Cydia Eraser

Saurik has released an update for the Cydia Impactor un-jailbreaking tool on Monday. Among the changes, the too has been renamed Cydia Eraser and has received a new icon.

So what’s new? Let’s discuss…

One thing that’s for sure is Cydia Impactor hasn’t gotten much attention since its original release last year. The tool was originally created for iOS 8, and until today, it only worked with firmware up to iOS 8.4.

The tool allowed a user to remove a jailbreak from their device, essentially resetting their device to factory settings on the firmware version it’s already on without the need to restore and update on iTunes. This would make it easier to sell old devices on jailbreakable firmware versions.

Today’s update brings with it not just a new name and a new icon, but partial support for iOS 9.0 as well.

Don’t hold your breath… yet

Saurik is not very detailed in what exactly this means, so it’s hard to tell exactly what Cydia Impactor is useful for in terms of iOS 9. On the other hand, some comments made by the Cydia creator on a Reddit thread do shed a little bit of light.

The Reddit thread was incorrectly entitled with “9.x support,” and Saurik got online to set things straight, saying that this update doesn’t add support for iOS 9.x, but rather partial support for only iOS 9.0.

No: I do not claim in that changelog “9.x support”, only “partial support for 9.0”.

Additionally, Saurik was also asked “what devices” and “which 9.0 firmwares” were supported by Cydia Eraser, and he noted that only firmwares that had single-step OTAs available for them were supported, which still leaves a lot of guesswork in terms of your average jailbreak user.

It is whatever Apple had a single-step OTA file available for. This tool still supports the exact same versions of the firmware as 0.9.17+53.

As it would appear, the update is minor, and just to clear up any confusion, this update does not add support for the firmwares versions 9.2-9.3.3, which are now jailbreakable thanks to Pangu.

Additionally, Saurik is very stern to note that the support is only for the 9.0 firmware, and it does not work on 9.0.x firmware versions.

So with that being said, don’t try and erase your new jailbreak with Cydia Eraser, because you’ll be highly disappointed with the results.

At this point in time, if you’re having problems with your jailbreak, the best thing to do is just restore your device via iTunes. iOS 9.3.3 is the current firmware from Apple anyways, so you can always go back to your jailbreak if you wanted to.

Wrapping up

We hope at some point Cydia Eraser will support modern firmware versions, but it doesn’t look like that’s Saurik’s intention right now due to Apple not providing the resources necessary for the tool to work in full on Apple’s latest iOS firmware versions. So, in short, it’s not really Saurik’s fault.

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  • Great Lengths

    Oh man, sadly the Jailbreak community just isn’t what it used to be.

    • Niclas

      In terms of…?

      • Great Lengths

        If you gotta ask… SMH

      • Niclas

        If you can’t answer… I call BS

  • andiebrust

    So this is great news for the 13 people globally who are still on iOS 9.0 right?

    • Niclas

      Pretty much what idb/saurik said. Don’t blow this up, more or less nothing more than a new name.

    • It does not support ALL iOS 9.0 versions, as Saurik said.

      • andiebrust

        That reduces it to probably 7 people globally then 😉

  • BlackSheep_dsg

    Saurik is so slow to implement anything or just gives up *cough* Winterboard *cough* *cough*

    • Niclas

      It is open source, anyone could improve the code.
      The thing is, there are no one who can do it that want’s to do spend their time on it without getting paid. Saurik is the only one working on that and 99 other projects that helps users like you. Who in turn talks trash about him.
      You should be ashamed of yourself.

      gitweb.saurik. com /winterboard.git

      • Great Lengths

        Holy shit Captain Save a Bro! You act like Saurik is doing all this out of the kindness of his heart or something! Like he isn’t making money off Cydia! LMAO man you’re a tool!

      • Niclas

        Hey Captain I’m an Idiot! Sure he makes money from Cydia. Does that change anything? No.
        Since you think that is a bad thing, why don’t you come work for me for free?
        Not like you seem to be the intellectual kind but I guess you could make coffe or something! LMAO

      • BlackSheep_dsg

        you try it and watch how Saurik reacts

      • Niclas

        No he hasn’t gotten “disinterested”. He has many projects, has been involved with a few jailbreaks and even been to “DMCA exemption hearings” for keeping jailbreaking legal.

        He has, on top of my head, these projects to maintain:

        Cydia impactor
        AFC 2
        uikittools + loads of other devtools/low level stuff
        Some android stuff.
        etc. etc.

      • Niclas

        Oh look, saurik is an essential part of this english JB again. Not only with Cydia and all other packages, but with impactor to sign the ipa needed to JB.

        You two need to get a grip of reality.

  • White Michael Jackson

    Why does saurik just hand over the keys to someone else?

    • Burge

      Because it’s his and he created it. Would you pass on something that you created

      • andiebrust

        If I´m within the spirit of the jb-community and haven´t time to continue working on that project but imagine a demand and have no intention to make money of it anyway then: Yes.

      • Burge

        Why do you think no else has made a tool like this ? So who would you pass it on too ?

        And I think you’ll find that J hasn’t created this on his own

  • Great Lengths

  • Mark S

    So when are these competitors to cydia going to release a tool like this? I don’t know that we’ve heard anything from them yet or maybe I missed the boat.