ios 9.3 night shift toggle control center

Apple’s iOS 9.3 beta was seeded to developers and Public Beta program participants last week with some pretty big changes to the mobile operating system. One of the flagship features of the release is the f.lux-like Night Shift mode that will change the display’s color temperature depending on the time of day to make using the device easier on the eyes at late evening and night hours.

First pointed out by reddit user nickjosephson and being displayed as of this writing on Apple’s Canada-based preview page for iOS 9.3 is a screenshot depicting an iPad with a Control Center toggle button for toggling Night Shift on and off conditionally, a feature not previously known about until today.

For what it’s worth, the United States’ preview page for iOS 9.3 doesn’t show the same screenshot, and it’s enough to make one wonder if the display of this screenshot on the Canada web page was accidental or intentional.

Since the feature isn’t yet available in the first iOS 9.3 beta, one can only speculate at this point in time, but it would seem as though the feature is turned on or off similarly to Do Not Disturb in that you can enable the feature indefinitely to use day after day, or you can enable the feature until a certain period of time, after which it will be turned back off.

The toggle switch comes with the following options:

  • Turn on for now
  • Turn on until tomorrow

It’s likely that this Night Shift Control Center toggle will be baked into a future beta seed of iOS 9.3 since it’s not in the first beta at this point in time, but what’s not known is how they’ll integrate it into the much smaller Control Center interface of iPhone and iPod touch, which have significantly less canvas space to take advantage of. Perhaps replacing that Rotation Lock toggle button?

Share your thoughts on this feature in the comments below.

Source: reddit via 9to5Mac

  • Can we please get a toggle to enable/disable cellular data?

    • Mike M. Powell

      Idek why they keep skipping this 🙁

      • Tommy

        At least let us choose what toggles we’d like to have at the control center. Goddamit. Why do android users get these simple features and we iOS people get left out?

    • Anonymous

      Just curious why do you want that? Use case? I only ask because ive never needed to turn off my data…. Nor wanted to… After thats why i get an iphone not the ipod.

      • Sleetui

        Save battery when connected to Wi-Fi instead.

      • 5723alex .

        You save any battery if you set cellular off when connected to Wi-Fi as cellular isn’t used.
        When on Wi-Fi you can toggle Wi-Fi assist off.

      • Sleetui

        Your maintaining a connection. That’s killing battery.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Go to your closet. Grab the box that your iPhone came in. Open it. Surprise! Apple packed a charger and charge cable in there for you to plug your shit in. You’re welcome!

      • zoLa siWisa

        I ould like that too “, South African Data plans are expensive. I cannot afford as much though love apple products . At night i always turn it off and sometimes change it from LTE to edge while am not using my data… Wi-fi is not popular as other countries

      • Tommy

        In China data is super expensive. I am on a 500MB data plan per month and when I finish my quota, I’d like to turn it off.

      • @sexyhamthing

        I have a 500mb data cap, its a must. My phone just turns it off when im home

      • Anonymous

        Well i got my answer. Thanks

      • al7oot

        Save battery if that count !

  • Faisal

    I want a Mobile Data toggle on control centre

  • Groundbreaking!

    • Picapollo


  • Oscar

    “iPod Touché”

  • Anonymous

    I think apple should make the control center toggles and app short cuts customizable . I know they’ll do it with time. After all there is precedents for this in the assitive touch widget on ios. I suppose only time will tell. But if apples gonna Sherlock f.lux might as well go for flip control center next.

    • al7oot

      in iOS

  • Jailbreaking is unofficially dead…is this the longest we’ve been without a new jailbreak? Apple’s constant updates are killing us. Devs can’t even keep up even if there is a new jailbreak. It’s the end for us folks.

    • Digitalfeind

      iOS 5 or iOS 6 was longer than this.

  • Luke Per

    if this is true, it will be the one thing that tips me more towards Nightshift instead of f.lux

  • Blip dude

    Anyone happen to know why Night Shift keeps turning itself off?? I have to go back every 12 hours or so because Night Shift won’t stay on. One thing about f.lux is that it will stay on even during daylight.

    • burge

      Your using time zone location services so it’s turning off because of the time zone your in. Turn off time zone in system services. You can then manually put what times you want it on/off. Or just use custom schedule.

  • Sir.Rhommi

    A low power mode toggle would be great

    • Noohar

      That’s what I want!

    • al7oot

      Yeah that would be very useful.

  • I wish they’d just allow the whole control centre to be customised in the next update or iOS version

    • Anthony Bouchard

      That’d be great!

  • Francisco Rojas

    if you guys have a jailbroken iphone or iDevice in general just download the cydia tweak ccsettings and you will have all the toggles missing in the stock iOS

  • Talukdar shaheb

    Why do we need to use this feature? I think it is better to use a screen protector like “ocushield” which can prevent the harmful blue light 24*7.