iPhone 7 Plus mockup Jermaine Smit 011

Apple’s next smartphone refresh may or may not bring a major design overhaul to the iPhone that fans have been holding their breath for, but we still fully expect the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to be worthwhile upgrades in terms of both the looks and the features.

The rumor-mill does think, however, the device could have a cleaner look and feel due to the antenna lines being relocated to the very top and bottom.

The rear camera is said to protrude less from the housing and have a bevelled look and we might even get a pair of grilles at the bottom for stereo speakers. Taking it all in, Dutch 3D artist Jermaine Smit has imagined the iPhone 7 Plus in a concept video.

And here it is.

I’m liking his implementation of the Lock screen widgets!

If Apple’s history of innovation is indicative of its future moves, the next iPhone should boost your mobile photography with improved low-light performance and better light sensitivity.

Check out another concept video from the same artist, this one from three months ago.

Apple bought Israeli imaging firm LinX which patented some curious photography solutions, based on dual cameras. Were Apple to implement LinX technology into the next iPhone, we might be treated to  RAW image capture, the ability to adjust focus after the photograph has been taken and other photography goodies.

What do you think of these concept videos and what iPhone 7 features are you looking forward to the most? I’m very much curious about those dual cameras.

Source: YouTube

  • I’m all in for widgets on the lockscreen.

  • James G

    Surprised Apple’s legal dept. doesn’t send cease and desist for some of these videos by using the Apple logo at the start of the video.

    That aside, these look OK. It will be truly disappointing to see no significant change in the design of the device but that’s mostly a function of Apple training customers to expect new design every ~2 years for their iOS devices. This isn’t what they do on the Desktop/Laptop hardware side so it may hurt them a little here but they can always shift customer expectations as they have done in the past.

    • Greg Warren

      Creative use, and he clearly states in the video descriptions on YouTube that this is simply his own concept.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Those bezels God! Why  keeps making baby steps, don’t understand, I understand back in the days but technology nowadays is not like it used to be, other phone companies are way ahead, I love  and I’m not changing to android or other OS, but if there was another company like  i Would’ve made my change already

    • Benedict

      If you would change the OS, you would have advantages in every aspect. The bezels are only the peak of the iceberg…

  • RAW Image capture would be awesome.. a big reason I never use the stock camera app on my iPhone.. I use Shoot app by Procam to shoot RAW uncompressed TIFFs and get the best possible image quality from my iPhone..

  • Rowan09

    Black and Gold, plus light up home button ring for notifications would be great.

  • XenonKilla

    If only the morons that worked at crApple were as creative as all these people who create these concepts are, we’d have some pretty cool iDevices! But instead we just get the same recycled garbage over and over every year but with a little tiny something extra to make the fanboys think they are getting something new and amazing! SMH

  • Gethro

    Apple need to get these concept guys on their design team

  • Georg_Schmo

    iPhone 7 aka iPhone 6S with jailbreak and dual cam

  • Guava Angel Rosas

    If the iPhone actually looked like that…
    I would not even question why I own a UN jailbreak iPhone rn..

  • Jayy

    I would absolutely love a Black and gold iPhone! Wish that was a option when the 6s released!

    • Jayy

      See how beautiful that would have been!

  • Gethro

    Now I know where the 7 plus design was from