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Following this weekend’s Pokémon GO game update from Niantic, many players who used their Google accounts to play have claimed that the update deleted their account data and forced them to start over by making a new account to play with.

If you were one of these people, this is a troubleshooting tutorial you’ll want to read, as your account data is probably still there and you may have made a new account by mistake after following the on-screen instructions.

Niantic has released a public statement about this situation, noting that all account data is still perfectly intact on their servers and hasn’t been deleted. They also note that because of an updated Google account login mechanism in the new Pokémon GO app update, it may have appeared for certain players as if they were being asked to create a new account.

As a result, many players actually did. I recall even reading some comments in one of our own posts about Pokémon GO, and it turns out your game data hasn’t actually been deleted at all, and is, in fact, very easy to recover.

What actually happened is when the update is installed on an iOS device, the app asks you to sign back in with your Google account. Some people inadvertently thought this meant creating a new account, and as a result, they did.

If you did, then you need to sign out of the new account you made by following these steps:

1) Launch the Pokémon GO app on your device and then when it loads, tap on the Pokéball button to reveal the menu.

Pokemon GO Settings

2) Next, tap on the Settings button.

3) Now, you’ll tap on the Sign Out button.

Sign out of Pokemon GO

4) Tap on the Yes button to confirm.

5) You will be brought to the Pokémon GO sign-in page.

Pokemon GO sign in

6) Tap on the Google button. The app will automatically sign you back into the account you signed out of.

7) Follow steps 1-4 for a second time, and this will officially sign you out of the app.

8) Now, tap on the Google button again.

Pokemon GO sign in

9) The app will now ask for login credentials. Be sure to sign in with your old Pokémon GO account credentials this time!

Pokemon GO Google Account Sign in

That’s all there is to it! After logging back into your old account again, you should see all of the Pokémon, items, and other stuff you had in your game prior to the update this weekend.

Wrapping up

Now you should have all of your old data back in your Pokémon GO app and have your old account back. Because Pokémon GO is very much still in its early stages of development, it’s not perfectly rock-solid just yet, so you might be able to expect small glitches like this one in future updates as well.

Just be sure to take your time when logging back in, following all on-screen instructions carefully, and problems like this shouldn’t occur again.

If you’re not already playing Pokémon GO, you can download it for free from the App Store to get started today.

Did this fix your problem with your account being ‘deleted?’ Share below!

  • John Smith

    Ppl are too childish these days. Bearded men on the streets catching pokemons while wearing superheroes shirts. Pathetic

    • Digitalfeind

      Does it bother you that much?? Are you that jealous of them?? Are they harming you in anyway?? Let people be people and have fun. You are pathetic.

      • mrgerbik

        Dont be a hypocrite … this guys comment shouldnt bother you .. he IS a person right? “let people be people”?

      • Blip dude

        That logic applies both ways then. It shouldn’t matter what anyone does with their perspective lives if they aren’t hurting anyone else.

      • mrgerbik

        Thats my point. Life is hardly ever black and white; as much as we would like it to be.

    • I don’t see a problem with it.

    • Tim

      Getting outside, losing weight, connecting with new people. God I’m pathetic…

      • mrgerbik

        You couldn’t do that before? You need a portable kids video game to ‘make’ you go out and socialize/lose weight ?

        zombie apocalypse incoming lol

      • ProllyWild

        zombie apocalypse? now THAT will help folks lose weight….

      • Tim

        Yep, some people need a little more incentive to do such things and I’m happily surprised that a ‘portable kids video game’ brings me there.

        It’s great that this helps some people overcome things like social anxiety etc. The universal love for Pokémon has brought this Ingress 2.0 to such a wider audience, which is something I don’t think anybody saw coming.

        If this hype pushes on for a bit longer, it has helped more Americans lose weight than the multi-million dollar campaign Michelle Obama started.

        I love how impactful this ‘portable kids video game’ is.

      • John Smith


      • mrgerbik

        So your quotes around ‘portable kids video game’ imply you dont think thats all it is?

        Portable. Check
        Video game. Check
        Kids game. Check

    • :D

      It’s more suited to people in their 20s and early 30s than current kids since Pokemon was much bigger back in the 90s. Kids these days are just piggy backing on the fun.

  • roylucier

    Didn’t work. Probably because I went through the Professor Oak startup again and made a new name. I thought you were creating a second account and didn’t know you were losing the first one

  • karrissa

    okay so when i logged in with my original pokémon account, it made a new account which meant i actually had to start all over and i’m not sure what to do. it’s really frustrating because i was on level 23 with some very strong pokémons and to have that get taken away from me is kedjahdjd. any suggestions on how to fix this?

  • I don’t have a pokeball at the bottom of the screen and can’t access any menu. So no, this didn’t help. (Playing on iPhone)