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Apple will be releasing iOS 10 and macOS Sierra betas to public beta testers who enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program, The Verge reports. iOS 10 is turning out to be much more than another release, with dozens of refinements and little things on top of headlining new features, some of which allow developers to build apps for the stock Messages, Maps and Phone apps, as well as integrate with Siri.

“The iOS 10 and macOS Sierra public betas are coming soon. If you aren’t already a member of the Apple Beta Software Program, sign up now to receive an email once they are ready,” reads Apple’s message.

macOS Sierra, while not packing as many new features as iOS 10, brings Siri to the Mac and includes features like Auto Unlock, Apple Pay for websites and more.

Both operating systems also take advantage of Differential Privacy, a new technique that enables some interesting new features without compromising your privacy.

Here’s an overview of changes on the Lock screen in iOS 10.

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If you’re curious, read Apple’s FAQ for Beta Software Program. There is no charge for participating in the program.

Are you signed as a beta tester for Apple software?

If so, will you be installing public betas of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. If not, why?

Source: The Verge

  • Jason B

    I’ll be installing it. I’ve been on the beta testing since a little while after iOS 9 was released. I feel like iOS 10 will give me more opportunities to submit feedback. I have only submitted one feedback since I joined…

  • @joshbauer303

    Has anyone actually been able to install the Beta’s yet? I’ve been refreshing the Software Updates and haven’t been pushed anything… I’m ready to get these installed!

    • Alexander S

      Go to the beta webpage and redeem the code for Sierra and install a profile on your iOS

    • Julio M.

      yeah, they’re available now

  • Miguel Alcibar

    I’m getting error ” Cannot install Profile “

  • Thomas Flores

    Any word on if their will be a public beta for Watch OS3

    • Sergey Karchmit

      Unlikely (Apple always stated which betas will be public in the keynote), maybe for watch OS 4?

    • DT

      There won’t. watchOS cannot be downgraded by a user so they won’t release a public beta.

  • DSN1138

    are the developer betas and the public betas different ? Meaning do the developer betas get updated more often and the public betas only get updated after its gone through a developer beta period ?

    • Sergey Karchmit

      At this point dev betas get released 2 days prior the public beta releases until the GM’s those get released together.

  • Sergey Karchmit

    I don’t have unlock with apple watch. I have all software on beta.

  • Ben Gareffa

    Is this going to be the exact same build as the latest developer beta?

  • Azzam

    it has been released