Eric Schmidt holding iPhne 6s Galaxy S7 image 001

It’s an established fact that Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt owns an iPhone because, you know, it pays to experience what the competition is doing firsthand. In a fireside chat at the Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam, Netherlands, today with CNBC journalist Julia Chatterley, he publicly admitted for the first time to using both an iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7, teasing the mostly iPhone-totting audience that Samsung’s device is better.

“I have a Samsung S7 and iPhone 6s and the Samsung is better. It has a better battery and a better camera. And those of you who are iPhone users, I’m right,” said Schmidt. This is the first time he’s openly admitted to using Apple’s device after being recently caught in public taking pictures with an iPhone 6s.

At one point, Chatterley asked those in the audience who are iPhone users to raise their hands. Much to Schmidt’s surprise, just a few hands went up, to which he responded by saying, “So much for the Android monopoly in Europe”.

Schmidt discussed other topics of interest at the conference, including the startup culture in Europe, the immense number of EU-laws and the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president of the United States.

Eric Schmidt taking photos with iPhone 6s in South Korea
Schmidt caught in public using an iPhone 6s to snap and share photographs during his recent trip to South Korea back in March, via Olson.

Before becoming an iPhone user, Schmidt used to be a self-proclaimed fan of BlackBerry’s handsets due to their clickety-clack physical keyboards.

Source: CNBC

  • igorsky

    Nice attempt at saving face, d-bag.

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    You also missed what he said, “it has a better battery and a better camera” but what he’s referring to is the outside of the device, not the heart and soul.

    • JayDee917


      • :D

        Lol I think he means the software

    • Jackson Grong

      I’ll have whatever is he smoking.

  • Satyam Panchal

    iPhone 6s come 1st then Samsung s7 so s7 is updated

  • The King

    I have an Samsung Edge S7 and can say three things.

    1. iOS is still smoother.

    2. The camera on the Edge is not better than the iPhone 6S. The screen on the Galaxy makes the pictures look nice on the phone, but the iPhone 6S camera is better.

    3. This guy is an idiot and has proven to be an idiot on many occasions, including when he said Android is more safer than iOS.

    • Rowan09

      I’ve said the same thing for some time now. If you look at a picture from the S7 Edge on the S7 Edge it looks over saturated and doesn’t take real life pictures compared to the iPhone 6S Plus. I never did a low light but I’ll do one later and see. The S7 Edge however does focus a lot faster than the 6s/6s plus.

      • The King

        Yeah, the S7 does look over saturated. I’m curious to see what Apple’s gonna do for next year.

      • Rowan09

        This year and next year. It seems next year is going to be the huge update.

  • Chindavon

    New tech Vs. Old Tech comparison? Mmm-K. How bout S7 goes head to head with iPhone 7?

  • Bill

    Yeah but- android. What a mis-match conglomeration of shit that OS is. Hey app developers- obviously your apps for iOS don’t have icons up in the status bar nor do they try to take over the phone. That’s awesome. If you could make them work that way for your Android versions, that’d be freakin’ great!!! You sons of bitches…

  • Matt

    As an apple fan and iPhone owner, I have to say for the first time, I completely agree. The galaxy s7’s camera is far superior and the battery at least compared to the normal 6s, is better too

  • Anonymous

    Kinda funny if you think about the alphabet company owning google in all… He got and iphone and a galaxy… But not the nexus. Hahahah

    • Rowan09


  • :D

    My battery lasts all day down to about 15% charge by the time I go to bed and I use my phone much more than the average user. Camera’s great too. He just can’t find any real faults with the iPhone to make him look like any less of an idiot.

  • Colin Steiger

    Nothing that Eric Schmidt says is credible. Everything I’ve ever read about him saying or heard him say in videos has been entirely opinionated. And most of those loser opinions were tweeted from an iPhone so Eric can suck it!