iOS 9.3 beta 2

We’ve created a new video highlighting the major new features found in iOS 9.3 beta 2. This video covers the new Night Shift Control Center toggle and settings, new Music app settings, and more. Have a look and tell us what you think about iOS 9.3 beta 2’s new features.

Features covered

New Night Shift Control Center toggle


Quickly enable or disable Night Shift right from Control Center.

New Night Shift Settings panel


The Night Shift name now appears in the Settings app with its own preference panel.

Settings app removes Wallpaper quick action 3D Touch toggle


No more Wallpaper shortcut when you 3D Touch the Settings app.

Apple watch app now reflects the current watch face on your Apple Watch

It takes a while to sync, but now the Watch app will match what’s on your wrist.

New Apple Music setting


You can now add music to a playlist without adding to My Music.

For more information on iOS 9.3, be sure to watch our original walkthrough video:

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What’s your favorite new feature found in iOS 9.3? Drop us a line below with your thoughts.

  • Hunter

    I think the Watch App displaying the current watch face was from beta 1

    • Yeah, I heard tips was as well. Either way, both are fairly new 😛

      • Hunter

        Its a nice touch. Especially when you have two watches

      • Yeah name someone had 2 watches

  • I think I like the lamp shade icon for the toggle better but, oh well.

  • Jake Platt

    Those 3D Touch shortcuts for the settings menu are excellent additions

  • Ben

    You can now delete photos directly from your iPhone straight out from Albums (for example Dropbox Album in photos App) I think this is new I just could delete them from the slbum before

    • If only we could put a photo in an album and then delete it from camera roll

  • I question the usefulness of a nightshade toggle vs a personal hotspot toggle or something accessed more frequently.

    • James G

      Nightshade might be pretty frequent. Think about how often people use their phones at night vs enable a hotspot.

      • Juschan

        yeah but from sunset to sunrise is pretty much the time you need it

      • James G

        I think how much it will be used (close to daily) is prioritized over what time of day it would be used. Also, they probably have usage stats on things like toggling DND and compare that to hotspot to make a judgment call on which one to prioritize (NightShift or Hotspot) in control center.

        I do agree it would be nice if they added Hotspot to control center. And also love that NightShift button has a prompt after its tapped. Perhaps Wifi button becomes a prompt that says “turn on/off wifi, enable/disable hotspot”

      • Juschan

        well i am not asking for a hotspot toggle, i would love a battery saving mode toggle thats what i need but i guess thats why we all need the ability to customize

    • This is very subjective and depends a lot on your usage. Really the best thing Apple could do is to let people choose from several toggles the ones they want to use, and let users reorganize these toggles as they see fit.

    • John

      I think we are at the maturity of iOS where we should be able to select our our Control Centre shortcuts.

    • Juschan

      in my opinion the best option would be to turn on battery saving mode… i usually tend to turn it on at like 40 -55% and not when its almost empty cause i really need that extra time i can get with it

  • lysingur

    The new night shift toggle icon is fugly. I can’t tell straight away what it is.

  • Alex Blaha

    Still waiting for Dark Mode like on OS X :/

  • bring the lampshade icon back.

  • Chris Gilmore

    So…if I update to the beta, how would I go about downgrading if I didn’t want it anymore?

    • websyndicate

      Restore from your back up. You will need to put your phone into recovery mode. Not too hard just time consuming.

      • Juschan

        no you dont need to put it in recovery load the version you want ( of course still signed) from a thirdparty website like ipsw. whatever and you can just restore

  • websyndicate


  • John

    I think the Night Shift Mode “activator” sits wrongly in the Control Centre, it’s amongst the app launchers when I believe it should be up the top, with the rest of the mode activators since Night Shift is a mode rather than an app.

  • Rahimo

    i didn’t like the moon-and-eye icon! the lampshade icon is better!!

  • iPhoneWINS

    I prefer having a jailbroken device.. oh and IOS 9.3.1 coming next

  • Alberto Espinal

    I dont know why  keeps thinks so antique, like Sebastian said why not choose your own toggles, why not protect any app you want with your fingerprint like the new Notes app and the list goes on and on, how difficult is it? looks like the engineers at  dont use iPhones, I mean they have to have their struggle with their iPhones and should say or think what everyone thinks about the OS being so handicapped

  • Brain smith

    Apple introduces many features which are really useful. As an Apple user I am happy to see these features. But I think night mode won’t help me a lot. Because I don’t like the yellow color screen. It is better to use a screen protector like ocushield rather than using this feature