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Internet giant Google is developing a software keyboard for the iPhone which incorporates gesture-based typing, built-in GIF search and a variety of other search options, according to The Verge.

“The keyboard, which has been in circulation among employees for months, is designed to boost the number of Google searches on iOS,” as per the report.

As for search features, tapping the Google logo lets you run a search query through Google, with dedicated buttons for pictures and GIF searches. It’s unclear from the report whether or not the keyboard incorporates voice search.

Aside from built-in search features and gesture-based typing with predictive suggestions, the keyboard is said to sport a bunch of other unspecified features meant to distinguish it from the stock iOS keyboard.

Putting Google’s powerful search engine in a keyboard sounds like an intriguing idea, wouldn’t you say so?

Source: The Verge

  • igorsky

    So we’ll be handing off our data to Google directly from the keyboard? Awesome.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Considering Apple doesn’t allow voice search on keyboards, I kinda doubt it. I believe that dictation was one of the features taken away from Swype so unless they incorporate it into the app itself, which would be pointless, then I don’t see voice search being on there.

  • lou111

    I am defending Apple in most of haters last years, but this and many other moves from other companies shows how Apple standing in place with innovations. We got just simple evolution for last 2-3 years exept a few moves like 3d touch, but nothing “game changing” happens with this yet. It’s nice, but just nice.
    iPhone 7 needs to be a real big step up. Dual camera 6 months after Huawei won’t be that special as usually Apple is

    • Jackson Grong

      It’s not like other company’s did bring anything revolutionary to the market either

      • askep3

        Except the lg G5 but it could end up being an expensive gimmick

      • Jackson Grong

        Yeah, agreed. We’ll have to wait and see.

      • Mike

        But if you think about is Apple is behind in many things…Like if you compare a Samsung or LG phones to Apple phone you can tell what they are lacking.

        Apple needs to do the following:
        -Change the display to what Samsung and LG have.
        -Get rid of the huge bezels
        -Get rid of the 16gb and go to 32gb
        -Instead of thinner make it thicker to get a bigger battery
        -Allow more features like split screen
        -Let the user customize small things
        -Refresh the iOS layout or have an option to change it

      • Bigfoot Expert

        the iPhone is thick enough as it is

    • askep3

      Apple doesn’t really innovate every year I mean with the 4s it was just Siri, 5s had like fingerprint and 6s had 3D Touch, the size increases were the main things between number changes.

      • Rakesh Jain

        Virtual voice assistants on mobile devices came after Siri, no phone had Fingerprints Scanner before iPhone and no phone manufacturer would have thought of pressing the screen except bend test / intention of screen damage. There could have been more innovative, but come on what has been delivered is also not bad.

      • askep3

        Oh yeah I wasn’t saying Apple doesn’t innovate, I’m just saying they have more of a two year cycle than a one year one in some things

    • jhembach

      If by “standing in place with innovations” you mean “protecting users’ privacy by not allowing anything and everything”, then yes. And so they should. One of the last things I want is to share every single keystroke on my devices with an entity to which I am the product, not the customer.

  • 5723alex .

    Who really cares ?

  • askep3

    “Allow full access”


  • Rodney Coleman

    F google

  • Jonathan

    If it integrated all of Android’s keyboard functions, I would be so happy. Autocorrect is so much better. I can type a word with each letter off by one key and it still knows what I wanted to say. Apple’s keyboard? Not so much..
    Let’s not forget swiping, either.

    • haridsv

      I used to use SwiftKey onon both Android and ios but switched to Google keyboard because it is so much better with autocorrection without being intrusive SwiftKey is better in predictions, but I type fast and so just rely on autocorrections. I still use it on ios because I think it is better than the builtin, but will switch if Google keyboard is released for it. Honestly, the third party keyboard experience on ios is so subpar, so I stopped caring too much.