‘Volume Mixer 2’ lets you configure all volume settings in one interface

Volume Mixer 2 Main Image

Your iOS device has multiple volume settings, and each one controls something different.

For example, you have your media volume, which affects your song and video sound output, and you have your ringer volume, which affects your ringtones, text tones, and notification sounds. But there are also other volume settings that you can set where applicable.

Volume Mixer 2 is a jailbreak tweak that provides you with an interface where you can conveniently adjust all of those volume levels at one time, and in this review, we’ll talk about how it works.

Using Volume Mixer 2 to keep track of all your volume levels

You probably remember the original Volume Mixer Jeff showed you about two years ago, and while that version is still kicking for older versions of iOS, Volume Mixer 2 is re-written for iOS 9 devices especially.

Just like the original, the tweak gives you easy access to adjusting the following volume types on demand:

  • Ringer
  • Media
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Phone

These different volume levels can all be adjusted independently of one another. What this means is you can have your ringtone volume set all the way up to the maximum threshold of 100%, but you can set your media volume to just 50%. In this case, your ringtones will be extremely loud, but when you listen to music or watch videos, the volume will be at a comfortable 50%.

The same goes for the other volume levels that you can configure independently.

Unfortunately, Volume Mixer 2 doesn’t include the Notification Center tab support like it did in the original, but it still supports Activator!

Configuring Volume Mixer 2

The tweak will add a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can configure its various options on demand.

Volume Mixer 2 preferences pane options to configure

Among the things you’re able to configure here are:

  • Choosing the Activator action you’ll use to open the Volume Mixer 2 interface
  • Choosing the volume level sliders that will appear or be hidden from the interface
  • Hide or show the volume percentage by the sliders
  • Enable or disable the background blur from the interface
  • Choose a skin to customize the look of the interface
  • Configure custom colors for: left slider, right slider, text color, thumb grabber

Under the Sort Order cell, you can choose which sections are enabled or disabled and you can configure the order in which they appear. If you never use Bluetooth devices, you could disable the Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth headset options and leave the rest.

As far as skins are concerned, these are going to be best used by those who theme their devices and don’t want an iOS-style interface, but rather something a little more bold. There are four skins to choose from:

  • Default iOS
  • Cream round
  • Cream rect
  • Metal

From the colors, you will get the following choices for each of the four customizable UI elements:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Gray
  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Brown

My thoughts on Volume Mixer 2

Just like the original tweak, Volume Mixer 2 makes it a lot easier to access all your device’s volume settings in one fell swoop with a single interface. Without a doubt, this is something that a lot of people are going to find useful, and with Activator integration, you can use it anywhere throughout iOS.

Unfortunately, I’m sad to see the Notification Center extension go. I thought that was one of the cooler features of the original tweak, but at least Activator is still installed on most jailbroken devices, so most users will still be able to activate the interface from anywhere they want to, including Notification Center, with just a gesture of their choice.


At the fair price of $0.99, I think this is a great add-on for all jailbroken devices. The tweak is available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now, and if you own the original Volume Mixer tweak, you can download Volume Mixer 2 absolutely free of cost.

What are your thoughts on Volume Mixer 2? Share in the comments!