinese-language MyDrivers, research firm TrendForce and PocketNow.

Unnamed supply chain sources told DigiTimes that major flash memory makers—including Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix—have all increased chip prices in anticipation of strong demand for new smartphones, “particularly the iPhone 7 featuring up to 256GB of storage.”

Prices will keep soaring until the fourth quarter of 2016 and could start falling in the first quarter of 2017 “if sales of the new iPhone disappoint,” said the sources.

“Apple’s purchases remain critical to the overall consumption of NAND flash,” as per DigiTimes’ industry sources. The 16-gigabyte iPhone tier has been widely panned by the press, fans and analysts.

Recently, Google released an up-to-the-point commercial for its Photos service that pokes fun of Apple’s decision to continue shipping 16GB devices in this day and age.

Source: DigiTimes

  • racerhomie2


  • Xee

    Not only panned, but slated, bad-mouthed, belittled, criticized, derided and rightly so!!

    Question is what size of storage will the new iPhone 7 lineup start with and how many years again will it take for another jump/increase?

    I would like to to see 64GB, 128GB and 256GB or better yet expandable storage!

    • Jamessmooth

      64, 128, and 256 would be idea. I can get by with 64, but 128 would make me happy. Amazing to think that there was one point when apple didn’t even offer 64gb!

    • 5723alex .

      32GB 128GB 256GB

    • Rowan09

      Expandable storage when they have iCloud won’t happen. There are so many options for expandable storage now in cases, wifi storages, sticks that plugs into the Lightning port, etc. 64GB would be a good start but I believe as 5723alex said that it will start at 32GB then replace the 64GB with 128GB and the 256GB as the new option replacing the 128GB. This would in turn be a discounted device like when they got rid of the 32GB for 64GB. I always get what a need so since I always purchased the 64Gb and it’s rumored to go to 128GB I’ll be fine. It makes sense for them to make this move as well because it will now incentivize people to purchase more iCloud storage. The more space you have the more people tend to use up.

      • Xee

        Yes in theory you are right, it shouldn’t be necessary when iCloud is available. But free iCloud is too small, the cost of iCloud is to high. Plus lots of people prefer local storage, which expandable gives for a one time fee of permanent storage in excess of 50GB.

        Note 7 is looking more tempting. Just waiting for iPhone 7 before deciding…

      • Rowan09

        There are many options for expandable storage on any phone now, so if that’s the argument it’s no better than the flash argument of old. You can purchase flash storage, cloud storage, etc.

      • Mike

        You said “There are so many options for expandable storage now in cases, wifi storages, sticks that plugs into the Lightning port, etc.”

        Cases and sticks that plug into the lighting port wouldn’t be convenient since you only have 1 light usb. So taken it out and put it in everything you charge your phone would be annoying and could mess it up. Wifi storage is okay but it better to have everything on your phone so you can work with it faster.

        Also paying $100+ just for a memory chip that cost under $30 is a rip off.

      • Rowan09

        Cloud storage is just as good as a SD card and as I said they have cases now with storage. There’s options so the SD card argument is almost dead. If they introduce the 64GB as the base (I think they should because it might force some people to buy more iCloud storage) it will be an even weaker argument. I have the S7 Edge which is the same as the Note with a slightly smaller screen, no eye scanner and stylus.

      • ravinigga

        Someone actually said it than the note 7 is nothing special. Same as s7 edge but like u said: slightly smaller screen, no eye scanner en stylus

      • Rowan09

        It’s basically Apple’s rumored iPhone Pro phone. It costs more for minor upgrades, but the difference was people were killing Apple for it and it was just a rumor.

      • Mike

        I would go for the Note 7. I have the Note 5 and thats the only thing I wish I had. I get 100gb of OneDrive storage for two years and Google Photos so that helps.

        If you are just looking at memory the best choice would be Note 7 since you get 64gb built it and I think they have a option that you can get a free 256gb memory chip or their active band. Not 100% sure but you should look into that.

      • Mister Miss

        let’s be real, the note series has always been miles ahead of the iPhone, technologically speaking. The UI has mostly been it’s downfall, but regardless, go ahead and give Sammy $900.

  • Sailor_V90

    So I’m iOS 10 beta 6 and I’m listening to an audiobook on iBooks and I just realized that they hadn’t changed the user interface of it match that of the music app.

  • askep3

    If Apple does release 32 GB as their base model (which is more than enough for most of their users), will they use that as a feature and market it heavily? I hope not because it’s not impressive, they are catching up.

    • Mister Miss

      they’ve been “catching up” since 2012… what’s new

  • Franklin Richards

    Cool but Apple needs to increase the free storage space for iCloud as well. 5GB is minuscule.

    • Rowan09

      Probably increase it to 10Gb which would still not be enough so for $12+ tax/year you can get 50GB.

  • askep3

    “If iPhone sales disappoint”

    Got me thinking, if the 6s sales were disappointing (compared to the 6), Apple can’t afford to have only the features that have been rumored, and by that I mean feature since the only good thing is the camera. Especially now since this is a full number change not just an S model, Apple must have something up their sleeve for the 7, because the rumored things are even worse than the 6-6s changes. At least we got 3D Touch and 4k in the 6s…

  • Marko 31

    Poor battery, no bluetooth sharing, no easily USB data transfer, small basic capacity, now without headphone jack, price heavily exaggerated and on top of that 1 year warranty. But still its selling like hotcakes. Why??? Is it possible that Apple cant make a mistake (“scuff gray” iphone 5, bendgate 6+, icloud hack) ?