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Facebook today announced that it has started accepting 360-degree photo uploads. Panoramic photographs taken with your iOS device can now be uploaded to Facebook through the updated mobile app and are viewable in the web interface and on Facebook for iOS and Android.

Panoramic photos in your News Feed are marked with the compass icon. You can move your iOS device to pan around and even experience them in virtual reality with the Samsung Gear VR.

Panoramic photos, now on Facebook

Having introduced photos on Facebook more than a decade ago, “Today, we’re improving photos on Facebook so that people can share more immersive views of their world,” said the social networking firm.

A 360 photo allows you to see the photo from every angle including above, below, behind and next to you. When taking a 360 photo, the field of view will automatically be set to the middle of the photo.

Apple fans can take panoramic images that can be posted on Facebook using any iPhone from the iPhone 4s onward, in addition to the iPad mini 2 or newer, iPad Air and iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro.

You can check out some of the 360-degree photos from public figures, publishers and other organizations, like Paul McCartney, NASA and more.

“This medium enables new opportunities for creativity, and we’re excited to see what kinds of 360 photos get shared on Facebook,” the company said.

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Users can take 360-degree photos using their iOS device’s camera, in addition to Samsung’s Galaxy phones and using a 360 photo app or 360 camera.

How to post 360-degree photos on Facebook

Simply open the Facebook app and share the photo as you normally would any other photo. First, tap the status tool from the top of your Timeline or News Feed, select Photo/Video, then choose the photo you want to share and tap Post.

Once your photo is uploaded, use the mobile app to look around in it simply by moving your phone or dragging with your finger, or on the web by clicking and dragging.

To view the photo in full screen, tap it.

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Uploading a panoramic image wider than 100 degrees will result in the upload being automatically converted to a 360 photo. Keep in mind that you can only upload a single 360-degree photo at a time.

If you share a panoramic photograph on your Facebook Page, you have the additional benefit of reaching more people by selecting the Boost Post button below the image.

Facebook panoramic photos teaser 005

“On Samsung Gear VR-compatible phones, you’ll see a button in the top left corner of your photo that says ‘View in VR’ If you tap on that button and insert your phone into your Gear VR headset, you can see your 360 photo in virtual reality,” says Facebook.

To learn more about Facebook’s support for panoramic images, check out this support document on the company’s website or visit the Facebook 360 site.

Source: Facebook

  • Diego

    I can’t do it.
    Or this features is not avaiable for me yet or I can’t do it.
    What I need to do?
    Take a normal panorama photo with Camera app and then post on facebook?
    I do that and the photo is normal on facebook app, no 360º.

    • The Afroman

      same for me and ran today’s update from the app store

      • Diego

        me too, I think they are releasing slowly to the users.

  • Oh how I miss the days when Facebook actually used proper changelogs in their updates. I really wish Apple would put a ban on these template changelogs.

    • Swanny246

      Unfortunately in this age of staggered rollouts to users and A/B testing, I can’t see that happening. Rather, I think the App Store needs to evolve somehow to manage these sorts of changes.

  • Do you know how to save a DSLR panorama for facebook so that you can still pan across the image.

  • Arcturus

    Does not work. Updated apps, etc.

  • But how do you upload a panorama?

  • Has anyone had success adding a pano shot on a regular camera? I created a nearly 180˚ panoramic in Lightroom and transferred that to my iPhone to upload… the image had the telltale globe icon before upload that indicates it’ll be a panoramic, but once it was uploaded it just showed as a super skinny wide photo. Could the feature be limited to images created on your smartphone?

  • Robert McGowan

    If 360 upload is not working for your iPhone 6, check and see if you have an iOS software update waiting. Settings>General>Software_Update. Updating the iOS to 9.3.3 fixed the problem for me.

  • Jan Cas Smit

    It works on my iPhone and it is horrible. How can I turn it off? Facebook compresses the picture so bad!

  • Jason McBride

    Max iOS pano is 240degrees, not 360