Google today issued a small but important refresh to the Chrome browser for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the App Store. The updated software bumps up version number to 52.0.2743.84 and brings official support for Accelerated Mobile Pages that, similar to Instant Articles on Facebook, load in a fraction of the time of their non-accelerated mobile versions. Any news stories and articles from partner publishers that have a lightning bolt and “AMP” next to them in search results will load instantly when tapped on.

“Look out for a lightning bolt and ‘AMP’ next to articles in the ‘Top Stories’ section of your search results and enjoy blazing fast web page loading,” said Google. Aside from this feature, no other fixes or enhancements are mentioned in release notes accompanying the app.

Since announcing the Accelerated Mobile Pages project back in October 2015, Google has been rolling out this exciting technology slowly but surely across its products. The Internet giant’s native Search app for iOS, for example, was updated with support for these instantly-loading articles in May of this year.

Speaking of Google’s native search app for iOS, a new version just hit the App Store containing some notable enhancements, among them the addition of a Forward button, the ability to revisit your recent pages for seven days, a more reliable voice search in noisy environments and other perks.

Chrome is a free download from the App Store.

  • racerhomie2

    I love it

  • BoghosAvetikian

    Is safari faster than chrome on iOS?

    • Chris

      Chrome now uses the exact same rendering engine as Safari so they should be on par with each other.

      I personally haven’t noticed a difference between them.

    • I’d say Safari is still BARELY faster than Chrome. I use Chrome because that’s what I use at work and home. I just really wish they would implement bookmarks like Safari. Having them at the top of the browser and requiring 2 clicks just to get to your list is a little much.