84 percent of devices are now using iOS 9

iOS 9 adoption 84 percent

iOS 9, Apple’s latest and greatest edition of the mobile operating system powering the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, is currently installed on 84 percent of device, according to the freshest stats posted on Apple’s official App Store dashboard for developers.

In less than a month, iOS 9 adoption rate has climbed from the eighty percent mark, a figure Apple officially shared during its March 21 ‘Let us loop you in’ media event, to 84 percent—a cool four-point gain.

iOS 9 adoption continues unabated

iOS 9’s growth has come at the expense of iOS 8, which dropped from sixteen percent of devices a little more than a month ago to eleven percent of devices currently. Older iOS editions, including iOS 7 and earlier, collectively lumped under the Other category, continue to comprise five percent of devices.

Android adoption

Play store access logs collected during a seven-day period ending on April 4, 2016, show that Android Marshmallow, which released last fall like iOS 9, has gone in about 30 days from 2.3 percent to 4.6 percent of Android smartphones and tablets.

As per Google’s stats, Android Lollipop versions dropped from 36.1 percent to 35.8 percent of Android devices while Android KitKat went from 34.3 percent of Android hardware to 33.4 percent of devices that ship with the Play Store app pre-installed.

Android adoption 20160404 image 001

Android Jelly Bean versions also dropped, from 22.3 to 21.3 percent of Android-powered hardware. Google’s numbers were derived from the Play Store, which supports Android 2.2 and above (therefore, hardware running older versions is not included in Android adoption figures).

Devices powered by forked versions of Android, such as Amazon Fire lineup, and Android hardware which runs third-party app stores, like smartphones and tablets sold in China, are not counted.

Source: Apple