iOS 9.3 preview: Night Shift, 3D Touch, Notes improvements, and more [video + screenshots]

iOS 9.3 beta walkthrough

We’ve put together an in-depth video showcasing many of the new iOS 9.3 beta 1 features. I think it’s safe to say that this release packs in many more features for a minor version release than we’re used to. In this video, we showcase the new Touch ID security option for the Notes app, the new quick action 3D Touch shortcuts, updated News app features, multiple Apple Watch pairing ability, and much more.

Features mentioned

Notes app security


Individual notes can now be secured with Touch ID.

New Notes app Settings


You can now sort notes, and save media from Notes to the Photo library.

Photos app Duplicate as Still Photo

Duplicate Live Photos

You can duplicate a Live Photo as a high quality Still Photo.

Health app now features Activity data


Apple Watch activity data now resides inside of the Health app.

Night Shift mode

Blue Light Reduction Night Shift

Apple Sherlocked f.lux by incorporating a new “Night Shift” mode into iOS 9.3.

Wallet app shortcuts

Wallet app iOS 9.3 shortcut

Wallet items now feature shortcuts to corresponding apps.

Configuration Profiles for developers

Configuration Profile iOS 9.3

Developers can now install betas directly without iTunes.

News app updates


You can now use the News app in landscape mode on iPhone, and play videos inline.

Multiple Apple Watch pairings


You can now pair more than one Apple Watch with an iPhone.

New 3D Touch Quick Action shortcuts


Tons of new Quick Action shortcuts have been added for stock applications.

iCloud for iBooks

iCloud for iBooks

PDFs now sync via iCloud in iBooks.

CarPlay improvements

iOS 9.3 CarPlay teaser 001

New CarPlay features include enhanced For You and New sections in Apple Music, and a new nearby feature in the Maps app brings better POI support to CarPlay.

New education features

iOS 9.3 multiple Apple ID eduction teaser 001

In the future, Apple will make a new Multi User feature and a new My Classroom app available to schools.

What’s your favorite new feature? Drop us a line in the comments below.

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