iOS 10 Settings Dark Mode rumor iPhone screenshot 001

Five days ago, iDownloadBlog’s own Andrew O’Hara first wrote about jailbreak developer Andy Wiik‘s discovery of Dark Mode resources buried deep within iOS 10’s Messages app.

During the weekend, Wiik shared a few new screenshots showing a dark mode for the Settings app, running in iOS Simulator, strongly suggesting that these Dark Mode resources may not have been left within iOS 10 code by accident.

Although Apple did add a dark interface mode to tvOS 10 for the fourth-generation Apple TV, this sought-after feature remains officially unavailable in iOS 10.

As I said recently, Apple’s been experimenting with dark iOS interfaces for years now.

The iBooks app includes an automatic dark mode, for example. Safari’s Reader Mode lets you pick a background color, one of which is black, and the iTunes Store app has had black interfaces for TV Shows and Movies for years now.

In iOS 10, the Clock app has been given an all-dark treatment, as show below.

iOS 10 Clock Dark Mode iPhone screenshot 001

All of this is fueling speculation that Apple is laying the groundwork for Dark Mode that some folks think will officially launch alongside OLED iPhones this or next year.

In all likelihood, Dark Mode won’t officially debut until iOS 11.

Because OLED technology lights up individual pixels and doesn’t require backlighting, dark interfaces actually help reduce a display’s power consumption.

This is why the Apple Watch’s interface is mostly dark.

With the traditional LCD technology, backlighting is required whether or not the entire screen is all black. As a consequence, a dark interface on an LCD display doesn’t really make sense from an energy standpoint.

Source: Andrew Wiik

  • Favna

    What exactly is the reasoning behind dark mode being held back until iOS 11? I think you meant to say because it is more likely for the “iphone 7s(+)” to be the first to have OLED displays but this is not specifically noted in the post. (Thus coming from the reasoning that the “iphone 7s(+)” is to be released in 2017 alongside with iOS 11 if Apple follows their standard patterns)

    • It’s been said that Apple will make a switch to an OLED iPhone next year, and that it will alter the naming scheme and call it iPhone 8 instead of iPhone 7s.

      • Favna

        Yeah I’ve been following EverythingApplePro on Youtube for all the rumors and so on :p was just pointing out I felt like you didn’t note that fact quite clearly for people who don’t know of the rumor.

  • SkyFall

    I do agree that Dark Mode won’t debut until iOS 11, however based on the previous years whenever there was hidden code in the OS, that feature came with the release of a new product.

    iOS 6 had hidden code that showed 5 rows of icons instead of 4 and in September of 2012 we got the iPhone 5 which had 4 inch and 5 icons instead of 4.
    iOS 7 had hidden code that hinted on Touch ID, and well in September of 2013 we got the 5s with Touch ID.
    Even macOS has hidden code about the OLED touch bar and Touch ID.

    But there were occasions that a feature was released in the next OS upgrade (example, split view)

    But if the rumours that the iPhone 7 will be mostly the same, then i can see Apple releasing Dark Mode as an iPhone 7 exclusive to differentiate it from the 6 and 6s.

    • Blip dude

      So in other words, something that is perfectly capable of working on both 32-bit and 54-bit devices is going to be an exclusive. And this is why the bashing of Apple exist. Because there really is no need to make a Dark Mode exclusive to a device and why I’ll stay on iOS 9 if this is the case, as I can get a Dark Mode Jailbroken.

      • Tommy

        It’s just not ready. Chill.

  • CltrAltDelicious

    L o v e i t ! iOS 10 is wonderful on my 6s+, this will make it prefect.

  • Newgunnerr

    I think it might be a feature of 10.1 or 10.2



  • Noohar

    Dark Mode; Dark Mode; Dark Mode!

  • Ok that a dark interface won’t save battery energy but some people like me would prefer to have a choice.

    I don’t like this all white interface introduced on iOS 7 and sometimes it’s irritating, specially at night.

    I think that the dark mode is already late. Looks like the iOS interface now was made thinking only on the white front phones (gold, silver and rose gold). The night shift mode was a waste of time in my opinion, they should work on the dark mode instead.

    I own a space gray iPhone and I would like to change to the dark mode just to fit the esthetic of my device even if I don’t get the benefit of consuming less energy. And between us, that’s not a hard thing to do.

  • Burge

    If the standard colour on a device still uses the same amount of battery as dark mode would on the same device there will be no extra battery drain on the current devices. On a OLED device it would save more battery power than on a none OLED device that’s all.

  • I really hope we don’t have to wait another year just to get dark mode on iOS. The Mac and the Apple TV both have dark mode. Why is it so hard for Apple to introduce it to the iPhone?

  • Matt Campbell

    Dark mode will be available in iOS 10.. there wouldn’t be code in iOS 10 if it was going to be available in iOS 11 lol It will be available soon in a later beta.. but will be available for the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus in September

    • Elijah Rodriguez

      Ugh, they haven’t released it yet. I really hope they do soon. Maybe they will release it in iOS 10.2 / iOS 10.3, like they did Night Shift in iOS 9.3. I just hope we don’t have to wait until March like iOS 9.3. However, that will most likely be the case since the new iPad’s (one with OLED, according to the rumors) will be launched.

  • BlackSheep_dsg

    the clock app is just inverted, it’s not the dark mode we want

    • CaptainHappy

      I’ve got a feeling the Clock app in iOS 10 has been changed to mirror the stopwatch/timer/etc.. Apps found in WatchOS 3. It sort of makes sense that the Clock app on iOS would be in line with WatchOS. Just like the Activity and Watch apps.

  • Sohail Wahab

    Dark mode + night shift = logical feature of iOS

  • Tommy

    If you want dark mode so badly just turn on “invert colors” – that’s what I usually do when I wanna go “dark”.

  • ShadowBlader

    It is too bad apple did not give us dark mode I thought the dark wallpapers for wwdc ment that we would be getting it but guess not hopefully it showes up in the public release or maybe 10.1

  • jdjd

    I’ve done extensive web & app design and I absolutely loved dark UI’s. But if you or your loved ones get to the point that your vision is poor, you’ll hate darker interfaces. They literally cause pain to some people when trying to read them. If you don’t want to further alienate the elder crowd, you’ll keep this in mind and always be a proponent for choice–dark or light. You’ll be old one day yourself.

    • Zigzag Molly

      Well, I am an in the elder crowd and just got an iPhone 6+ after using rooted Androids for years. I can’t believe I can’t change to darker themes. I can’t believe I can’t change the background or font on iMessage. I need CONTRAST! Wow! I am amazed that Apple is so behind the times. I can’t even find a keyboard with the numbers on the main screen! I use Swiftkey in Android, but they don’t have the keyboard customization option for iPhones?? Such a headache trying to get what I need from a company that disdains customization. I want it MY way…and it isn’t Apple’s way.

      • Random User

        “I use Swiftkey in Android, but they don’t have the keyboard customization option for iPhones”
        “I can’t believe I can’t change the background or font on iMessage.”
        “I am an in the elder crowd”

  • danunder

    Well, they obviously know zilch about marketing.
    The reasons magazines and newspapers are printed black on white are twofold. One, they are scientifically – that is statistically and significantly – easier to read than reversed out type, as well as having superior memory retention.

  • feathers

    I HATE the dark mode forced on us in Clock and certainly don’t want it imposed on any other screens. Make it available but let users have choice. Apart from anything else, reverses (light on dark) don’t conform to Clear Print guidelines (UK).

  • jan

    the dark background on the clock feature with the new OS update sucks!! can anyone help me turn it back to a white background with black text? I use this feature for my job everyday, throughout the day and it’s not eye-friendly at all!! HELP PLEASE!!!

  • Anna Hofesh

    That black got me totally confused. I am just not able to read bright on black. My only explanation for that is… I READ BLACK ON WHITE MY WHOLE LIFE! I can’t believe they didn’t leave any option to switch back. I actually set up the ararm clock all wrong because of that and was really late to a meeting today. It stresses me that I have to make an effort to concentrate on numbers. Does anybody else have this???
    I’m also pretty amused there’s almost no talk about that on first page of Google except this fine article…
    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

  • Hatshepsut

    I hate black mode for the iPhone clock settings I see no options to revert back to a standard black on white.