PPJailbreak unable to download app iOS 9.3.3

Over the weekend, Pangu and 25PP launched a jailbreak for iOS 9.2-9.3.3, and not long after, iOS developers found a way to make the jailbreak possible via the Safari web browser without the need to use a computer.

Unfortunately, however, Apple appears to be blocking the enterprise certificate that has been used in this process, so attempting jailbreaks from the device itself isn’t currently working.

Apple delivers its first blow to the iOS 9.3.3 JB

Those who attempt to jailbreak iOS 9.2-9.3.3 with many web-based jailbreak tools for iOS 9.3.3 will get an error like the one above, which states “Unable to Download App – ‘PPJailbreak’ could not be installed at this time.”

The prompt gives the users two options: Done and Retry, but retrying the download isn’t going to do you any good, since the certificate is being blocked.

Not all web-based jailbreak tools are receiving this error, as Apple is currently cracking down on misuse of the enterprise certificate system and hasn’t gotten to all of them.

Apple is doing this to improve the security of the certificate system as a whole, as this is technically considered misuse of the enterprise certificate system despite how much those of us who rely on it to jailbreak our devices find it useful.

Jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 is still possible

The iOS developer behind the web-based tool we showed you this week is reportedly working on a fix for the problem. In the mean time, those who want to jailbreak iOS 9.2-9.3.3 can still use the Windows-based jailbreak tool from 25PP, which is still currently in Chinese only, as Pangu hasn’t yet gotten around to launching an English version of the tool.

If you have already jailbroken one of your devices with the browser-based jailbreak, then you still should be fine for the time being. If any issues do occur, you can always try re-running the Windows jailbreak tool over your existing jailbreak.

Because the jailbreak relies on Apple’s certificate system, they are bound to expire regardless of how you jailbroke.

In addition, the jailbreak is also semi-untethered, which means you need to run the PPJailbreak app from your Home screen every time that you reboot your device in order for Cydia and all of your jailbreak tweaks to reinitialize after a reboot. If you don’t they’ll cease working until you do.

How this affects you

If you’re already jailbroken, then you should be good to go until the certificate expires. At that point, you will need to use another certificate, which is where the Windows-based jailbreak tool is going to come in. Hopefully, the developers behind the Safari-based jailbreak will be able to create their fix before the expired certificate begins affecting jailbreakers.

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Have you started seeing these certificate expiration errors while trying to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 from the web? Share in the comments!

  • Shawn Joseph

    It took you long enough to write an article abut it, iDB! Certificates haven’t been working since Monday!

    • Åßðùl Rêhmåñ

      well done…there was a time when iDB was very fast and every news was on their blog first..
      But now…they are too bad..
      even they were the last to announce jailbreak of 9.3.3.
      Redmond Pie is far better also the iPhone hacks..

      • Being first doesn’t mean being the best. We may have been last to report on the jailbreak, but we were first out with a detailed and illustrated tutorial.

      • tariq

        Agreed ^

      • T. Allen


      • Angelo

        I don’t agree, relying on idb all these years and being the first with the tutorial gave me the idea I can jailbreak my phone with the conditions that were mentioned in that tutorial, because of the fact that being late with this significant peace of information about expiring/blocking certificate is something you should mention on your site immediately or perhaps UPDATE your tutorial with disclosure , I could understand that there are people that have updated their jailbroken 9.0 to 9.33 to follow the tutorial. well it’s a shame. Because now I have to read several same news/blog sources with most of it containing the same news, with the fear the IDB forgot to mention the whole deal…. just saying…

      • blastingbigairs

        You sound like a whiney little girl. Start your own Apple blog if you don’t like it, or better yet stop reading IDB!!! Just saying…..

      • Angelo

        So this how you respond to opinions, nice one Dumbo

      • Sampler


      • Diego Milano

        Yeah I agree with Sebastiaan but I must say that as I tried the “offline” (Windows-based) jailbreaking method myself just a couple hours ago, this news should have come in earlier as I had also considered trying the “online” (Safari-based) method and I would have run into a bad and confusing and frustrating situation, which is why in the end I also have to agree with you on this.
        It’s not an opinion based on hatred, just an objective and also personal opinion which is as valid as anyone else’s as it’s based purely on personal experience and not bias.

      • Absolutely good sir! I’ve read some from iPhone Hacks for a few years and they seem quite a crappy, half post website that often copied text directly from iDB.

        Also, there’s a horribly frustrating bug with these comments, every time I press the backspace key or enter on my iPhone, it throws the page right down to the bottom of the page. I’m not sure if it’s an iDB bug or a Disqus bug. It happens on your app too. It’s so painfully annoying. Please find a fix, I never actually realised how much I used the backspace key

      • Hey. I think the bug on Disqus’ end. Not much we can do here unfortunately.

      • e brake

        I’m surprised you even acknowledged an inconsiderate reader in the first place. Regardless, iDB has been my source for several years and coming. Thank you for providing these articles.

      • blastingbigairs

        Yes sir!!! Seb is a good guy and a longtime friend, he doesn’t need to justify or explain sh**!! He built this blog with all his heart and soul, and it has blossomed in to a beast!!! Go Seb, we have your back homie!!!

      • redsymphony

        Dont feed the trolls keep up the great work

      • Impreza

        So you’re labelling them trolls for voicing their honest opinions? In that case you’re a laborious sycophant knob jockey assclown. Fair is fair after all isn’t it mate.

      • redsymphony

        Looks like I hurt your feelings as well lmfao

      • Mark S

        Someone should tell this to the main stream press as well reporting general news stories.

      • Jason Brain

        I agree with iDB, they might not be the fastest but they are definitely one of the most reliable sources out there, and iDB publishes more interesting articles than both 9to5mac and Cult of Mac COMBINED (I do read every article by Jeff Benjamin on 9to5) thank you iDB. P.s. You guided me through all of my jailbreaks (iOS 4.2.1, 5.1.1 9.3.3) p.s.s. If you install Upscale and un JB the Upscale settings will remain intact (even in iOS 10 beta)

      • Oscar

        I agree with you. You guys are very detailed and I’m a huge fan of your blog. Your site is #1 #1 in my heart after Mac rumors, cult of Mac and 9to5 even though Jeff is there now. It’s like he joined another band lol. You’re new drummer Andrew is pretty good though.

      • Billy Lee Sommerville

        There’s always 1 omg that jailbreak came out of no were lol even Seb has a life he ain’t sat 24 hrs watching his PCs lol !!! Keep up the good work guys you’d are still number 1 and best for news

      • Sleetui

        Indeed. Better than RedmondPie which simply “spews” information out rather than taking the time to actually explain anything.

      • Ethan Monteon

        Unless your 9to5mac.. In which case you can deliver both.

      • Palidhje Discriber

        thats it

      • hahahaha @seb481:disqus you did well 😀

    • Some may have been disabled on Monday but the one we are referring to (which is likely the most popular) got suspended two hours ago.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Odd cause thats when I used the certificate to jailbreak…. So you are wrong sir!

  • Vinny Perez

    Ever since Jeff Benjamin left …nvm.

    • Great Lengths

      ^^^ This

      • Alex Graham

        Jeff cool but Anthony holding it down doing a damn good job.

      • Oscar

        He’s the new bandmate lol

      • Thank you, I try to produce useful content on a timely manner, but not just that, I always like to make sure things work before I report on them, which a lot of competing sites fail to do :).

    • Sampler

      Where’s Jeff??

  • JDB

    After your device is jailbroken, Pangu’s “Beijing Hong Yuan Online Technology” (expired enterprise) certificate replaces temporary developer certificate. You will NOT have to use the Windows tool or any other tool again as long as you don’t delete the PP app used for rejailbreaking.

  • TwinSon

    The real question is do those of us who have not already JB’d (like those of us on iOS 10 Beta) downgrade and go ahead and use this JB before anything else happens or do we wait for an improved JB.

    • Totally up to you. I’m sure it will be a while before iOS 10 is jailbroken publicly.

      • Rei

        I’d jailbreak 9.3.3 and then wait for 10 to come out and finally jailbreak that!

  • Now I have to wait for the Mac tool to come out.

    • Or you could do a virtual machine and a Windows trial? 🙂

      • 5723alex .

        Installing a bloated Windows on a Mac just in order to JB ?

      • Mike M. Powell

        Um yeah lol not even that hard n u can delete the virtual after xD.

      • Rolf Bause

        It’s only a big file… you can delete it afterwords and it’s gone for good.

  • Smegmatron

    Too much hassle in my opinion. I love the way my 6S plus is right out of the box. I dont get people wanting to pay a lot of money for an apple product and turn it into an android.
    Like I say, is just my opinion

    • Y2J

      Not necessarily turn it into an Android. I love tweaks like virtual home and adding a dark mode/theme.

    • Uncle Bob

      You know your phone right now is only as good as it is due to the JB community. We commonly see Apple and Google Adopt features/tweaks that were developed by the JB community. It may take Apple a few years to finally implement the tweaks as stock standard, but they do get there. Personally, I am just not interested in an iPhone with the restrictions Apple put in place. My phone is a far better device because of the JB, and I have no interest in it being an Android device.

    • blastingbigairs

      I love mine too, I 100% agree, but having the old JB apps like Pandora Downloader, MusicBox, 5 icon dock, ProTube, etc. (I am dating myself) was pretty rad you have to admit. If I didn’t have to use the Good for Enterprise app I’d borrow a PC and JB right now LOL!

  • Rondog

    I really don’t see any problem, even if Apple revokes the certificates all we need to do is stay on 9.3.3 and jailbreak on a computer, SCREW apple.

    • Diego Milano

      But doesn’t the Windows tool download a certificate from the Internet? How do we know that isn’t jacked either?

      • Rondog

        Diego,from what I understand from this blog is that we could be able to keep the jailbreak if done on windows, if it’s done through Safari there’s a better chance to get knocked off. Mind you this is what I understood from this blog. Plus we may get a fix from Pangu before we lose our jailbreak. I did my iphone through windows and my ipad through safari, we will see what happens. If somebody has a better insight maybe we’ll hear from them.

  • Rei

    I have successfully jailbroken my iPod 6G on IOS 9.3.3, but something strange happened.. How come when I respring or reboot I don’t have to run through the process to re-jailbreak it again? I thought that it was awesome because it truly feels like I’m untethered because it does it on it’s own! Unless I’m fully untethered or what…I don’t know!

    • Rolf Bause

      are you sure? did you really reboot (off/on) and can you open cydia after that? … you can respring without loosing your jailbreak tho.
      otherwise it maybe somehow killed kpp by accident 😀

  • חומי מגרלי

    Now I understand! Every night I try to install through Safari (as I have a windows machine, I’m a Mac) and can not!

    Someone tried with another browser? Maybe we can?

    • No, this is the fault of a blocked certificate. I’m afraid browser choice won’t help.

  • Blip dude

    One question I had was: what happens if I have to re-boot between the period that the certificate expires and a fix is released?? As of right now, I’ve had no reason to reboot (*phew*), but considering how unstable things still are, it’s only a matter before a reboot might become necessary. Does that mean deleting the Pangu app and “re-jailbreak” again that requires my Apple ID??

    If so I don’t mind, but this quickly gave me a fact check. This isn’t a userland exploit type of jailbreak and similar to the Jailbreakme days, but the option from doing it on-device definitely threw me off.

    • Diego Milano

      You actually no longer need to add any Apple ID on the Windows-based app; I jailbroke my backup device and it was never asked.

  • Y2J

    The whole expiring certificates was enough for me to unjailbreak and go back to iOS 10. I also had a lot of issues with the jailbreak when I had it.

    • Eddie Hines

      i cant go back to 9.3 because i had no backup for it and i dont want to install everything again just for a buggy jailbreak

      • Y2J

        I agree with you. If you decided to go back however, you can download the 9.3.3 firmware from iDB and shift-click update instead of restore and you should keep everything. That’s what I did

      • Eddie Hines

        dont do that I tried to “upgrade” to 9.3.3 and it jacked up my iphone. half my apps did not load.

      • Y2J

        Really? That’s how I’ve always done it and never had an issue. Although I did do my girlfriends phone like that and some of her apps got deleted, but I’m almost positive it was an issue with there not being enough storage

      • Diego Milano

        Just do a clean restore, restoring from a backup can be disastrous.

      • Дмитрий

        This is iOS 9… You should download apps from Purchased on iTunes store manually before backup.

  • Templar

    still waiting to jailbreak my ipad 9.7

    • Mamoun

      Still waiting to jailbreak my iPad Pro 12,9 too

      • Steve Harold

        Is iPad jailbreak worth it? I gotta Pro 12.9

      • Matt

        As far as I can tell, Pangu and PP have pushed a 1.1 update for their tool to support 9.7″ iPad pro.
        That might stop you from waiting

      • Where are you seeing that?

      • That’s correct, 1.1 is online but people are reporting issues. Some have had success. So like with all jailbreaks.. At Your Own Risk. Frankly I’m not touching anything for this break, so many issues.

      • Arjan Vlek

        Does 1.1 support 32-bit devices?

      • No, unfortunately it does not.

      • Templar

        Luckily yesterday i got to jailreak it

  • Malberto

    Fantastic. I just upgraded not 7 hours ago and lost my JB, and NOW your telling me I can’t re-jailbreak… way to drop the ball guys

    • Chris

      It’s not the fault of iDB, it was your choice to upgrade and jailbreak. iDB got this information at the same time as everyone else.

      • Malberto

        A partial update in the original article of the web/browser based JB would have helped.

    • Will the Windows tool not work for you?

      • Malberto

        Honestly, I have not tried it yet, however I will be trying that as soon as I have access to a windows based machine. Though it may take me a while. I will update you when I can.

    • Diego Milano

      Try the Windows-based tool instead and let us know.

      • Malberto

        I will be doing so as soon as I have access to one. I will update you guys when I have attempted to JB with the windows tool.

  • Mark S

    And this is why I refused to upgrade from 9.0.2. I just knew apple could do something to stop this certificate.

    • It’s why I kept a device on iOS 9.0.2 too.

      • Diego Milano


  • I just jailbroke 12 hours ago , it’s still working using safari browser.

    • Diego Milano

      It’s supposed to work until the certificate that was originally used for it expires. Good luck with it after that.

  • Vahidfrb

    Hi.i just jailbreak my iphone 6.but my question is,how can i clean system memory?!in cydia/storage information/system it says 99% full and i cant install any tweak because of the lack of space in system.some geek help me plz

    • Дмитрий

      You have to install “Stashing for Cydia”

  • aw81

    Well that was short lived…
    Had to reboot as gps wasn’t working after the jailbreak.
    The app wouldn’t re jailbreak so I deleted it and tried to start over Andean into the certificate issue.
    I’ll just wait for a proper jb I guess.

  • Favna

    So uhm.. I couldn’t verify the cert anymore after having a dead battery and rebooting. Not knowing this I removed the app and tried to reinstall it but to no avail. I now have the windows tool in front of me, but since it’s all chinese I haven’t gotten the slightest on what I should do on there. Any help?

    So do note I am already jailbroken.

    • Blip dude

      Umm, just follow the video instructions step by step. I’ll be doing that with the updated tool later.

  • Cesar Morales

    Btw, yesterday pangu honored their deadline to fix the iPad Pro and other devices from the bug that made the device reboot instead of sending you the push notifications and installing Cuida while jailbreaking.

    I already jail broke my iPad pro 12″ on 9.3.3 successfully.

    Thought you guys should know since there in no where to read these news on this site.

  • Diego Milano

    How safe are we that even the Windows-based jailbreak tool will be able to get a brand new certificate on our devices after it expired? Until I see this happening in real life, everything seems to be a bit speculative, which is one of the reasons why I have not upgraded my main currently iOS 9.0.2 jailbroken device to the latest firmware as I would HATE to lose my jailbreak.
    I think we need a more reliable and practical method, even the “offline” (Windows-based) tool seems way more complicated than what previous ones used to be- yes, I’ve went through the process and it’s not rocket science but still sketchy.

  • This was obvious from the beginning, since they relied on an “Apple” addition for the jailbreak, super easy for Apple to block it. Back to square one fellas, hopefully IOS 10 jailbreak they were toting wasn’t done in a similar way.

  • sickbigbrother

    People on reddit warned something like this would happen as soon as this Jailbreak hit the net – Due to the relying on certificates.

    Just a pity Apple spoiled our fun so quickly. Here’s to hoping Pangu can straighten this out (and that the PC method will continue to work).

    And here’s also to hoping for an untethered iOS 10 Jailbreak. I’m just glad at least my iPad is still on 9.0.2. Unfortunately my 6s was shipped with 9.2 but at least it’s finally jailbroken after this seemingly endless dry streak. Thanks Pangu, keep up the good work.

  • Jesus E. Mendoza

    So i had downloaded the Jail break Via phone originally yesterday morning, worked great, I was clearing out some apps on my phone this morning and like an idiot I deleted PP Jailbreak, I tried to re-download it via Safari, unfortunately it’s giving me the Retry/Done screen for unable to install. If I restore my phone, or do a Window based crack will this allow me to re-install?

  • http://totoateam .com/ pangujb dose not work

  • Alex Gomez

    How come i cant jailbreak my ipod 6
    Ive tried with windows based and with browser web based and it wont install cydia.
    I dont receive the messages after i close the pangu app so it can restart. Idk what to do

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Apple is such a jerk!

  • droid3000

    is there an update yet?

  • Mikey Galo

    Had the ios9.3 jailbreak working fine until my phone reboot it by itself and then since its semi untethered you have to re run the jailbreak & now im screwed cus everytime i run it and lock my phone its reboots and now its like a loop cus the certificate is being revoked . 🙁

  • Sean McHugh

    So my certificate just got revoked tonight can i just use the windows to reinstall the app an be good or do i have to restore an use the windows one?

    • Just run Cydia Impactor and install the Pangu jailbreak app.

      • Sean McHugh

        Dont own a computer have to goto a friends house and use his

      • Daniel

        how to do this ?

  • Kabir Ali

    what about 32 bit its gonna be come or not we are eagerly waiting for that