iPhone 7 motherboard leak 001

The same source that posted images allegedly showing a claimed iPhone 7 chassis alongside a bunch of SIM trays in Apple Watch-like Space Black finish has now re-published a new photo that seems to picture iPhone 7 logic boards, obtained from Ming Technology on Weibo. Prolific leakster Steve Hemmerstoffer also posted his own iPhone 7 motherboard images.

GeekBar also posted their own photos of the iPhone 7 motherboard.

GeekBar is the same Chinese repair shop that posted photos and a 25-second vide showing off a supposedly working iPhone 7 prototype running Apple’s internal testing software and the stock Camera app.

iPhone 7 motherboard leak 002

Little, if anything, can be gleaned from these photos because it’s a bare logic board without any chips on it. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus should run an Apple-designed ‘A10’ system-on-a-chip produced using TSMC’s cutting-edge ten-nanometer manufacturing process that should result in faster graphics and processing power and lower power consumption.

The logic board’s layout closely matches that of prior iPhone models. And if what we’re seeing is the real deal, then the iPhone 7 won’t have a dual-SIM system as previously rumored because the photo clearly shows a space for a single SIM tray.

Source: The Malignant, Steve Hemmerstoffer

  • therealjjohnson
  • Corey Hawkins II

    What I’m seeing is lack of space for the usual digitizer, LCD, front camera/mic/proximity flex, and home button flex connections on the top right of the board. Rear camera board connection looks to be in the right place but there’s only one spot for any other connections. Interesting

    • Only means integration. Like the did on the 6S an Plus with They did away with the separate home button cable. There are six connectors in total as far as I can tell.

      • Corey Hawkins II

        Basically, what I mean is, there’s a lack of connectors for a physical home button and the front camera/prox/ear speaker connections are also missing. The flex could be moved around to make room for a different component but do you think the home button connection would be moved to the bottom again, like he iPhone 5S? Or are we seeing the removal of the home button, altogether?

      • The home button is still there.. The connection is still present on the leaked image of the 3D touch part as well.. It just looks like the changed the orientation of all of the connectors. What was at the top is at the botton.. The home button connection should be at the bottom too, I think the person that took the photo had it facing the wrong way..