iOS 9 adoption 84 percent

iOS 9, Apple’s latest and greatest edition of the mobile operating system powering the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, is currently installed on 84 percent of device, according to the freshest stats posted on Apple’s official App Store dashboard for developers.

In less than a month, iOS 9 adoption rate has climbed from the eighty percent mark, a figure Apple officially shared during its March 21 ‘Let us loop you in’ media event, to 84 percent—a cool four-point gain.

iOS 9 adoption continues unabated

iOS 9’s growth has come at the expense of iOS 8, which dropped from sixteen percent of devices a little more than a month ago to eleven percent of devices currently. Older iOS editions, including iOS 7 and earlier, collectively lumped under the Other category, continue to comprise five percent of devices.

Android adoption

Play store access logs collected during a seven-day period ending on April 4, 2016, show that Android Marshmallow, which released last fall like iOS 9, has gone in about 30 days from 2.3 percent to 4.6 percent of Android smartphones and tablets.

As per Google’s stats, Android Lollipop versions dropped from 36.1 percent to 35.8 percent of Android devices while Android KitKat went from 34.3 percent of Android hardware to 33.4 percent of devices that ship with the Play Store app pre-installed.

Android adoption 20160404 image 001

Android Jelly Bean versions also dropped, from 22.3 to 21.3 percent of Android-powered hardware. Google’s numbers were derived from the Play Store, which supports Android 2.2 and above (therefore, hardware running older versions is not included in Android adoption figures).

Devices powered by forked versions of Android, such as Amazon Fire lineup, and Android hardware which runs third-party app stores, like smartphones and tablets sold in China, are not counted.

Source: Apple

  • leart

    not me

    • Arjan Vlek

      Lol all those poor old iPod touches on iOS 3 / 4…

      • leart

        used ones:
        iPod 1/2
        purchased new in box by me:
        ipod 2, iPod 4 x3, iphone 4, iphone 5, iphone 5, ipad mini…
        by the way the iphone 5 has just 2 battery cycles, iphone 4 120, ipad mini 62…
        don’t know why im responding to you, you are one of those du m@bs that don’t know nothing about i devices history and like to spend your money like a sheep on the latest and greatest device… obsolete the next year the same

      • Arjan Vlek

        Got you back @s, you said it outright here above: Three (very) old iPods, all from 2007-2010, three slightly less older iPods (from 2011-2014) and four only fairly recent devices (2012-2013) still capable for today’s world. I’m not going to feed the trolls more, but I certainly know what hardware that is, and those 5-6 year old devices are indeed painfully old.

        My own iPad is also almost 3 years old, but that’s an iPad 4 with the a6x chip. Still fast enough, but sometimes showing its age on sites with many images. S5L8900/ S5L8720 chips are just too slow for today’s world of rich-content responsive web sites and cloud-based storage options.

        Oh and to make you happy @s: My phone is now running Android 6.0.1: it got the update at almost 2 years past release date while it was a $300 device. Go figure out what phone that must have been. No, it’s not a Nexus from Google and no it’s not a Motorola device.

      • leart

        shut up and enjoy your prehistoric android devices

      • leart

        lol but you are a poor, lost, 18 years old user of OLDER android devices,, i feel sorry for you 🙁 you can write whatever you want, feel free..

      • leart

        in the photo you can see : one device in ios 3.1.3, one in 4.0, one in 4.2.1, three in 6.1.3, one in 6.1.2 and the new iphone 5 in 6.0.1…
        all the people can go to ios 9.3.1.. almost none can go back to ios 6.. you like it or not..

      • Arjan Vlek


      • leart

        omg why the f should i update my phones, i won’t them in older firmwares, what are you inventing, the update? omg what are you 12 year old

    • White Michael Jackson

      Wallpaper of the Day

      • Troy

        I miss iOS 6

      • Diego Milano

        No kidding, perhaps cause “old times are always better,” or perhaps because we used the old iOS look-and-feel for way longer than the new flat-like one.
        I wonder what iOS 10 will throw into the table for all of us, or whether it’ll be “same old, same old.” 🙂

      • leart

        the new ios has no “spirit” the design is so modern, so clean that people can’t get a real affection with it.. that’s why I can’t let go ios 6..
        there in the photo is my new device, iphone 5 new sealed in box with ios 6.0.1..
        I purchase it just for the ios..
        no needed a new iphone since I have already two in mint condition..

    • Rares

      How long did you search for that iphone 5 on ios 6? Congrats on your new phone, the iphone 5 on ios 6 is a masterpiece.

      • leart

        for years.. i find it forgotten on a small store, new in box of course that’s why is still on ios 6

  • Guy

    Not surprising giving the way Apple handles there updates.

  • Linton Findlay

    would like to see the breakdown of each ios 9 iteration though. Wonder how many apps are in % are fully compatible with ios 9 and the 6S too

    • Diego Milano

      Or how many DEVICES can run iOS 9 of all the ones that haven’t yet upgraded. 😉

    • Favna

      Also because a recent poll on r/jailbreak has shown that the amount of jailbroken devices versus not jailbroken was nearly 50/50 with a small majority to NOT jailbroken.

  • 919263

    No shit… Really???

  • Diego Milano

    This is a bit misleading as there isn’t any reference as to whether those devices that are running older versions of iOS aren’t compatible with iOS 9, such as old devices. One could naturally assume there aren’t lots of those devices still in the market but… it still makes me wonder how exactly these statistics are being pulled.

    • Nick

      All iOS 8 devices are compatible with iOS 9, so in this case, it’s pretty accurate.

  • czbird

    It’s never gonna be 100% unless there’s a jailbreak. I’ll take care of that 🙂

  • Favna

    Poor old ipod touch 4th gen forever stuck on ios 6.1.6 w/ posixninja jailbreak