iOS 10 Notification Center clear alerts 3D Touch

One of the longest-standing complaints about iOS has got to be its inexplicable lack of a Clear All button in the Notification Center that would permit users to clear out all of their missed alerts in one go rather than dismissing them one by one, like an animal.

Not anymore: iOS 10 makes expanded use of 3D Touch throughout the system, including making all missed notifications disappear with a single press.

As it turns out, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners can clear all alerts by gently pressing the X button in the Notification Center. Simply pull down from the top of any Home screen to invoke the Notification Center.

The Today section and widgets have been unbundled from iOS 10’s Notification Center so it’s specifically dedicated to your missed alerts. Press the X button at the top with 3D Touch and then choose Clear All Notifications from the shortcuts menu.

And just like that, you’ll empty the Notification Center in one fell swoop.

If you’d rather dismiss but a single notification, you can still do that: simply swipe over it from right to left to reveal a Clear button, and then hit it.

iOS 10 Notification Center cleart alert iPhone screenshot 001

This is yet another little thing I absolutely love about iOS 10.

Aside from big headlining new features, iOS 10 includes many little gems like adjusting flashlight intensity by pressing its icon in the Control Center, an all-new keyboard clicking sound, apps requiring permission before using your Music library, RAW photo capture and editing and much more.

What’s your favorite iOS 10 tidbit so far?

  • What annoys me about iOS is that clearing notifications doesn’t clear the badges. So stupid.

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Yup! The app badges should follow accordingly…

    • mobilemann

      So true.

  • Jerry

    Dismissing them one by one, like an animal

  • My favorite iOS 10 tidbits? I suppose I can try to list the ones that you guys haven’t talked about…

    I like the new address views in the contacts app

    I love having the ability to have my phone categorize my photos my faces without having to sync it to my Mac,

    I like the fact that the memories app does a fairly good job building videos of trips automatically but also gives you an entire video editor to change out clips, edit titles, add or remove actions etc,

    I really like the new Apple Watch App, Being able to set up and customize my favorite faces without having to set everything up on the tiny screen is fantastic too. I like that they’ve finally replace that weird video advertisement tab in the app with a gallery of all the watch faces too! I kind of makes me wonder if this is a sign of apps being able to register new watch faces coming in the future?

    I like that they’ve now put downloaded music front and center in the new music app so that it makes it super easy to tell what’s on my device and what isn’t.

    The ability to share notes from the notes app with other people like you can with iWork Documents is also really nice!

    The new effects for folders is nice, I also don’t mind the new audio effects (like typing on the keyboard)

    I pretty much like most of it. The only thing I really don’t like is the brand new health app… Everything that I used to use it for is now harder to get to and a bunch of stuff that I don’t care about is front and center with no way to get around it. Otherwise, those are some of my favorite things.

    • :D

      Good post

  • IlIl


    • I guess since they implemented this feature on the Apple Watch it was only a matter of time before it came to iOS and thank goodness it’s here. Now I just need to get me a phone that does something when I try to press harder on the screen…

      • IlIl

        I think we are finally starting to see some serious useful functions of 3D touch. It was a cool feature, but it was never essential or major convenience. Been thinking about 5SE, but this changes my mind.

      • Yeah I totally agree. I actually bought an iPhone 6s+ last fall and returned it because I wasn’t impressed enough with 3D Touch to justify the $1,100. So Here’s to hoping that the iPhone 7 will be awesome since at this point I’m planning on getting one now.


    The same gesture on the tabs icon to close all open tabs in Safari

  • Steve Harold

    Color tint in accessibly.

  • iDude

    Why it has to be only a Forced Touch enabled only feature. This could be implemented easily on non forced touch iphones. Appears to me that tweak developers are more skilled than them :/

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    So big white notifications, iOS 9 notifications are far better…

    • RollTideGuy

      I agree. I’m not a huge fan of the card notifications. Really enjoying my 7+ though.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Yeah, it just doesn’t feel right, the iOS 9 design covered the top part, whereas the iOS 10 style takes more screen but leaves space along the edges…

      • RollTideGuy

        I agree with that quite a bit. Wish they’d just put them all together and separate by lines like they’ve done since iOS 7. I’m not a fan of bow Control Center has been done either. It also has the card edges as well, and trying to adjust volume or brightness is annoying since they have it 2 pages now. Tends to try to swap pages rather than adjust whatever I’m trying to adjust.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Yeah, changing the brightness in CC is a nightmare!

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Yeah, changing the brightness in CC is a nightmare!

        Best Regards,
        Agneev Mukherjee

  • hkgsulphate

    What about the other devices other than the 6s

  • ichi _

    still doesn’t work in the lock-screen which drives me nuts, also it takes two clicks not one, which doesn’t make any sense to me and in the lock-screen you can’t remove a notification just by swiping, you have to swipe left and press the delete button – it’s just annoying.

  • beenthere

    Idiotic that the script kiddies @ Apple have made this device-dependent! Only works on iPhone/pad 6 and up. Unbelievable…