Tweaks of the week

Another week, another jailbreak tweak roundup. We bring you these every week to make sure you never miss a beat.

We’ve seen some interesting jailbreak tweak releases throughout this week, and this piece, we’ll talk about what our favorite releases were, and then show you what else launched in Cydia this week.

Our favorite release this week

Volume Mixer 2 – $0.99

Volume Mixer 2 Main Image

Volume Mixer 2 is the ultimate volume management tweak for iOS 9 devices.

With this tweak, you can manage all of the individual volume levels of your device in a single interface. This includes media volume, ringtone volume, Bluetooth speaker volume, Bluetooth headset volume, and the phone call volume.

The interface is easily invoked with a simple Activator action, so you can use it from anywhere for the best convenience you never thought possible.

For more information on how the tweak works and all of the customization features, you can head over to our full review.

Other releases this week

EarthView Walls: Grabs random wallpapers from Google Earth for your device (free – review)

FTAdjust: Lets you change the size of folder titles (free)

PauseAfterCall: Prevents music from resuming after you hang up a phone call (free – review)

PowerDown Customizer (iOS 7): A customizer for the power down menu for iOS 7 devices ($0.99)

SpringFade: Adds a fade animation to unlocking your device and opening folders (free)

That’s about it for this week, but if you still want to see more, you can always look back on last week’s roundup to see if you missed anything. Otherwise, stay tuned for next week’s roundup, only on iDB!

What were your favorite jailbreak tweak releases this week? Tell us in the comments below!

  • Me waiting for a 9.3 jailbreak…

    • LOL

    • Waldemar Sinicki

      Had you got earlier jailbreak?

    • Steve Harvey

      I know my phone broke and now my new one is on 9.1. I asked for a 9.0.2 but 9.1 was earliest they had.

      • Jayy

        At the time of writing this its waiting for approval but it’s a link to a iDB post on the release of jailbreak 9.1 so go and jailbreak right now! πŸ™‚

      • Steve Harvey

        Thank both of you so much! I just checked and my new iPhone is 9.2 and my wife’s rose gold is 9.1. We got them BOGO with AT&T. Guess I will be carrying around a rose gold iPhone for a while πŸ™‚

        Thanks so much!

        And shame on iDB! They let me live in misery for a long time. πŸ˜‰

      • Jayy

        Lol no problem!

      • AM

        LOL – it’s nothing a good ol’ case can’t solve for the time being. πŸ˜‰

      • Steve Harvey

        I told my wife this. She thought she was great and bought me a case on her way home from work. It was a clear back. I had to return it and get another one. Women Laugh Out Loud.

      • AM

        Lol – reading that cracked me up! Her heart was in the right place. Gotta give her that!

      • Steve Harvey

        Yep! Now I got do something special for her.

      • AM

        yes, as Jayy said, you can jailbreak 9.1. That’s what I’m on right now.
        iDB’s “how to jailbreak” section lists 9.0.2 as the latest version that can be jailbroken, but that’s not true. They forgot to update that part. If you scroll down on that same page, you’ll see the link to download Pangu for iOS 9.1 for Mac or Windows.

  • GottiCrime

    I have all but given up on JB-ing. I used to love it too……

    • Tommy


  • 9to5Slavery

    Jailbreaking isn’t the same when I turned back my iPhone 6S with 2GBS OF RAM…………………………….. It’s so hellishly slow on my 6.

  • Alpah

    Can you jailbreak 9.0.2

    • Jayy

      Yes! I’m Jailbroken on 9.0.2 right now!

  • Alberto Espinal

    Can someone make a tweak that prevents the freaking music from stopping when you launch the camera app?

    • *has music playing* *opens camera app*
      *misic still playing*

      • Alberto Espinal

        Dont understand what you said

      • It’s not an issue and doesn’t need a jailbreak tweak.

      • sg1969

        it is an issue, at least it is on 9.0.2, which is what most people reading this blog would be using.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Well not necessarily a tweak but a patch! Remember when Ryan Petrich patched the iOS SSL bug without updating to iOS 7.0.6?

      • Alberto Espinal

        Your music still plays when you open the camera app?

      • Unless I had the video camera on then it stops playing.

  • Alpah

    Can iOS 9.0.2 be jail broken with the pangu