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Saurik has launched an update for the Cydia Eraser tool on Thursday so that it can now be used to un-jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 if you used the Pangu jailbreak tool.

The timing couldn’t be better, as Apple recently released iOS 9.3.4 and is expected to close the iOS 9.3.3 signing window in the near future.

Cydia Eraser for iOS 9.3.3

With Cydia Eraser now in full support of iOS 9.3.3, those who have jailbroken their iOS 9.3.3 devices with Pangu, whether it was with the Chinese Windows jailbreak tool, over the web in the Safari web browser, or with the English Pangu jailbreak tool that utilizes Cydia Impactor, now have a way to remove the jailbreak and put their device back to a stock non-jailbroken installation of iOS 9.3.3.

Saurik officially re-branded Cydia Impactor into “Cydia Eraser” last month just before the English Pangu jailbreak tool was released that used an app called “Cydia Impactor” to sign and install an IPA for jailbreaking your device. When the name change occurred, Saurik only noted only partial support for the dated iOS 9.0. So the added support for iOS 9.3.3 this week is very welcoming without a shadow of a doubt.

Cydia Eraser effectively removes all traces of the jailbreak you currently have and allows you to restore your device to the firmware it’s already on without having to connect to iTunes to “restore and update” your device. The major benefit to using this tool over iTunes is after you use it, your device can be re-jailbroken on the firmware it’s on if you so desire to try again.

This tool is also useful for anyone who has a jailbroken device they’re trying to sell, because it lets the seller sell the device as a “jailbreakable” device, which may add value to it if it gets sold to the right buyer.

How it works

Cydia Eraser appears to take advantage of the OTA update system. Saurik explains how it works in Cydia, and we’ve included the excerpt below:

Eraser uses the firmware archives provided by Apple for its “over the air” update feature. These files are ~2GB large, so Eraser goes to extreme lengths to minimize the amount of data it needs to download: most recoveries will require less than 10MB of transfer.

First, the update’s “bill of materials” is compared against the files on your device, generating a list of changes.

Then, all files on your device that have been modified or otherwise destroyed are downloaded directly from Apple.

In a series of carefully calculated file migrations, all new files are moved to the user partition, and all system data is moved back to the system partition.

Up until this point, the idea is that no changes to your system have been made that are “unsafe”: at any point, if Eraser fails/crashes or your device reboots, you can just run it again later.

Finally, all of the staged changes to the filesystem are “committed”, all user data is deleted, and iOS is told to run its “reset all content and settings”.

The idea is that this “critical window” lasts only the final few seconds of a process that lasts for multiple minutes.

(That said, I still highly recommend not at all “messing with” the app while it is running, and maybe if you have a lot of data this will take longer than I expect.)

When the device reboots, it will look as it did when you first turned it on; it will also no longer be “jailbroken”: if you want to jailbreak it, you will need to do so using a desktop jailbreaking tool.

Simple enough? Well, maybe not for everyone, but to summarize, it’s a very clever tool that exploits the OTA system so that your device gets all the resources it needs to replace the modified files on your device with factory-fresh ones from Apple. As a result, you get a factory-fresh installation of your current iOS version when you run the tool.

As a last resort only

Cydia Eraser is to be used as a last resort only if you are having trouble with your jailbroken device, such as when you are having frequent stability issues or when you’re absolutely sure you want to sell or re-jailbreak your device.

This is because Cydia Eraser effectively erases your files and settings from iOS. When it finishes running, your device will behave just how it did when you pulled it out of the box after buying it. You’ll have to set it up, activate it, and reinstall all your apps and apply all your old settings again manually.

When you’re done, you can either put it back in the box to sell, or you can attempt to jailbreak the device again and hope for the best the second time around.

Whatever you’re using it for, it works wonders, so if you need to un-jailbreak your device and you don’t want to update the firmware, Cydia Eraser is the way to go.

Wrapping up

With Cydia Eraser now officially supporting iOS 9.3.3, those who jailbroke with the Pangu jailbreak tool can now un-jailbreak their devices without being prompted to update to iOS 9.3.4 in iTunes. Although iOS 9.3.3 is still being signed as of this writing, Cydia Eraser is the safest way to un-jailbreak your device at this point in time.

IF you need to use it, you can download it from Cydia right now. You’ll find it in the Cydia/Telesphoreo repository.

Are you excited to finally see iOS 9.3.3 support in Cydia Eraser? Let us know in the comments!

  • Leslie Zhou

    If I do a screen replacement at genius bar, will they update my iOS to 9.3.4?

    • They shouldn’t. All they’re doing is changing the screen out. They need your passcode to authorize a software update.

    • Blip dude

      No. And if they make the suggestion to update (Best buy tried pulling that crap on me with an an iPod Touch once), just simply say you’ll do it on your own time period.

  • Rowan09

    9.3.3 is still being signed?

    • Gabriel Anaya

      At the moment yes.

    • Yes, for now.

      • mama’s boy

        Lets say i used cydia eraser and i wanted to update my phone to 9.3.4 how am i supposed to do that?

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Does this support the latest devices?

  • diggitydang

    Does this work on 9.0.2? I think I’m staying downgraded but want this ability to unjailbreak at this version. Anyone know?

    • Guilherme 

      Yes, according to the source.

      • diggitydang

        Cool, thanks!

  • Tom M

    Will this work if i updated to 9.3.3. over the air before?
    I went from 9.3.2 to 9.3.3 OTA, and then jailbreaked.
    will cydia eraser cause any trouble, or will i have a “fresh” 9.3.3.?

  • David Gow

    Sweet. Thanks

  • AndreG

    Same question just confirming. I’m currently on 9.0.2, and have some issues, can I use cydia eraser for a fresh start and re-jailbreak staying on 9.0.2 and will it work.

    • Saurik said it works for iOS 7.1-9.3.3. 9.0.2 falls in between, so I assume yes, but no guarantees.

      • AndreG

        Thanks Anthony

  • nova voter

    Is there a tutorial on iDB for how to backup and restore JUST iMessages/SMS? I like to do clean restores, but I dont want to lose my messages. the only “normal” way to do it is through a full restore from backup which I don’t want to do.

    I used to have a link to a good guide on which files to save and put back, and how to change the security settings after putting them back on the restored phone, but I can’t find it.

  • Anthony Starr

    So do I install it now from Cydia, and sit on it as a “just in case” tool that is in my settings? Or does it begin erasing immediately after install? This isn’t clear.

    • Rei

      That’s what I want to know!

  • i used it and now am stuck at the icloud activation screen

  • Dplumber

    I recently jailbroke my phone with pangu. While trying to uninstall a program from cydia it made cydia disapear. I have since tried to remove pangu from my phone and rejailbreak several times only to get the same result. Jailbroke with no cydia. Any program on my phone that uses cydia comes back with adress not found. Feeling like a hampster on a wheel about now. Usually find a way but ive got to get off this wheel. Can someone please tell me what i can do before i give up and go back to android lol

    • yihwen

      Do a restore iPhone but manually with the 9.3.3 IPSW and re jailbreak again.

      • Dplumber

        Thank you but do you have any idea where i can get the corect isp?

  • Jordan Sawyer

    If i use cydia eraser and try to update will it go straight to ios 9.3.4?

  • spoit

    “Erasercpp1410 _assert(ota_find({iPhone5,2*,12,’B;440}))”

    OTA no find???

  • Rei

    I don’t need half of the files that are in installed such as system files that say “If you don’t know what this is then you probably shouldn’t be using it!” so I’ll use this to clear everything and start anew again.

  • mama’s boy

    Lets say i used cydia eraser and i wanted to update my iphone to 9.3.4 what am i supposed to do?

  • Mallouk Malek

    will this allow OTA ?

  • Dave Evans

    I’m running iOS 9.0.2 and have just had to run cydia eraser due to issues. I’m ready to re jailbreak but every time I run pangu 1.2.0 or 1.3.0 or 1.3.1 it asks me to update the pangu app and only version availbale is or iOS 9.3. How do I rejailbreak on 9.0.2 if the tool constantly asks to be updated past my iOS version? ps I do not want to upgrade ios version and start dealing with certificates weekly etc. Cheers

  • shiza manijak

    i’m using this 3rd time tonight and it does not work for me.Always close app about 1/3 of on 9.3.3

  • talon Peterson

    I am on 9.3.1 after phone crash I re jailbroke my device but cydia has error 2 no file located. So my question is is there a way to fix or am I stuck. I have tried restore from phone backup and iTunes back up but cydia and a few tweaks stayed on my phone

  • Kpls523

    Need to unjailbreak my device but can’t figure out how. I installed Cydia Eraser but after it just said “return to Cydia”. How do you activate it? Need to delete Cydia and Pangu 9.3.2 ASAP

  • Vincet Rossi

    Cydia Eraser Error

    I am trying to run Cydia Eraser on IOS 8.1.2 on iPhone 6 and get this

    Error eraser.cpp:1410_assert(ota_.find({iPhone7 ,2” ,12,’B’, 440}))

    Can someone please assist?