pangu apple tv jailbreak delay

Following the Pangu Team’s announcement last week that the release of an Apple TV jailbreak was imminent, the group of hackers has now declared on Twitter Saturday morning that they will need a few more days of testing.

The Pangu Team has also clarified that they will release an .ipa file which users will first have to sign before putting it on their Apple TV. No other detail is known at this time.

As a reminder, the Pangu Team had previously stated that this jailbreak will only work on Apple TV running tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1, and because it is impossible to upgrade, downgrade, or even restore to a specific software version, unless you own an Apple TV currently on tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1, you will be incapable of jailbreaking the device.

Now of course, you could always go to your local Apple Store and look up the serial numbers of their Apple TVs on shelves and find one that was manufacturer before December 2015, before tvOS 9.1 was released.

The team of hackers had also made clear that this jailbreak might not be too interesting for end users, but is rather more geared towards developers and security researchers. That means that, in its infancy, this jailbreak may very well be useless for most end users.

As always, stay tuned to iDB as we’ll do our best to provide timely coverage of the release as well as a set of instructions on how to proceed with the jailbreak process.

  • Tommy

    what kind of tweaks could developers maybe make with this jailbreak?

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      All kinds, unfortunately mine updated automatically 🙁

      • Tommy

        D: so sorry man, I am thinking of buying an apple TV in the coming months, so I will be sure to make sure I buy one off ebay or amazon that is on older firmware

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        It’s ok, my Apple tv still has side loaded apps, so it defeats the purpose of jailbreaking as there is no Cydia or tweaks as of yet.

    • 9to5Slavery

      HERE are some ideas,

      Use Siri to control where you want to see each clip in the tv series or film on Kodi,

      Use siri to open up kodi and watch the current sports game or episode, or cooking channel that you labeled on kodi,

      Record episodes to cloud storage (apple, dropbox, box, etc) from kodi or other sources,

      Trick/Bypass subscription for content?

      Use siri to turn on home audio surround system (7.1 dolby atmos) with your music library of choice

      Ask siri to tell the scores while in game watching, or let it find better streams on kodi when it is not working well or for other sources.

      On screen mouse with jb tweaks or with apple mouse to click and type with keyboard for in software browser.

      jailbreak host file to tweak ads/prevent.

      Dual screen capabilities

      split screen

      or quad splitted screen for sports watchers that wants to see all games on nfl sunday for one screen.

      more ideas awaits

  • Blip dude

    I’ll wait until until there is Cydia or variant of it. Sorry, on top of having an updated version (purchased mine used), I hate dealing with SSH. But I’m definitely looking forward to see what developers will do with it.

  • KornerGFX

    Purchased one today. Luckily it was on 9.0

  • Rahat Khan

    No Jailbreak for ATV 3?? 🙁

    • Tom

      No. I doubt there will be one. A few reasons:
      1. If they haven’t found it by now, the likelihood is that it is really hard.
      2. There is no App Store on ATV 3. This is (almost certainly) the way that the ATV 4 jailbreak ‘gets into’ the OS.
      3. Jailbreaks for older devices are very rare. Most devs will now be focusing on ATV 4.

      In all honesty, try and save up/beg/borrow/steal the cash to get an ATV 4.

  • hkgsulphate

    they have to make sure backdoors are ready to use

  • pnh

    Hopefully the delay is because they are too busy working on the iOS 9.3 jailbreak for tomorrow.