iPhone 6s ad Mothers Day image 001

Mother’s Day is one week from today. Apple has already sent an email blast to registered customers to remind them to pick up an Apple Watch as a Mother’s Day gift recommendation and now the company has started airing a brand new iPhone 6s television commercial, aptly titled “Mother’s Day”.

The 30-second ad “celebrates motherhood through the lens of iPhone users around the world”.

The video fits in Apple’s ongoing ”Shot on iPhone” campaign, which won one of the top prizes at the Cannes Grand Prix festival, by rotating a bunch of photos and videos that celebrate motherhood, taken by its own users.

And here it is.

The moving video is one of Apple’s better ads as of lately, wouldn’t your agree?

  • leart

    nice and simple ..

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Anyone know the song being used in this ad? Shazam isn’t helping either!

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      I don’t think this is an actual song, just a jingle made for this ad and recorded for Apple.

    • hkgsulphate

      Nope Siri (Shazam) knows it!

      It is “Because You Are Who You Are” by K. S. Rhoads

      • Gabriel Anaya

        Thanks 😀
        Siri wasn’t getting for me :/

  • Mplayer

    Like all the technically correct articles written by zibreg, crap! 🙂