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Jokers on Twitter are tweeting out links to a new prank webpage that, when clicked, will crash your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac, or cause the device to become unresponsive.

As Gizmodo explains, the aptly named website uses just four lines of code to crash Safari for iOS and OS X by running a script which adds thousands of characters per second into the address bar, causing Safari to overload its memory.

In the case of the Mac, you’ll see the beach ball spinning and your computer will become unresponsive. On the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, Safari will hang and start heating up your phone until it reboots itself.

Other than crashing your device or forcing you to restart it, the website won’t do any harm to your device though it can be quite annoying if stumbled upon on Twitter due to the shortened ”” link basically hiding the underlying URL.

Android devices are affected as well. We fully expect Apple to fix the problem in future updates to iOS and OS X El Capitan.

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“The bug is equally as effective on desktop and laptops. The site runs the exact same script on all versions of Chrome and Safari, overwhelming the browsers with code and causing them to crash,” Gizmodo explains.

Source: Gizmodo

  • Hi

    LOL, *sends to all friends*

  • Osiala

    This crashed Google Chrome on Windows aswell.

  • Morgan Freeman

    Bastards. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • This is why we can have nice things! Without exposing the bug it might not have been fixed.

      • Morgan Freeman

        I think you are confused, son. If people weren’t little bastards, it wouldn’t matter.

  • osm70

    Test results:
    Windows 7 – Internet explorer 8 – nothing happened
    Windows 7 – Chrome – Bluescreen and reboot
    Windows 7 – Firefox – Browser crashed and I had to close it in task mannager
    iPhone 4S iOS 8.1 – Safari – Safari just closed

    • Hatifnat

      I don’t think it’s a surprise something didn’t work in IE.

    • Internet Explorer made history today as he only browser to not be affected by something.

    • BigBumbacock #Pause

      Why u lyin

      • osm70

        What? I am not lying. I just said what happened to me.

  • John Wickham

    iOS 9.3 beta and OS X 10.11.4 beta, Safari just hangs but doesn’t quit.

  • Digitalfeind

    Causes reaping on my 6s iOS 9.0.2

  • iPhoneWINS


  • Rodney Coleman

    Beta 9.3 just closes safari

  • micaiah

    hmmm. I have 32gbs in my Hackintosh an this didn’t do crap! Sorry….

  • YoungRabbi

    tinyurl (.) com/p7bm6p9 : for those who want the inconspicuous shortened link.